Titty Hypnosis

From an old mind control story called Attempted Takeover, a different way to mesmerize a sissy….

“Now look at my breasts, see how big and round they are. I would really love for you to be able to hold these just like this.” She gripped her tits at the side, rubbing her hands around the outside of each breast. “You could caress my breasts and feel how firm they are under this silk negligee. They’re just bursting at the seams, so firm but so soft at the same time. I hope you’re holding your clitty right now, thinking about touching my breasts, about stroking them and rubbing them. Why don’t you start stroking your clitty? I’d like you to. Just slowly, enjoy it, enjoy feeling your clitty being rubbed up and down, up and down. Enjoy it and think about my breasts, clad in silk with you rubbing my tits with one hand and jerking yourself off with the other hand. Now don’t jerk off too fast. I want you to enjoy this…”

The Virtual Chastity Belt

The Virtual Chastity Belt

From mcstories.com a story about a rich, rude, unfaithful husband whose clever wife locks him into a virtual chastity device…

Doug visits a sex therapist and explains that he can no longer engage in all the sex that he is used to: sex with the three lusty assistants at his office who take turns giving him blowjobs at work. “I am the exec VP and own a lot of shares at Trinity Industries. I can do what I want. I just love to dominate my assistants. I make my girls come to work in short dresses, tight blouses and high heels. I get fellated by each assistant once a day. It’s just great!”

He also has a few out of town hotties who serve and service him whenever he goes to conferences …

And then, suddenly, he tells the doctor, his prick just stops working…. at least stops working for every women other than his wife. And his wife has taken over his sex and has become a little dictatorial:

“If I did just what she asked, we had a good fuck every couple of days. If I ‘disobeyed’ her, I would have to wait a long time. Pretty soon, I learned that I better not displease her in any way.”

When the beautiful sex therapist asks him what he has to do, he says:

“I have to be attentive all the time. Not play golf. Take her to the ballet. Go shopping with her. Suck her pussy. She made me read books on cunnilingus and practice on her until I was expert. She makes me give her massages and paint her nails. I’m giving her a lot more money to spend. Really, I cannot do anything that displeases her in the least.”

There is no key to this kind of chastity belt… except maybe the one that a real Mistress has…

After my chastity training with Mistress Alexa

Mistress Alexa

You asked me to write you and describe my orgasm last night. I have always masturbated regularly most of my life, very often daily.

When I first spoke to you and you told me to use the candles and stroke myself 5 times daily without having an orgasm, i thought it would be impossible. But, knowing that I need a mistress, I told myself I would obey your every demand to the fullest degree. The first day was a new sensation, 5 times the first day, getting so close and having to quit. The part that excited me the most was knowing I was owned by you and I had no choice but to do as told.

The second day was rough, my mind trying to convince me that this wasn’t what I wanted, what i wanted was to have an orgasm, but, when i went to the next town and bought the panties, i realized I was under your control.

The third day, putting on the panties in the morning, doing my daily exercise, I wanted to be your slave. Wearing them under my jeans on the farm, all the other men working around me, i felt ashamed and aroused, but, it was worth it knowing i was pleasing you. I was worried someone was going to notice that i had a hard on most of the work day.

When we spoke the third night, I was so happy to hear your voice. Deep inside i was hoping you would let me cum, but, i assumed i would not be allowed to. As i knelt in my bedroom with my candle and closed my eyes and saw you holding me as i was used, i knew how much you loved me, you knew what was best. I was so hard, 3 days of no release, i could barely touch myself. When you told me i could cum while watching you getting serviced a rush filled my body. I almost didn’t feel worthy but at the same time i wanted you to see what i had saved for you.

i knew i didn’t deserve to be inside you, but, i knew you would be so pleased to see how much i came. as i watched and stroked i couldn’t hold back, the cum covered my thigh. large amounts fell on my leg, the warmth spread throughout my body and the warmth on my leg was like a gift to you. now as i shower and wash my pussy i can actually feel it getting looser, more accustomed to being used. I hope i’ve pleased you with this letter and that i can please you more often.

Your slave

Keyword: Chastity Training

Remote Control Panty Vibrator

Yesterday Mistress Alexa mailed me a gift. Inside the beautiful pink satin lined box it came wrapped in were her instructions:

“Dear Pet! You have always tried to stuff more of my voice in your girl parts, to fill yourself up with your Mistress… Now I will monitor and supervise you doing just that.

Inside this box is a Sissy Panty Vibrator — and it comes with an app that I will control remotely.

This sophisticated, lightweight remote control vibrator is my leash, my whip, my strap-on and my cane. It puts you under my sexual tutelage. It makes you my slut and my mannequin. Tucked away neatly in its custom black lace thong, it will come with you and inside you to any destination on the freeway or on a surfboard. It begs to be worn out on the town. Yet its adjustable intensity levels let me use the vibrator on you in the middle of a board meeting, underneath your formal clothes at a dinner party, or at home, wearing your sissy maid uniform.

When I call you the velvety surface of the tool will begin to vibrate and pulse… you will answer your phone and feel my voice in your pussy.  I will take over your most feminine openings, you will learn to obey my touch….

Sissy Marriage

A Change in a Sissy Marriage:

As a sissy, it is natural for you to want to change your marriage, to change the way your wife views you, treats you, has sex with you…. to share your sissiness, your softness, your submissiveness with your wife. This is one of the popular themes for a phone session – what happens when your wife

  • discovers you are a sissy
  • knows that you are crossdressing
  • acknowledges that you are not man enough to satisfy her
  • enjoys your submissive sissy self
  • tells you that she is sleeping with other men
  • wants you to watch while she has sex with other men
  • wants to dress you up in front of her boyfriend

and more!

A Change in Our Marriage – The Sissy Cuckold

The story “A Change in Our Marriage – The Sissy Cuckold” starts with  a wife catching her husband looking at cuckold web sites. She decides that she would like to cuckold her husband, and begins to feminize him…  Her “loving accommodation of her husband” is one way to initiate ‘a change in the marriage’. Of course, there are other possibilities. Call me at 866-577-4779 to discuss the many other possibilities….

What I Had Always Wanted

The Nifty Erotic Story Archive and a nifty story by ziepy@hotmail.com called: What I Had Always Wanted by Mark

Imagine if you parents caught you dressing up like a girl and your punishment lasted an entire year… and that year showed you what you had always wanted…. After that you are raised as girl…

Another very popular theme of Being Raised as a Girl that Mistress Alexa loves to play out in her phone sessions!


Here is a Petticoat Punishment classic about how a sissy is trained: http://www.petticoatpunishmentart.com/docs/cjart022.html

And don’t forget the vintage: FRED: The True History of a Boy Raised as a Girl by Don Brennus Alera, Illustrated by ‘Tack’

Sissy Fag Cinderella

You feel like a Sissy Fag Cinderella, standing at the center of the party, totally charmed, chatting about hair
salons and the woman at Nordstroms who let you try a dozen different lipsticks and then persuaded you to get a makeover while in the store, with everyone watching! How you are in fact wearing the very makeup from that makeover! You love this kind of female stuff. You feel your pocket book dangling over your wide well exercised Pilates-pumped, well walked ass… you love walking like a girl…it feels so right, so……sissy!

The thought that you are such a sissy, all dressed up and at the party…makes your tiny little penis
stick up and your tiny little oversensitive nipples bud. You are a sissy fag, on a blind date as a
woman, presenting yourself as a well off middle aged career woman, fully perfumed, fully jeweled,
dressed by your stylist and hungry for cock.

You ask one of the women where the Ladies Room is and loving the fact that this is now your rightful destination, you head toward the “Powder Room” – it says “Powder Room” on the door. You are so happy you are giggling, and now you get to do what other women do, sit down and pee, then check your makeup. Oh..sitting down to pee…..not even man enough to stand and pee anymore. You think about how useless you are to your wife …your penis getting smaller, your balls shrinking… You enter the stall, and go about the entire process of hiking up your dress, pulling down the pantyhose, then the panties, feeling for your tiny dick…you actually have to dig for it hidden in the folds of your scrotum and loose skin.

You pee, wipe it dry just like a girl, tuck it back, and balance on those beautiful high heels you bought along with the makeup and the dress and the lingerie. You flush with your shoe and glance into the mirror. Pretty woman!.. pretty hair, pretty makeup, pretty face …..you love the nails, the cleavage, the smooth arms… your little nipples wake up and you feel… …a tiny sissy orgasm………perfect…just perfect. You put your lipstick back in your purse, and you wiggle out of the Powder Room, perfumed and moist and ready to prove to your Mistress that you really are a sissy fag Cinderella…

For more stories and sissy news, go to houseboys.net, Mistress Alexa’s original website.