Closet Sissy Needs Help With Wife

I am a 57 year old semi closet sissy. My wife knows of my need and desire to serve her and my uncontrollable need to place myself in a submissive female role. She goes along in bed occasionally but ends there. She is a stunning 31-year-old with large breasts and an ass i trully worship. My question is how do i convince her to step up the game. I long for the day when i can wear panties and stockings without her getting angry. She will fuck me and make me suck a dildo now and then but if it happens halfway regular I’m an ass. I would be hard pressed to believe that she would ever order me to suck a real cock. Or get fucked herself by a big cock while i was getting fucked by his big well hung friend. I dont mean to whine i apparantly need discipline. Thank you for your time. If you have amy advice i would love to hear from you.

Beautician Story – where a Sissy goes to Beauty School

I also hope to assure you I thoroughly enjoyed the last
situation you described: I’ll call it:The Beautician story
– where a student had gotten into a school of cosmetics and
aesthetics, found help in “fitting in” from a teaching
assistant and the two became romantically involved (which
led to the student’s feminization and girl-to-girl

Later, the student was guided into an
internship at a facility where transsexual girls would
undergo cosmetic procedures in the process of their
transitions. This was very well ad-libbed (I believe) and
I should have mentioned my appreciation of this earlier.
In fact, I enjoyed it more than I could relate, at the

Afterwards, I recalled a note I had written

… where I had briefly listed ideas that might be used as starting
points to a couple of “sissy” fantasies.

Here is the text of that:

  • playing a part in a drama class production; teacher,
    mentor, feminizer.
  • love at first site, attempt to pick up – she drops a bomb,
    says she’s lesbian; only likes girls.
    Sissy Response: “I’ll be a girl!”

I never sent that note to you. This, I hope, will help to
indicate why I was amazed and dumbfounded after you
delivered the Beautician story (well, that and my usual
breathlessness, and inability to verbally communicate,
subsequent to listening to your discourses). If my brain
had any function at all, afterwards, I think I’d have asked
about the drama class . . . No – I’m just kidding about
that. Honestly, I was absolutely astounded and – as usual
– euphoric and inarticulate.

Even now, I would like to tell you how much I appreciate and
revere you – your magnificent creativity and your unique
presence – but I cannot find the words to express the
extent. The song and lyrics to “You Really Got Me” (by
the Kinks) come to mind, though – and not simply because you

The Art of the Honey Trap

Doing stories that celebrate the “Honey Trap” in honor of Betty Pack, the ‘Brilliant MI6 Spy Who Perfected the Art of the ‘Honey Trap’

For the more puerile among us, there are fantasies based on something from the Get Smart series: in explaining a mission, the Chief would explain to the agent not only how important it was but also that it would put the agent into high risk situations and incredible danger. You most likely do not remember there was a male Agent who always appeared to be a woman . . .

The Four Basic Duties of a Sissy

The sissies who telephone me want very much to submit: to yield as much control as possible to a dominant woman, during their session with a Mistress.

Although some of them believe they are submitting, they are not.

Submitting means conceding initiative, relinquishing one’s normal movements, speech, focus. If our sessions were localized, the sissy would begin by kneeling at my feet, naked, and collared. (more on the collar later) This kneeling position means: “I am at your service.”

This is the first duty: the sissy is here to serve my needs.
This refers to doing anything that the Mistress considers relevant. If the mistress is bored, the sissy must entertain; if the mistress is tired, the sissy must prepare the bed, prepare the bath, prepare for the night-time beauty routine, perform whatever incidental tasks are relevant so that the Mistress doesn’t have to…

This brings me to the second duty: to anticipate the needs of the Mistress.
If the Mistress is about to go out to a party, she will be dressing up, putting on makeup, jewelry, perfume, heels… fixing her hair, gathering up the contents of a handbag, etc etc.
The sissy must NOT WAIT for the MISTRESS to tell him what to do. The sissy must imagine what the Mistress will want when she is dressing, when she is putting on her makeup, when she is sitting at her vanity and brushing her hair….

Test: Name at least 5 things the mistress will need before she puts on her makeup!

The third duty of a sissy is to obey orders.
With enthusiasm. With respect. With urgency. Of course, many times the Mistress will order to sissy to do something they do not want to do. This may be a test of authenticity for the sissy: does the sissy submit to the will of the Mistress? Or does the sissy hesitate, procrastinate, or dismiss the order? A sissy who only submits when the Mistress tells them to do what they already want to do is not really submitting. If the sissy is truly a sexual submissive, this lack of submission is deeply dissatisfying. Real pleasure must come from submission.

The fourth duty of a sissy is to play the sissy. The sissy must deliver themselves up as a feminized, submissive, erotic tool. Whether the Mistress prepares them by dressing them up, by humiliating them, by forcing them into a chastity belt and a corset, or by hypnotizing them so that they are psychologically docile… the sissies’ most important duty is to play themselves: a feminized, sissified, submissive, useful and usable subject for a Mistress.

Sac & Crack (Brazilian, Manzilian)


1. Why should I make my genitals smooth and pretty like a girl? 

Because you are a girl, or you want to be a girl, or you want to look like a girl, or feel like a girl, or dress like a girl.  There are more reasons. Wait.

2. Is waxing better than shaving? Will it grow back as fast as when I shave?

Yes. Waxing your sac and your crack leaves them smooth and soft and touchable. You don’t want your balls or your crack to feel like your chin at the end of the day, do you?  waxing over shaving—better for your skin, better for your sex. The main reason is that shaving simply cuts the hair off the top of the skin, which then sees the hair growing back in approximately one to three days. Razors irritate the skin, resulting in razor bumps along the bikini line. Waxing, on the other hand, removes the hair from the follicle. Hair that grows from that follicle weakens, just like your masculinity and your male urges…


3. How often do I need to wax?

Waxing is most effective and maintains the best results if done every four to six weeks. This allows the hair to fully regenerate. This is important to ensure smoother, longer-lasting results. Waxing too often can create more irritation and bumps, especially in the bikini region.

5. I’ve heard the terms boyzilian and manzilian. What exactly does this mean?

Sac & Crack™! This is a trademarked term for waxing the genitals of a male. This includes either the entire front pubic region along with the cheeks and crack area or just a portion of that—whichever look you prefer.

6. There are kits that say I can wax myself at home…

Well, there are lots of things that you can do by yourself to yourself but waxing your sac or crack is not one of them.  These areas are super sensitive, hard to access, and too easily infected to leave to an amateur or a friend… (Really? You have a friend that has volunteered to wax your butt crack? Call Mistress Alexa and tell her about it. 888-411-1230!

Do you really want to spread hot wax on your crack and then figure out which way to pull it off while looking in the mirror and listening for the garage door …? Do yourself a favor and book a professional Sac and Crack at the nearest beauty salon or waxing boutique. Take an aspirin before; and ask the waxer for numbing spray ….This kind of task calls for a professional.

7. Can I have sex after a wax? How long do I need to wait?

You can, but if the region is sore you may want to wait approximately 24 hours. For those who are extra-sensitive after a wax, we usually recommend post-wax ointments to reduce inflammation and soothe the skin.

8. I heard you are supposed to have hair in your crack to protect it; and hair on your sac to disperse pheromones. Is this true?

Maybe. But there is nothing like the feel of smooth panties on smooth skin, and nothing as sweet as putting bare skin in your mouth and chewing on it … without any hair coming off and snarling things up.  Call your mistress and ask her.

10. Do you recommend any over-the-counter numbing creams or something for the pain prior to a wax?

There are some helpful tips to reduce some of the pain that occurs during waxing sessions. There is a 5% lidocaine numbing cream available to apply 30 to 45 minutes prior to your appointment. Some pros suggest making sure the cream gets through the hair and applied onto the skin for best results. Then,  applying a piece of Saran Wrap over each side of the bikini area. This creates an occlusive and forces the product deeper down in the skin, allowing for better numbing results.

(Thanks to Bree Goldwater for this article on dermstore &  BOX® human landscapers®. Originally named “BOX®,” it was one of the first niche waxing salons in the country to special… Read about bree goldwater >

Love her logo too! sac&crack

a single night of sex (with a man)

My first turned me  …fabulous

I’m lying in the bed of a man who picked me up outside a gay bar a few hours ago, listening to the sounds of his gentle, contented sleep. Contented from my having given him delicious head, contented from him having fucked me with my stockinged legs wrapped around his shoulders. I’m lying here, looking at the trail of clothing that marks our evening: my strap-y heels, an exquisitely hand-painted silk scarf and tube mini-skirt just inside his front door, my bangles, earrings and necklace at the far end of the bed and next to me a little camisole top and a gorgeous leather bag with its usual date-night collection of lotions, condoms, spare undies and makeup.

I know I’ll have to get up, skip into my panties and top and go to his bathroom where I’ll put myself together, but before then I will continue to lie here, grateful for the sensation of fullness that lingers for hours after a man has pulled out of me and about the memories of this evening, of our passionate kisses, his sucking on my earlobes and nipples, of my exploring his cock with my lips and my tongue, about how i love the smell of the man on my face and neck, and about his taste.

And lastly, I will think about the fact that it’s only Tuesday evening, and that there’s a whole week’s worth of men I’ve yet to meet who will want me as their sissy cum slut!

I wasn’t always like this. In fact, it was only a few years ago that the world knew me as a somewhat unremarkable guy, a hard-working, mid-30s, professional who kept pretty much to himself but who, everyone agreed, was a good guy to have as a friend. Kind, considerate, responsible. Of course, what no-one back then knew was I’d long had had a nagging question in the back of my mind on what it would be like to be in bed with another man.

I considered it a fairly simple wish; a single night of sex with another man just to say I’d “tried it.”

Like most guys of my generation and background, I’d had my share of exposure to gay sensuality. There was an old roommate who once insisted on taking me gay bar-hopping, getting me kinda drunk along the way, and launching into some pretty sloppy and wet making-out in the front seat of his car. There was the guy I met on a hiking trip who found his way into my tent one evening to give me a hand job. And a drinking buddy who an annoying habit of giving long on-the-edge-of-passionate goodnight ‘hugs’ and who finally kissed my ear and asked if I wanted more. I had always declined to reciprocate because, I told myself, it wasn’t who I was. I had girlfriends, some platonic some not, and while I could never have been considered movie-star material, I was content in my modest sex life.

Years passed, my career seemed to progress nicely enough – I still had girlfriends but to the ongoing amusement of friends and colleagues, I had yet to meet “the one. And always, in the back of my mind, sat the “what would it be like” question. Society’s openness to accepting being gay had advanced dramatically over the last decade and it became clear to me that it was finally time I did my touristic excursion into an evening of gay sex. One of the alternative newspapers in San Francisco gave me a wealth of options as I cruised through the M4M personal ads. I came across one from a “caring and supportive gentleman” – Brian was his name – “who loves to take men on their maiden voyage.”

We met at his house in a kinda posh area in Marin County, had some awkward small talk in his living room and at a point when he must have thought I was ready, led me by the hand to his backyard studio that had little more than a futon, a bed-side table with a hand-pump jar of lubricant and a tasteful little bowl of different packaged condoms.

The moment we started kissing I knew something was just very ‘right’ about this, this moment, this decision. Without thinking, I found myself un-self-consciously stripping off my T-Shirt, my jeans, and my boxers – and in doing so developed – to my surprise and undoubtedly his pleasure – a lovely hard-on. We stood there, him fully clothed and me naked, embracing, kissing, fondling. When he took me into his bed where I undressed him and found myself almost immediately sliding down to between his thighs where I began kissing. The kissing moved up. And up. And soon I was licking his shaved balls, completely comfortable with something I had never done. And then, I started on his cock. I loved every aspect of it, its smoothness, the softness of the skin and the hardness of the shaft, the cute head and the oh-so-sensitive spot just at the base of it, it’s musky sweetness. I loved how he responded and I was utterly thrilled that I was the source of that erotic pleasure.

I remember reaching around and massaging Brian’s ass, and looking up into his eyes. He smiled down at me and uttered something that will stay with me forever; “Oh you ARE a natural cocksucker aren’t you? You will soon LOVE thinking of yourself as submissive sissy… trust me!” And I found myself, in a soft almost feminine voice that came from .. who knows where? .. saying “ohhhh darling, yesss…yesss…yesss!”

We spent the next hour or so as I learned the mechanics of gay sex, but more importantly, learning something about my very essence. I went home that evening and fought back waves of emotions. What had I done? What just happened to me? What was I feeling? Was it real? Was this the real me? And maybe most tellingly, how could I put this behind me and return to my normal life? My goal, my simple wish, had been fulfilled. It was time to move on.

Two days later I got a call from Brian and he coyly asked if I would like to come by to get either trimmed or shaved ‘down there’ because “you know, it is SUCH a sexy thing for a sissy cocksucker to be totally smooth” There is was again, a reminder of how he saw me, a sissy cocksucker. The memories of those hours in his studio along with the sound of his marvelous voice made me melt and I said I could be there early that evening. I rationalized the visit that evening with him as a final gay encounter, that I would thank him for his kindness, his patience, and his gentleness.

He met me at the door wearing knit boxers that covered everything – but hid nothing, holding a glass of wine to invite me in. We embraced, kissed, he played with my nipples and rubbed me through the front of my jeans. We drank more, embraced more, and as I got increasingly horny he said “well, time for what you came for.”

Back to the studio and he took out an electric razor and started on .. my legs!

“Wait.” I cried, “I thought we were talking, you know, crotch!” He laughed and reminded me that such “gifted cocksuckers are smooth everywhere, except…” and again words that will stay with me forever – “except maybe in a little tuft of pussy fur that you’ll use to turn men.” His words flowed through me like nothing I’d never known. I was his. For Brian, my darling sexy Brian with his full lips, his firm body, his beautiful cock, I’d do anything and he could do anything to me. A half hour later I looked into a full-length mirror to see a reflection of myself with hair in precisely two spots: atop my head and within an impossibly tiny triangle surrounding my cock. It was, I was … lovely.

Over the next several months I would go back to his place at least twice weekly. For sex with him, for 3-ways, and for enjoying porn together on his huge screen TV as we masturbated each other, He was a loving and patient teacher and I began to realize how much of a willing and receptive submissive I was turning into.

We started branching out. He and I started going to gay saunas and baths, we went to sex clubs, i would don corsets and bustiers to go to fetish and fantasy dungeons, we went to costume parties, and private gatherings.

And my changes were dramatic. I was turning into an utterly fabulous queer. I started growing out my hair and going to salons for coloring and styling; i shaped my eyebrows and got full body waxes, I became skilled at makeup and my wardrobe evolved to something in between Forever 21 and Victoria’s Secret. I had become an unmistakable femmy slut. Brian loved it. I loved it. As did many – many – men.

The point of all of this is all began with a simple wish. I wanted to see what a gay encounter felt like. It was to be a one-time visit to another way of being. In fact, as I later realised, my encounter with Brian was like having a switch flipped. A switch I’d never known about but nevertheless, a switch once toggled that could never go back to where it started from.

I have become a new person. A better person. I take pride in my feminine attributes and mannerisms, I love being pretty, I love feeling the kind of power I have over men with my sensuality and I love – no – I live for – the pleasures a man can give me. I’ve begun full body electrolysis and just in case anyone doesn’t see me as the sissy I am, I’ve had large areola tattooed over my nipples and on my upper right thigh, the tattoo of a fabulous wedding garter. My unremarkable male persona is gone forever; I wake up thinking of cock, I stare at men’s bodies throughout the day and am shamelessly flirt-y whenever I can, and in the evenings i dress up in anticipation of the unbelievably satisfying eroticism of having a man who will fill my boi pussy.

My advice to all you bi- or gay-curious darlings Out There who might be thinking of the briefest of visits to ‘the other side?’ Be careful what you wish for. I’m not saying it won’t be for the best, but, be prepared for the possibility of a one-way trip to become someone very, very different.

Thank you J from Mistress Alexa – some of my favorite clients will love this!

Midsummer Sissy Cuckold Fantasy

Midsummer, Sissy lies on his balcony in the heat, in his panties, and imagines his wife…..

I understood her frustration; I felt the same way and she was just as sexual as I. But to hear her say she needed to get fucked and was honestly thinking about finding some men (MEN? plural?) to give her a nasty shagging, was painful. Since my injury, I couldn’t get hard or I’d risk ripping open the sutures.

This ruled out everything, including eating her pussy — which she had trained me to do and I was forever grateful since I enjoyed it as much as anything in the world. But if I were to suck her now, I would get to feel her orgasm on my face but I’d also get a massive erection and re-injure myself-when I was just days away from being able to serve her once again.

The chastity device would be off–it was a huge reason I had healed quickly, preventing my cock from hardening–and I would get into her like a bad dream-not leaving for hours. I had waited; couldn’t she go 3 more days, too? She said that since I couldn’t get hard in my cock-cage, she might as well bring HARD cocks back home, tie me to a chair and have me watch and take notes as she got her cunt ravaged by SUCCESSFUL spurting dicks.

I knew she was just venting, but hours later when she was leaving to meet her sister, I was nevertheless glad to be in chastity (for my own protection) and knew full well that her sis (my keyholder) would never betray my wife and secretly release my cock from its prison–no matter how big the bribe. I just needed these 2 or 3 days to fly by. I might even be healed enough to fuck her now, but since I couldn’t see my dick, I just had to go by the doctors estimate-despite knowing I was a rapid healer.

Looks like this:

Now I had to get the nasty image of my wife splayed open on our bed as I sat, restrained, 4 feet away- watching her being fucked by a happier, larger, more manly cock…  I fell asleep and dreamed out bbc, big beautiful cocks, and my wife riding them all….

Check out the archive…

Hours later, I ventured out to the living room and was greeted by my tipsy wife.     Her hair loose, nipples stiff against her torn blouse, lipstick smeared and her panties visible–hanging out of her purse. As she opened her mouth-no doubt to give me some sort of explanation–I was surprised at the words she had chosen for this. “I haven’t sucked that much cock in a LONNNGGG time!”–she stammered proudly. I was aghast and stood with my mouth open as she began relating her ‘apology’:

“We were shooting pool and the guys bought me a few drinks and felt me up and it was all just in fun. Next thing I knew, I was bent over the pool table and held down and had a nice dick rammed up my cunt–oh babe, it was so fucking hot! It turned me on immensely and I started offering blow-jobs and then–!

“WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?!”, I screamed. 

“I’m saying that I got fucking pounded by HARD dick, you pathetic faggot! come here!!”

I did as ordered and watched as she took a key from her purse, tugged my panties down and freed my cock from its recent incarceration. “You’ll get hard and be ready to fuck in 15 minutes or I’ll find more men tomorrow–and YOU WILL WATCH!”

I could hardly believe what she had been telling me. as I brought my eyes up to meet hers, she began grinning and I saw that she was staring at my downed panties–and my rising cock.

“You little slut”, she sneered, “your clitty is swelling! You like this!”–maybe, but it was ending right now, since I was getting a hard-on, right? She reached out and lightly stroked my red swollen meat—-“mmmmmm”, was all she said. In seconds I was on the verge of exploding but she wasn’t ready to allow that and told me to kneel and get the strangers out of her cunt.

‘Do what??’, I mumbled.

“Suck the jizz out of my pussy, so you’ll have room in there for your HARD dick”!!!

‘Seriously’? I asked. 

“Either that or I go find someone to do it for me”.

In seconds I was before her and she smiled smugly, “oh and sweety, do take your time about it”. I  began at the inside of her left knee where the sticky, liquid river had its origin……..

7 Ways to Make Yourself Re-Lovable

This column was inspired by a very long and intimate session with a sissy husband (client) who had moved into the Maid’s room over a year ago.

At the time, I imagined that this move out of his wife’s bed and into the maid’s room was logical, inevitable, and pleasurable for all parties.

After all, the wife had long ceased believing that her sissy husband was a ‘man’. She, the wife, had not allowed herself to be entered by his sissy-clitty for many years… and the only kind of satisfaction her sissy husband was allowed to enjoy was a rare rub against the wife’s bottom, to be followed by a quick ejaculation — off the sheets…!

Much as she enjoyed humiliating her husband in front of their friends and neighbors, the wife was no longer amused by her husband’s frivolous crossdressing cycles.

The husband, you see, did nothing in the house except for dressing up…. What a horror!

So let’s return to the theme of 5 Ways to Make Yourself Re-Lovable :

1. Don’t ever forget that Sissies have no credit. Every day is a new day. Every time you put on a dress you start fresh, with a score of “zero”. You do not get any Sissy Points for looking pretty yesterday. You need to look pretty today.

2. When girls dress up, sissies, they do so to make themselves prettier… Dressing up goes hand in hand with primping up, waxing, smoothing, perfuming, moussing, making up, etc etc etc etc
A sissy in a maid’s outfit with hairy legs and a 2 day beard is not really lovable, is he…?

3. Your Sissy Maid role begins with domestic prettification. First, you prettify the house. Then, you prettify yourself.

4. Don’t repeat yourself. The most enjoyable massage perfumed too long and too many times becomes dull, insensible, and annoying.

5. Always ask to be corrected. Assume that you have done at least one or two things wrong.

6. Sign up for a Woman’s Yoga class. Or Maybe Pilates. Get yourself a Lululemon outfit and imitate the girls.

7. Do your maid’s work so well that your Mistress is asked: “who does your housework?”? When she loans you out to her friends you can make yourself loved, all over again.

5 Ways To Make Your Wife Dominate You In Bed (& Out)

For all those sissy husbands who desperately want your wife to dominate you….

  1. Lose your job. Then remind her that she has always wanted “a wife”, and now she has one! Explain to her that now its your turn to be the housekeeper, to clean, cook, shop, fetch and take care of the kids, organize the home repairs, do the accounts, pack her bags for her next business trip… Then take your turn as a 50’s housewife….
  2. Watch a Doris Day movie, preferably the one with James Garner, where Doris sells soap perfectly from 1959. Then imagine yourself as Doris Day whenever you are with your wife. Smile prettily. Accommodate her. Praise her lavishly for small everyday acts. Ask her for a list of things to do today, every day, and then request feedback on how you did them and how you can do them better. Be grateful for her criticism. Demonstrate that gratitude with a foot rub, a neck rub, an unexpected gift, a show of appreciation…. every day. Don’t forget to smile.
  3. Schedule a three way conversation with Mistress Alexa (888-411-1230) — between you the sissy husband, your hesitant but devoted wife, and Alexa. Alexa will ask you both to make a wish list of 5 things you most long for from your spouse. (We already know what  your list says!) She will talk to your wife separately and make sure her list is demanding and adventuresome. Then she will monitor you and your wife as you work your way down the list.
  4. Invite your mother in law to stay with the family for a while. Pay all travel expenses. When she comes to the front door, greet her wearing an apron, and a Doris Day smile. (see above). Spend long hours over coffee and cookies talking about celebrities….mention the Kaitlin Jenner/Kardashian transition often. Throw some panties (your size) and bras (with false cups) in the wash along with the usual T-shirts and socks. When she asks you where to put the freshly washed largish women’s undergarments, blush and tell her to ask her daughter…
  5. Buy your wife a Kegel Trainer app (and device) – for example, this one: Pelvic floor exercises for men and women and tell her that you want to work out together. Make sure you put the work out toy in your pussy, just like she does. afptech Then insist that she test your muscles at least once a week to measure your progress…. (with a strap on)