Re-reading Wilhelm Stekel: Overhearing sex

So many of the men with whom I have spoken can be profiled by reference to Stekel’s theory of Psychosexual Infantilism…

… Explaining an attachment or overattachment to the auditory sense,  Stekel tells us that a Mr WH, a salesmen who had never been “potent” with with women. “…ordinarily masturbated with the fantasy that he was hearing a couple having intercourse in an adjacent room. Then he began to convert this fantasy into reality. He visited cheap hotels, rented a thinly-walled room, and listened for sounds from the adjoining rooms. He made sure of getting stimulating neighbors by giving large tips to hotel employees. He listened intently, his stimulation grew in intensity and he tried to time his orgasm with that of the couple in the adjoining room. ….” (Patterns of Psychosexual Infantilism, NY: Liveright, 1952, p. 166.)

Do you enjoy listening to sexual events that are happening elsewhere? Are you excited when you overhear another man and woman having sex? Do you prefer hearing or seeing a couple having sex?


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Another Sissy Story

Dressing Up the Neighborhood Sissies

Your neighborhood is full of young housewives trying to get pregnant and working part time. Your wife has joined a neighborhood ‘watch’ and shares details of her bedroom life with all her not yet pregnant neighbors.

One of the neighbors has suggested that there should be a punishment for husbands who haven’t made their wives pregnant: the husbands should be  dressed up as women at the next neighborhood party. This way all the  husbands are humiliated together and motivated to step it up….

You have been dressed up for the last 4 parties and your wife is attracting the attention of the other husbands on the block.  The real men in the neighborhood are happy to help her conceive and laugh at you —  the sissy husband who has failed again.

One day, she tells you that if you haven’t gotten her pregnant by the end of the year, she will throw out all your male clothes. Your dress up time will be permanent….