Perfectly Perky Ta-Tas

I couldn’t resist quoting this description of a bralette which converted the author’s ‘mini-rack’ into perfectly perky ta-tas…. Of course, “balconettes” are a boon for sissies as well: just think about your little boobies floated by this silly pink piece of fluff!

“Why, hello perfectly perky ta-tas. As soon as I slipped and clipped into this little see-through number, I knew that I had found my new go-to everyday bra. The underwire effortlessly lifted my mini rack, and the sheer lace added the right amount of coverage to round out my boobs, while still making them to look and feel natural. ..”


I already knew that cuckold-614 was a babysitter – if only because he spent so much of his time minding his own dick, but it wasn’t until our call yesterday that I realized that he had long since been legated the entirety  of household chores – cleaning, cooking, dusting, mending,  etc.

And what he calls me for is a variation on legation:  to be put in her place.


Alexa, punish!

Alexa, punish!  Sissies, your Amazon Echo Dot speaker can be used to  activate …. a Mistress who punishes, dominates, and …. according to the Daily Mail, electrocutes:

Engineer Gary made the ‘Mistress Alexa’ device for his partner Kirsty. He hooked up parts of an electrified dog collar to an Amazon Echo Dot speaker. Users initiate a session with the gadget with the phrase ‘Alexa, punish’. The device then issues shocks to its wearer’s genitals via a pair of pink clamps…


The amateur sex toy inventor hacked a smart speaker that doubles as a voice-controlled dominatrix. But does she sound like Alexa?

For those sex toy enthusiasts looking for the perfect voice…. email or call 888-411-1230