Feminization by Force

Your feminist step-mother forces you to enter a beauty contest. You are frightened at first but she shows you how pretty you look in your pink dress and shiny patent leather shoes. You start to look forward to dressing up time and look for new ways to decorate yourself.

You find lace and ribbons and  drape yourself in as many layers of ruffles as you can.  When you discover a special drawer filled with her panties and her slips, you add layers of undergarments to your wardrobe…. You enjoy your daintiness in the mirror and learn to feel yourself inside your garments. The more sissified you feel the more the more you are convinced that you want to stay a sissy….

Sissy Nail Polish Hack


You can try this in your own bedroom or anywhere… Buy a pack of gum and you’ve got a manicure…. sort of…

The TikTok video-maker shows you how to separate the metallic layer of a gum wrapper from its wax so as to make a ‘nail foil’. Then she lays the sticky side of the foil sheet across her nail, presses down to make it fit the shape of her nail, and cuts away the remaining foil…. Voila!

Just like Mom

Your mother has plans for your hair. With your new length, mom has several options: fancy blonde highlights, extensions, a messy bun,  cute pageboy with bangs….  Well, you wanted to let your hair grow longer after years of being a suit… but now that you’re back home your mother is determined to make you over in her image….



“You either get a pink slip (and walk out the door) or you get a pink slip, put it on, and wear it to work tomorrow.”  That’s what your new boss tells you and you have no choice. You go to a department store, and find a pink slip that fits, and wear it to work….