Domestic Bliss Sissy Maid Story

Domestic Bliss, My Life as a Supermodel’s Maid by Debra Rose is a 3 part novel about a young man  who finds “domestic bliss” as the sissy maid of a very beautiful, very forceful, fashion model. Bobbie, a submissive photographer’s assistant is used to relinquishing his own desires, used to serving, used to being treated … Continue reading “Domestic Bliss Sissy Maid Story”

Sissy Maid Quarterly

  Imagine a journal devoted entirely to sissy maid training, a “Sissy Maid Quarterly” addressed to mistresses who want to educate their male Sissy Maids, as well as to sissies who want to improve their   usability as domestic servants.  Read about Uniforms, Sissy schools, Gaffs, Petticoats, Humiliation Exercises, more

Mistress rents you out as a pretty dressed up sissy maid…

Yes, you are in a hotel room. But this is just the beginning because Mistress is preparing you for your first sissy-maid job. She has compiled a list of clients, some women, some men, who want their condos cleaned by a sissy maid just like you! They understand that you will pay for the privilege… … Continue reading “Mistress rents you out as a pretty dressed up sissy maid…”

Play out a story with Mistress Alexa: The Sissy Hotel Maid

The Merry Maid of Windsor by: Cassandra Morgan Billy embarrasses his wealthy parents by getting busted for possession of drugs… His parents arrange for his rehabilitation by sentencing him to 12 months at hard labor as a hotel maid at their high class Windsor Hotel Play out THE SISSY HOTEL MAID story with Mistress Alexa: … Continue reading “Play out a story with Mistress Alexa: The Sissy Hotel Maid”

A Lady’s Sissy Maid by Fitzmaurice

Two recommendation by a dear client: A Lady’s Sissy Maid, by Fitzmaurice –   has anyone seen this online? “Awakening Evelyn” about a Crossdresser who Churns and Creams:   And then, a question: Does anyone remember a story about a young male photographic assistant in need of lodgings who ends up moving into a flat with … Continue reading “A Lady’s Sissy Maid by Fitzmaurice”