Hypnotic Domination & Erotic Mind Control

From A letter to Mistress Alexa:
I’m feeling tempted again. I know I should give in to temptation and call Alexa, she’s getting really close to making me surrender completelyt o her. Well she keeps getting close…. If only she knew how attached I am to her voice and how it welcomes me… She’ll tell me sweetly over and over again to watch the hypnotic video, or to watch her move her fingers around her breasts, or to obey her completely as she repeats over and over again “Your cock belongs to me”. I always obey her. She tells me to stroke myself and I obey. She tells me to listen to her voice and I obey. Together, my strokes and her voice are like a very powerful medicine. I cannot go too long without her medicine, and I crave it the minute that I can no longer feel it …. Tell me Alexa, again, what you want me to do… please!”

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Francine is a Fag

Francine is a fag, she’s dressed up in her K-Mart panties, and now has put her wife’s panties on top of those …. Francine knows her wife will find out, and punish her, and humiliate her, and tell the maid that Francine is a fag, she’s always been a fag….

Sissy on a bike

Your mother in law loves to humiliate you. The other day she saw you on your bike wearing skin tight black Lycra bike shorts. They were so tight it was very obvious you had nothing or almost nothing manly there …of course she started pointing and laughing… then she pulled out her lipstick and pushed it out just about an inch… and showed it around to all her friends…Your face was red… so hot so very humiliated!!!! But the worst part??? You were excited by it, weren’t you, cookie?






Mistress rents you out as a pretty dressed up sissy maid…

Yes, you are in a hotel room. But this is just the beginning because Mistress is preparing you for your first sissy-maid job. She has compiled a list of clients, some women, some men, who want their condos cleaned by a sissy maid just like you! They understand that you will pay for the privilege… But also, they know that you will be punished if you do not do a good job, a perfect job, leaving their homes fragrant, spotless, licked clean….

What does Tiffany look like today?

Tiffany is missing her playtime with her mistress when she gets to be a submissive feminine sissy — Mistress is so busy with all her sissies! What does Tiffany do? She
buys a new panty and bra set, pink and lacy. Then she writes her Mistress: “Do I have permission to play, Mistress Alexa?” Tell me how to practice to be your pussy… or pussy licker, Mistress Alexa….

Dating a Man

Phone session today: You want to get into the feelings of being a woman when she prepares, dresses and enters the dating scene with a man. You want to feel vulnerable, submissive and naturally obedient… You want me to describe the date in detail…. and more.

My Sister’s Tights

Dear Mistress Alexa;

I have not read all the stories, but thus far this is my favorite by far.

I was introduced to cross dressing by my older teenage sister and a friend of hers when I was 7. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a rainy Saturday and I couldn’t go out and play. I walked by my sisters room and her and her friend were trying on make up and curling their lashes. I had never seen an eye lash curler, and it looked painful. I walked into her room and asked what that was as it looked painful. They both laughed, and said no it wasn’t painful it was an eye lash curler and did I want to try it for myself. I giggled a little and said no its okay. My sister then said my kid brother Sxxxx, he has lashes to die for, he should have been born a girl. And as soon as she said that they both looked at each other, and I guess the idea hit them both at the same time.

My sister said in a very sweet voice, “you want to play dress up with us Stevie, it will be fun and besides its raining outside so you cant play outside.”

They were both smiling at me sweetly and I was enjoying their attention, so I srugged my shoulders and said, as long as you promise not to tell anyone I guess i will play with you. They both smiled and my sister say okay honey, please strip off your boy things for me, because if we’re going to play girly you have to be all girly.

I started to protest and my sister says, on Sxxxx, don’t be such a baby, you are going to love the feel of girly things and you will look so pretty when we finish I promise. So i stripped off everything except my tiddy whities, and she gave me a stern look and said everything, its not like we havent seen a naked boy before.

So I relented and she handed me a pair of soft silky panties and told me to put them on while she gathered some things that would fit me. I remember the sensation of these soft silky panties against my skin was wonderful. She next asked me to hold my hands up and she pulled a full slip over my head and then adjusted the straps to fit. Then she took her full palms and ran them down both the front and back of me to smooth out the slip she told me as she was brushing against and over my little dicky and bum and I started to almost hyperventilate as this new and unexpected wave of excitement began to wash over me.

I had never been sexually arroused before and I was too nieve to understand what or why this excited me so much. My sister next handed me a pair if tights, but then took them back and said, sit on the bed honey I will help you with these so they don’t rip or tear. So I sat on the edge of the bed and watched as she roiled them up my legs past the knees and then said, take my hand to stedy yourself now and slowly stand up and I will pull them up for you. At this point I was practically hypnotized and too excited to disagree. She reached down and slowly pulled them up lifting my slip up telling me to hold it up high as she pulled the tights up and even above my waist. Then she pulled my slip down and repeated the palms running up and down me smoothing out the slip again and with the added slick encasement of my legs ass_and crotch and her rubbing against my little dicky, it was more excitement them I could bare and suddenly without warming I wet myself.

Not really a lot but I was so light headed and panting at this point yet the wet spot appears immediately and I looked down in embarrassment and shame, my sister looked me in the eye first sternly and then when she saw me begin to cry and say I’m sorry Sherry, I didn’t mean to, I’m so sorry. She then hugged me gently and softly said, it’s okay honey, you only wet a little and all us girls sometimes wet ourselfs when we get too excited.

I didn’t realize you were so excited to me girly and that’s okay your dress will cover the spot up and we can clean you up good when we finish. And she kissed me softly and whipped away my tears, saying isn’t that right to her friend and they both hugged me and I looked up and said I really am sorry Sherry, I will clean your things for you, but I couldn’t help it, I didn’t mean to. Then her friend said yeah Stevie don’t worry I wet myself every time I get excited too.

And so we all giggled a little and said, I guess someone really loves being girly and in a moment of immediate realization, I nodded my head in agreement and wispered yeah its way more exciting them i ever thought possible and we all laughed. By then my sister had found a dark colored dress and said raise your arms again honey and I did as she pulled the dress over my head and this time slowly and avoiding directly sliding her plan a over my dicky area she smoothed out my dress and slip.

Next came make up and some jewelry and low 2 inch heels and she again said take my hand again honey until you feel steady in those shoes. And the each took a hand and we pranked around her room together and theysmiled down at me and said take a look Sxxxx, your as pretty and any girl can be and I loved it and was hooked for life.


Why were Victorian panties crotchless?

For all of you addicted to Womanhood as such…  another book!

Unmentionable is written by Therese Oneill  as a Guide to the Secrets of Victorian Womanhood,  and tells all us wee women:

  • What to wear
  • Where to pee
  • How to conceal our loathsome addiction to menstruating
  • What to expect on our wedding night
  • How to be perfect Victorian wives
  • Why masturbating will kill us!
  • And other female unmentionables!

It is a fun and easy read with lots of unmentionable facts about the private, feminine, closeted, secreted sex.

Here’s an extra treat I found while looking at Victorian pantaloons, A Hundred Years of Panty History!