Her Bedroom

You pretended for such a long time to be a man. But now that your daughter has gotten married and moved out of her bedroom, it’s empty. Your wife tells you that the bedroom can’t stay empty. Her girly girl friend, Sharon, will be moving into the room. Of course, your wife wants to make it pretty for her friend. And of course, you have to help. Pink, on pink, with pink. Of course…. And in addition, everything has to be ready for a woman with lots of lingerie, lots of dresses, lots of girly girl things… You are so curious… and when the shipments come in you get to open the boxes and unpack them, put everything girly in its girly place…. Just after its all finished, your wife has to go out of town to visit her mother….

Find out what happens In Her Bedroom

Your Wife Has Deceived….

Your wife has deceived and colluded behind your back to reconstruct your sex. You thought you were getting a vasectomy and it was during that operation that you were castrated and slow release female hormone devices  replaced your testicles. The vitamins she lovingly fed you  every morning were female hormones meant to supplement your implants and grace you with the happy femininity of wide hips and fatty breasts.

One day at the beauty salon you meet a familiar looking woman who you discover was also castrated during what she thought was a prostate operation.  Having nothing left to lose, and hypnotized to love his new femininity he voluntarily submitted to a boob job. Cupping his hands under his breasts he proudly holds up his 36c breasts and tells you how wonderful they feel.

You are tired of padded bras, and tired of poor fitting blouses and decide you will do almost anything for implants….

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Bombay Sissy Story with Training Chores

Bombay Crossdressing Story

Sweet List of Chores for Sissy Training:
1. Daily one hour to be spent on YouTube checking make up videos and other girly mannerisms.
2) Daily shaving whole body. Waxing on sunday.
3) Toe nails always to be painted red. Wear shoes to hide if you want to. Hand nails to be painted with clear coat on weekdays and red/pink on weekends.
4) Watching romantic movies everyday. No more action/sci-fi/comedy movies. If time permits, Sex and the City or Desperate Housewives to be watched.
5) Peeing only sitting down.

New Sissy Stories

Night With a Stranger: Sissy Stories

Sandra the wife makes a deal with her sissy husband to explore their sexual fantasies. First, the sissy gets a threesome. But then, it’s Sandra’s turn….

Four Erotic Stories of Crossdresser Transformation, Submission, Feminization, and Humiliation

Want to play Sissy Secretary? Want to Take Dictation? So does James… James is an inadequate male, but he’s not gay, or is he?

Dominant Women and Their Sissies by Patricia Michelle

Entertaining stories about humiliated sissies and how they got that way… Some about wives turning husbands into maids, some about feminization and training for piggy men, all of them fun and full of humiliating scenes!

Where are women touched…

An interesting experiment about unwanted touching revealed not only that women, specifically, Brazilian women are touched many times when entering a nightclub in a thigh-waist-breast-hugging dress, but also where, how deeply, how often.

where are women touched
Where are women touched

Here is a heat-map version of the groping – spots on the dress steadily light up in the areas where the women are being grabbed.

Should be part of a feminization regime…


1970’s Housewife

A sissy sent in his favorite photo of a 70’s housewife in her half slip and bra…  Alexa played out a fantasy of dressing up like the housewife next door, and then, in the half-slip, panties and bra of the housewife next door. Just imagine being able to dress up like her, all over again, and feeling very feminine and very submissive….

Mistress Alexa loves to talk to sissies about their housewife fantasies. Call 888-411-1230 for a session.

1970s housewife
1970s housewife

Crossdressing is…. Cross-shopping!


Interesting idea for my sissies: do the NY Times thing and shop at women’s departments, or big Ladies departments  for all your clothes! Especially for the smallish and shortish sissies – what a temptation. Instead of putting on those pretty panties underneath the clunky male stuff. Forget the male stuff! Get a pretty blouse instead of a shirt, get a designer blazer for “Healthy women” (this used to be called Plus Size but thanks to a mouthy “comedienne” plus is no longer pc)…


Gurl at the Clinique Counter

A gurl at the Clinique Counter

There was something incredibly familiar about the woman shopping
at the Clinique counter at one of the department stores I like going to 
(lots of cosmetic samples and, giggles, a bunch of really cute guys in the men’s department that flirt outrageously ).   Anyway, I was kinda, pretty-much staring, checking her out, and thinking about how hot the tall boots and knit mini were and she turned to me and in a GREAT big smile, said “Oh my god, Janine! It’s me, Jason!!”

Jason?  And then a flood of memories came back.  Jason was one of the first guys who asked me to femme him.  We’d gone on countless shopping safaris, I’d helped him work with makeup and I’d introduced him to a voice coach (darlings, we can’t look like this and sound like truckers!) and the last time we’d seen each other in bed, he seemed to be thoroughly enjoying his dual life.

Mmmmmmmm  there’s something totally delicious about having a man slide into you wearing more makeup than you are! But here he – or ‘she’ — was, looking unbelievably, wonderfully sexy and for the first time, I noticed Jason’s neckline was showing some cleavage!  And honey’s, you can’t fake what Jason had with breast forms.  He caught me looking and smiled broadly:

“I got these a year ago, aren’t they great!”

I was thinking of all the times we’d spent in bed and I couldn’t help myself but move closer, a lot closer, to this stunning gurl. I was smelling her perfume, looking at her gorgeous long hair, thinking of what I wanted to do with those breathtaking boobs and I found myself pressing against her body.  And feeling her thigh.  And moving my hand up.

“Mmmmmmm” she whispered, you always DID say I had a cock you couldn’t stay away from!”

At  which point we heard two distinct gasps behind us!  Two very conservatively dressed business women had been watching our groping and, clearly, had heard Jason’s comment.

My darling Jason was quicker to a line than I was as he said “oh, don’t worry, my gurlfriend here has one too. Hmmm come to think of it, so do a couple of the girls at this Clinique Counter! Well ladies, you’ll excuse us as we figure out who’s bed we want to be in!”

The two suits-in-sensible-heels retreated and Jason and I had a great great laugh.  And just for good measure, knowing that we were probably on some security camera somewhere, gave each other an amazingly long, erotic open-mouth kiss.

Gurls are just everywhere !!!