To Sissify & Stimulate the Reader

My purpose, without apology, is to sissify and stimulate the reader and then, to cause him to submit to me from afar.

Do you feel yourself begin to get hard little Miss Sissy, as you understand that all my slaves, eventually, are feminized, sissified and humiliated beyond their limits? Now, you may read no further if you are not wearing some article of distinctly female clothing.

Panties will do nicely for now but I do so like to see a sissy wearing shear stockings, garter belt and heels. A lacy bra would look very good on you dear and of course I would love to see you in your full make-up as well. Hair not quite right? A wig will do the job very well. There are many other details of course, just remember, you may not read this or any of my other offerings unless you are wearing something explicitly feminine. The more elaborate your costume, the more sissified your appearance, the better. Certainly I understand that some disadvantaged readers may be in no position to follow these orders but I know that most of you have the means and the inventiveness to obey. Will you cheat and fail to comply? Well, you will only be cheating yourself. Excuse yourself and don’t come back until you have something appropriate in place.

If you are properly dressed, you must now take that sissy clit out of your panties and stroke it very slowly. Make it as hard as it gets. Imagine me measuring it and slapping it lightly with my crop. Is it nice and wet from pre-cum? Have you made a mess already? Think of all the ways I could use you and think of your helplessness. I know you would do what I ask of you, wouldn’t you pet? I think you would be quite cute, wearing only the skimpiest panties, with all your body hair shaved off and legs spread so that I can have easy and painful access to that not-yet lady part…. Nearly naked…, except perhaps for a pair of black patent pumps with 5 inch heels to add to dizziness you are probably already feeling. Mmmm…yes ….stroke it, show me how you please yourself.


To Sissify & Stimulate the Reader … & the Listener.

Do you want to become a Listener? Call 866-57-SISSY and ask for Mistress Alexa make Happy, your friendly neighborhood vulva, cum!

Make Happy, your friendly neighborhood vulva, cum!  ..

On you can make Happy, your friendly neighborhood vulva, orgasm by stimulating her body using your fingers or mouse in a certain pattern. Unlock new moves, powerups and lessons by giving her more orgasms.


Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 16.29.10

It is on an online game which was obviously designed as an iphone app but was, unfortunately, rejected….

Mistress Alexa recommends it to all her sissies. It will teach them about their ladyparts: 

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 16.37.36

And encourage them to play with them….

But it would have been cooler as an app. Too bad…. make Happy, your friendly neighborhood vulva, cum

Your voice puts me at ease


Dear Mistress Alexa:

I just wanted to thank you for all of the attention that you gave me last night, for calling me, and for making me so confortable once I got over my initial nervousness.

I felt so comfortable telling you my desires and experiences. I feel like I could tell you anything about me and it would be okay. No matter what it was. My darkest, deepest desires and wants.

Your voice puts me at ease, it sooths me, it settles something deep down inside of me.

Just the mere thought of our conversation sends chills up and down my spine, the thought of you asking me if I was turned on or hard gives me instant goosebumps.

I awoke this morning still in an excited state from last night. Thank you for allowing me to give you a kiss goodnight, the opportunity to do so was more than I could ever ask for.

I can not wait to talk more, discuss my desires with you, dive into my fantasies, and fully serve you to the best of my abilities. The most prominant thing on my mind is making you happy and proud of me as a houseboy/servant to you. With each syllable I become more entrapped with your ideal, your thoughts of how boys like myself should be. I eagerly await our next section Mistress Alexa. I long to hear your voice, I long to serve you and only you. Thank you for your time and attention Mistress Alexa,

My Girlfriend’s Panties

Dear Mistress Alexa,

I recently found a pair of my x girlfriends panties. Talking with you about her and the way she treated me brought back so many memories. After finding her panties, I smelled them…. they smelt just like she would, as if my head was firmly between her thighs right then and there. The particular item I was holding was a white thong that she would wear on "special occasions". Normally, if she was going to let me actually enter her, which was a very rare occasion. As I felt of the panties, I grew extremely excited. I dont know if I have ever seen my cock this big, well, with the exception of when I hear your voice. It was every bit of 8 inches. Purple. Inflated. Begging for attention. Something told me that I should try the panties on… and so I did. The material held back my member, straining to free itself from its white satin prison. I walked to the mirror, and looking at myself, I felt a sense of humiliation. I turned around to look at the thong as it went up my behind….. I must say, I have a very very girly ass.Smooth, hairless, with the right curves in the right places…. from behind, while wearing those panties, you would think that I was ready to bend over for a cock right there. I felt like such a sissy, less than a man, but at the same time I was extremely turned on. I have not wore them sense, waiting for my chance at a session with you. Just thinking about it makes me realize how much of a sissy boy I am. I just thought I would share all these new feelings with you,

the artist

Icing on the Cake

Hello Mistress Alexa, I just wanted to thank you for my session today. It was everything I could ever dream of and more. With a few words, you had and have total control of my body. Your words made me feel weak, but at the same time somewhat impowered by hearing your words and rules, and knowing what my purpose is. With every word, my cock grew and grew, only to ulitmately have you take a hold of its very being, my very being, for your use and your use only. Allowing me to slip into a pair of panties at the end was mere icing on the cake, but very fitting. I still sit here, my cock straining against my panties, ever hard for the kind, firm words of my mistress.

the artist

Dominating Now: Panty Tranny

hi Miss Alexa, I was pretty embarassed when you told me to stroke and I had an accident! This, not surprisingly, also has its roots in the past… Simply put, I don’t have much luck with condoms. Feels like I’m fucking a plastic bag. More often than not, I go limp in condoms which has led to humiliation in the presence of waiting company. i trust that you get my drift….

With a clitty that normally shines at 7 inch length, it can be quite hard on the libido and the ego, for that matter.

Attached are some pictures of me, so you can see my physical stature and how I look all done up in panties and hose:) Please disreguard the poor quality of the pics, as I took them myself and it’s hard to balance a camera at such odd angles and poor lighting…

By the way.. .I couldnt help myself and had to masturbate again in front of your pictures… I actually started cumming but gripped my naughty clit tightly and stopped. Lets see if this can be done for five days…

-sissy sara

(I picked up the name ‘Sara’ as a sissy name from this very hot girl in high school who wouldn’t give me the time of day.)

Feminizing Now: Sissy Beauty Salon

Feminizing Now: Sissy Beauty Salon

Your first session at the Sissy Beauty Salon will be an occasion you will never forget. As a sissy in training you will have submitted to many hours of rigorous instruction at the hands of your Mistress and you will certainly be required to show off all your feminine skills before the appointment is made.

Show me that you have established a daily shaving and skin care routine: that you delight in keeping your body smooth and sensual for your Mistress.
You then must be able to demonstrate a delicate sissy elegance in dressing yourself (and your Mistress if she so requires). Can you put on your Panties and bra in a way that allures a man or a woman?
Can you roll your stockings m up your legs in one liquid motion.
Can you step into High heels as if it were the most natural thing in the world and you will then be able to stand and walk about the room without a trace of awkwardness.

Sex Therapist Alexa

Sex therapist Alexa is in her lingerie after a run and feeling horny. She knows you want to call her and is making herself wet thinking about how she will humiliate you. Alexa has another client who calls her and has always fantasized about having a guy suck his dick and come from it….

Alexa knows that you’re dressed up and ready to suck… you are always ready to suck, aren’t you? Sissy bitch! You are allowed to call Alexa after you’ve put on your bra and panties so that Alexa can pull them off…. and show everyone what a little dick you have….

Oh, and take a photo before you call her. She wants to post it on her blog… ! Pucker up, bitch. And call 888-411-1230