Corsets for Houseboys

Corsets for houseboys at and at Corset Story. At Vollers, Black with butterflies and flowers – the Hallie — beautiful and leathery.  At corset story, gold on black with horsy closures, and a perfectly domestic white with lace and a trollopy skirt….

Corset Story – Some extraordinary corsets


For gardening and prouncing around the neighborhood…. or even doing household chores:




Below, possibly the most beautiful corset I have ever seen at called HALLIE.

Some precious links:






Serving Mistress Alexa

Serving Mistress Alexa when Laced

Here are some notes on how to prepare for your training with Mistress Alexa:

First, corsets are such pretty ways to keep you in check and in pain for your mistress. There are many stories about how corsets were used to train, condition, control the fairer sex ….

Imagine yourself in this story:

You will learn to serve your Mistress better when you are corseted and heeled. I especially like the heels that have chains connecting the shoes to each other!

Eventually your corset can also be attached to a chastity schedule, and to text message codes (I will text you with instructions to tighten, re-tighten, re-lace, eat, sit and exercise…. in your corset…), and an eating regime, a cleaning regime, a talking regime…

For now I want you to begin to enjoy (and memorize) the lessons of GOTHAMISTA

and also of this make up and hair enchantress:

Questions? Email

Add your questions, comments and stories to this blog to serve your Mistress daily….

Now is the time to Re-Feminize

Sissies who are silly with desire and/or boredom during this confusing and disjointed time should turn to Mistress Alexa for joy and happiness – or at least an hour’s worth of feeling of controlled, used, sissified, feminized and/or humiliated.

Email me at and let me know if you want to join SISSYPHONE and become one of Alexa’s phone sissies.

Or call me directly for a session at 866-57-SISSY

A Lady’s Sissy Maid by Gilbert Christiano Fitzmaurice

On Fictionmania, a classic story that every sissy needs to read.

The original work is “A Lady’s Sissy Maid” by Gilbert Christiano Fitzmaurice, the publisher is Constance Enterprise.

Categories: Bad Boy to Good Girl  Bondage  Crossdressing / TV  Femdom, Authoritarian  Slow Transformation  Uniforms  Workplace Situations    Key Words: Bondage  Corsets  Maids or French Maids  Petticoats and Crinolines  Very High Heels

A sissy pursues the eternal feminine….

Phone Sex Role-Playing Sessions

  • Girl’s School

You live in a small town where everybody knows you and it is impossible for you to buy panties without everyone knowing! So…. you look for a city to live in (as a woman). You find an exclusive girl’s school where the girls are not girls! You apply and are accepted….

  • Bridal Salon Helper

Your mother runs a bridal salon and spa. After school, during summers and holidays, you help her at the salon. You clean up, you play receptionist, you wash the gowns the women wear while they try on wedding dresses, you entertain the bridesmaids while they wait for the bride …. And when the women leave, after hours, you help you mother perform all the alterations on the dresses by playing her dummy…. YOU wear all the dresses while she hems or pins or sews small little pearls into the silk or taffetta or satin….

  • Women’s Fashion Reporter

You were trained to be a reporter  but you when your editor tells you that he wants you to report on women’s fashions — not just women’s fashion but women’s lingerie fashions —  the new bras, panties, bralettes, nighties, camisoles, petticoats, slip, hosiery… all the things that women wear underneath their clothes. You are totally stuck, until your editor suggests that the best way to start is to try on all the things that you will be writing about!