Why were Victorian panties crotchless?

For all of you addicted to Womanhood as such…  another book!

Unmentionable is written by Therese Oneill  as a Guide to the Secrets of Victorian Womanhood,  and tells all us wee women:

  • What to wear
  • Where to pee
  • How to conceal our loathsome addiction to menstruating
  • What to expect on our wedding night
  • How to be perfect Victorian wives
  • Why masturbating will kill us!
  • And other female unmentionables!

It is a fun and easy read with lots of unmentionable facts about the private, feminine, closeted, secreted sex.

Here’s an extra treat I found while looking at Victorian pantaloons, A Hundred Years of Panty History!

Why Does Lolita Fashion Humiliate?

Perhaps you’ve been shopping lately and stumbled across the re-trending of Lolita (Korean) fashion, featuring all too pretty panties, skirts, tights, ribbons, camisoles, not only too small and too pink, too young, too girly, …. and you’ve asked yourself why they so excite you and what makes it tooooo humiliating for you to put these very very gurly fashions on… in front of the mirror, or better…..  your wife? her friends? your colleagues? Have a look and tell Alexa at 888-411-1230 or 866-57-SISSY …



Cuckold Stories

What happens when a wife who feels neglected in her own marriage starts to receive attention from other men?
What about the Beta Husband Blues…
And is it true that Slut Wife, Happy Life?

Call Alexa at 888-411-1230 and ask for a personal exploration of the erotic emotions of husbands watching wives with other men.

Summer Reading for Sissies

Summer Camp   by: Brenda B     Details
Synopsis: Boys who get caught dressing up in their things get sent to summer camp as punishment… where they HAVE TO DRESS UP EVERY DAY!
Categories: Caught with Consequences  Crossdressing / TV  Voluntary    Key Words: crossdressing, punishment

Summer at the Beach by Wendy

Synopsis:A boy is fully and properly made up when his lipstick matches his nail polish — the slow transformation of a boy who feels like a girl by his mother

Categories:Crossdressing / TV  Lingerie  Real Life Situation  Slow Transformation  Sweet / Sentimental  VoluntaryKeywords:Hair or Hair Salon  Long Finger Nails  Swimsuit



Do you have openings for training my husband?

Now that I am back from vacation, yes indeed, dear I DO have openings for training your sissy husband while you are traveling on business! Do call me together with your sissy so that I can speak with both of you about what I want you both to wear, and not wear, during the time that I am in control… Of course, before you leave, you will need to purchase a chastity belt, a very large black dildo, a pretty apron, 14 pairs of panties, to be layered…


Here’s some easy reading for the plane!



And my very very favorite husband training movie: “If A Man Answers” with Sandra Dee!


Here’s the youtube version:


Sissy Fiction

Sissy Fiction for Summer 2017

Mistress Alexa is amused and delighted by all the creative sissy fiction published just in time for a good long summer vacation. For example:

The Curse of Madeline
The Curse of Madeline – A longtime theme among my subjects — the curse of having a girl living inside you when all you see in the mirror is a pathetic little cock. Call 888-411-1230 and tell me what you see in the mirror!
Suddenly A Girl!
Suddenly a Girl — And wouldn’t that be fun during your summer vacation…? Just put on a bikini, and strut! Call 888-411-1230 and tell me what you’re wearing!
Feminized and Cuckolded
Feminized & Cuckolded – One of my favorite sissy sessions — the devious and perfectly planned feminization of a sissy husband by his slut wife…. Call 888-411-1230 and tell me about your first time!
The Cuckold Toy
The Cuckold Toy — Who hasn’t imagined himself as the silly bitch toy of a beautiful, contemptuous wife? Call 888-411-1230 for a cuckolding session!
Sissy Husband
The Sissy Husband — So many of my clients play this role every day, working humiliation into their daily chores…. Call me and tell me how you have remembered to sissify and humiliate yourself daily! Call 888-411-1230 and tell Mistress Alexa how it feels to be a sissy husband!


Sissy at the office
Feminized at the Office — another Favorite of mine — you cannot repress that need to be feminized so you serve and adore the women in your office, bringing them coffee, then treats, then gifts, and then…. ?? Call me and tell me about what your secretary does to feminize you!  888-411-1230.


Feminized by his Naughty Teacher
Teacher’s Pretty Boy Pet — Is this how it all began for you?? Call me and tell me about the first gorgeous teacher you fantasized about… 888-411-1230



Reading: Awakening of Evelyn

The Awakening of Evelyn – Book 1