Sure when you think of America you’re thinking of a pick up truck with a gun rack and a coon hound with his head through the side window and Hank Williams on the speakers (reading Ken Bruen) but you might also be thinking of racy girls in packs, crunchy women in nylons and noisy heels, and bras and panties everywhere… every magazine, every TV commercial, every video ad….. Americans who can’t show tits or private bits are forced to fetishize their underwear and so every panty nut in Europe comes here for cheap electronics and cheaper hard-ons.

You like pantyhose, wearing them, looking at them, thinking about them. Sitting in them at a board meeting wondering if the big guys can tell from the sheen or if they have to ask their secretaries which means the whole building knows you’re hosed. Or sitting on the plane with the pantyhose underneath your low riding jeans so the aisle seat and the window seat know you’re a fag or a sissy or just a very naughty boy….

Telling the aisle seat about where you bought them: Secrets in Lace and you think maybe the stewardess can overhear you, and the people behind you are giggling, and when you get up to go to the loo you know the whole plane is looking to see your pantyhose are showing….

Author: alexa

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