I already knew that cuckold-614 was a babysitter – if only because he spent so much of his time minding his own dick, but it wasn’t until our call yesterday that I realized that he had long since been legated the entirety  of household chores – cleaning, cooking, dusting, mending,  etc.

And what he calls me for is a variation on legation:  to be put in her place.


Alexa, punish!

Alexa, punish!  Sissies, your Amazon Echo Dot speaker can be used to  activate …. a Mistress who punishes, dominates, and …. according to the Daily Mail, electrocutes:

Engineer Gary made the ‘Mistress Alexa’ device for his partner Kirsty. He hooked up parts of an electrified dog collar to an Amazon Echo Dot speaker. Users initiate a session with the gadget with the phrase ‘Alexa, punish’. The device then issues shocks to its wearer’s genitals via a pair of pink clamps…


The amateur sex toy inventor hacked a smart speaker that doubles as a voice-controlled dominatrix. But does she sound like Alexa?

For those sex toy enthusiasts looking for the perfect voice…. email or call 888-411-1230

??????? Malakos

Malakos  describes a certain type of man who allows himself to be used homosexually, and who takes the female or passive role in homosexuality…. hence Aristodemus the Effeminate [Aristodemus Malakos] ….

The reference found in Living On The Edge by Jonathan Burke…

My mistress demanded that I put myself in chastity on this business trip and then post it online. I love to obey her.

I love so much going to see my nyc mistress, when she makes me go get a manicure and paint my nails red, the dresses me up like this and assaults my ass while I’m strapped down helpless and blindfold.and she knows I’m fantasizing about being forced to suck a real cock while she flicks my ass on her table. I’m such a cocksucker dreamer.