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About Sissy Phone

Mistress Alexa specializes in handling and training men who want to be feminized, dominated, owned, trained, used, and controlled.

Get Feminized & Sissified

We want to fascinate and convert your sex into something more useful, more usable, more lovable and totally under our control. When you ring us we ask you specific questions about your experiences, your fantasies and your focus. Do you like to role play or would you prefer dress-up feminization sessions? Do you want to be hypnotized to be more feminine or femmy? Do you long for a stage to exhibit your femininity ?

What Mistress Alexa does

All sissy phone sessions are spontaneous, intensely personalized and delivered fresh by Mistress Alexa to you. Mistress Alexa penetrates your soul, your sex, your sensibility and constructs a hypnotic, imaginary scene where you and your Mistress can play. Sometimes you will find yourself wearing panties, dressed up and humiliated in a public place. Sometimes you will be used like a woman in a sexual way.
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Sandy Thomas Fiction – Chris to Chrissie
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What would you look like with a D cup?
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Show them to me…
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“Hello Mistress Alexa, I just wanted to thank you for my phonesex session today. It was everything I could ever dream of and more. With a few words, you had and have total control of my body. Your words made me feel weak, but at the same time somewhat impowered by hearing your words and rules, and knowing what my purpose is. With every word, my cock grew and grew, only to ulitmately have you take a hold of its very being, my very being, for your use and your use only. Allowing me to slip into a pair of panties at the end was mere icing on the cake, but very fitting. I still sit here, my cock straining against my panties, ever hard for the kind, firm words of my mistress.”

Why Mistress Alexa


Mistress Alexa has been dominating men since 2001 and many of her clients have been her clients for more than 10 years. She has a remarkable memory which makes it possible for her to welcome her clients with an intimacy and a familiarity which makes them feel loved… Isn’t that what you want when you look for a mistress?

1First time caller? Grab your panties and your credit card! On your knees! Telephone 866-57-SISSY and ask to speak to the Mistress.
3Tell Mistress Alexa why you are a sissy and she will decide what needs to be done.
2Mistress Alexa will verify your credit card  information and welcome you to Sissy Phone.
4Serve and submit to Mistress Alexa.

Sissy Clients say:

CALL US: 󰀝 866 577 4779

Hello my mistress.
I am proud to say your hypnosis is doing its job very well on me. I feel transformed from a man to the sissiest faggot slut. I am yours to do with as you please. I’m feeling so slutty right now it feels like I’m stuck in a trance. I so wish you would whore me out. I want to be fucked in my pretty pink panties, pink fishnets and high heels. There will be no doubt I belong to you then. Your frilly hypnotized whore. I will never be free.
— Happy to be your lost slut whore, M.

Dear Mistress,
Now that I’ve divulged my inner most sissy fantasy to you Mistress, a beautiful and powerful woman, there is no doubt I am truly a little sissy faggot waiting to be used as you wish in a world of big black dicks… I can’t help but imagine being directed by you to wrap my lips around the head of a real man’s cock to give him pleasure. I feel like I can’t stop going down this new road you’ve opened for me. I feel lost and exited. my Mistress.

— Your Lesbian Whore

Oh mistress. I am your naked whore slut. I love being your whore slut. Please take possession of me. I beg you to whore me out. Make me yours. Own me. Nothing is the same with out you. I can no longer wait. My clit is swollen. I want to be man handled for your pleasure. I can feel you reside in my mind, taking over. Turning me into the faggot slut you’ve made me into. I love you for it. Thank you for making me your faggot whore. I can feel you in my body taking over.

— Krissy