A Cuckold Story

TITLE: HENPECKED (A Cuckold Story)

Author: C.D.E.


Copyright c JULY 1999 By C.D.E.  ALL Rights Reserved

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All Characters And Events Depicted In This Story Are Purely Fictional.  There Is No Intention In Any Manner, ToRepresent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

Story Content:(Cuckolds, Dominant Wife, Sexual Domination, Male on Male Sex )


Some say I’m a henpecked Pollyanna husband.  I disagree withthem.  Just because I trust my wife, as well as do a lot of thehousehold chores, including the laundry, cleaning bathrooms, washingdishes, and cooking many of the meals, is no reason for people to sayI’m henpecked.  I see it as natural for a husband to help out aroundthe home.  Sure my wife doesn’t work, but that doesn’t mean she hastime to do everything.

I don’t mind coming in from a busy day at work and helping herout by washing a sink full of dirty dishes and cooking dinner for thefamily.  After all, a marriage is a partnership, isn’t it?

I admit that sometimes she’s waiting for me to come home so shecan go out with her girlfriends.  Sure, she expects me to cook, clean,and baby-sit our three kids that are ages 2,4, and 6 years old, whileshe’s out.  So what about it?  After all she’s been busy all day takingcare of the kids and doing things around the house.

Sometimes, I find it difficult to detect what she’s done, but sheassures me they are things that are important to her.  I do notice thatshe changes the linen on our bed frequently, sometimes 4 or 5 times aweek.  She doesn’t change the other beds nearly as much, or at all,since I do the laundry almost all the time.

When I wash the sheets from our bed, I notice they are starchyand stiff in places.  Whatever she keeps spilling on them while she’sin the bed during the day, has a very musty, somewhat gamy, andslightly stale pungent smell.  I asked her about them and she said itwas a health food diet drink that she drank to keep her weight undercontrol.  She apologized for making such a mess with the concoction inbed.

I just found out that our kids occasionally spend a lot of timeswith their grandmothers while I’m at work.  My wife says she needs sometime to herself around the house.  I can understand that, who doesn’tneed some time to themselves?

Once, a nosy neighbors wanted to know who the different men werethat she sees over at my house while I’m at work.  I told her my wifemanages the house and I was sure they were there to take care of somerepair or another, or to see my wife about some family business matter. I told her my wife likes to make sure everything is in tip topcondition.  The neighbor looked at me strange when I let her know mywife believes in preventive maintenance, and calls out repairmen tocheck things even when there is nothing wrong with them.

Even some of my relatives get on me about being henpecked and being a Pollyanna.  They say I let my wife walk over like a doormat andthat I’ll believe anything she tells me.An uncle once told me I was a fool not to see that none of ourkids looked anything like me.  I told him just what my wife told me,when I asked her the same exact question about our kids.  She said thatkids can genetically reach back and look like anybody in the family, upto several hundred years in the past.  She showed me some handwrittennotes of hers, where she’d done research on heredity and genetics.  Hernotes indicated exactly what she’d told me.  I don’t know what moreproof anyone can want than the results of such hard research. Justbecause they don’t favor me or my side of the family, or hers eitherfor that matter, is no reason for my uncle to imply that my wife hasbeen unfaithful and birthed children by another man.  How low can somepeople get?

He went on to say that they favored three previous boyfriends sheused to date.  Again, my wife did her research and showed me her notes. They indicated that there is more than an a 85% possibility thatsomebody you know in a town will favor someone else, including facialresemblance, and hair and eye color.  Therefore, it’s just a remotematter of chance that our kids favor three of her former boyfriends.  Ishowed him my wife’s notes and told my uncle he should mind his ownbusiness and stop being a rabble-rouser.

It’s a shame to have to gather such undeniable facts to proveyour relatives wrong, but that’s the way it is sometimes.

However, I do worry about my wife’s safety.  You see when shegoes out with her girlfriends, their cars keep breaking down and mywife has had to get rides home, very late at night from chivalrous, butstrange, gentleman willing to help out a lady in distress.

I also worry about her coming home so late at night, generallyafter 2AM most nights during the week and occasionally even later onthe weekends.  One time she left Friday night and finally made it homeSunday afternoon around 3PM.  She did call several times to let me knoweverything was alright.

She and her girlfriends went away on a weekend shopping trip.  Mywife said she saw many, many bargains, but declined to purchaseanything, since she was trying to stay on her budget.  However, shetold me she thoroughly enjoyed looking at them.  I was proud of her forresisting being an impulse buyer.

However, there is one thing I can count on when she comes backhome, her amorous nature.  She feels so loving that she wants me tosuck her juicy snatch before and after she lets me fuck her.  She tellsme she’s so glad to see me is the reason she’s so juicy wet when wemake love those times. She literally wears me out at these times.  Ofcourse, anything over five minutes will do it for me, that’s why myoral efforts are a key part of our sex life.


To help out with the family budget, my wife recently got a job.She works at the same company one of her girlfriends is employed at.

I think the job for my wife has really worked out well.  She hasmade several new friends at work.  I’m glad that she’s startedassociating with more responsible professional people.  At least nowwhen she comes in from working late, or being at some after worksocial, or office party, several of her male co-workers have been niceenough to escort her home.  Often one or more of the men from theoffice would drive her home in our car while another car would follow,to pickup the driver. It sure is good to know your wife is getting aride home with people she knows, versus some stranger offering her aride home.

Sometimes, my wife is so tired from working late, or having toattend the mandatory office parties, that she staggers into the house,showers and goes straight to bed.  She sure must get a lot of jobsatisfaction from her work, for she has the biggest smile on her facewhen she’s sleeping.  She’s also very dedicated to her work, for whileshe’s asleep, I often hear her call out the names of many of the menshe works with.  Usually it’s the ones who were nice enough to escorther home.

The only thing I don’t like about her office is that she can’tbring spouses to the social events and parties they have.  Oh well, themoney she makes is good.  I guess one can’t have everything.

My wife makes friends easily.  While she has many girlfriends atwork, she told me she has made friends with one of her male co-workersnamed Lee.  He’s single and never been married.  She says he and her find so much to talk about.  She enjoys talking to him and tells me howhandsome he is.  She told me their relationship is strictly platonic. A “pretend brother and sister thing”, in her words.

Their friendship formed in part because my wife helped him stopone of the married women in office from continually sexual harassinghim.

I applauded her efforts, after all the workplace should be freeof such stress and tension.

My wife and Lee have often stopped off on the way home and hadcocktails, and sometimes dinner.  They network, chit chat about officestuff, and office politics.  I, of course am at home, cooking andcleaning and taking care of our three little ones.

Since he’s new in town and trying to find a girl, my wife offersher help by showing him the right places to meet proper girls that shethinks might be suitable for him.  Apparently he likes her going alongwith him.  She told me this morning, Friday,  that they were going to a disco after work and that they also have plans to go to a nearby townand scout out places where he could frequent in his search for theright girl.  My wife thought it best they not drive back late at night,since both would be drinking.  So they packed bags to stay over. I thought that was a sensible idea since the possibility ofgetting a traffic ticket for drunk driving is a serious thing.

There is one positive aspects to their stopping off for cocktailsor helping Lee with his search for the right girl.  It’s that my wifeis hot and ready for sex when she comes in.  Her crotch is always veryjuicy and has that husky smell of lust.  In fact she told me she uses acunt perfume with that same name, that is, `Cunt Lust’.  She says shelikes the fragrance.

As many of you husbands know, it’s not always a smart thing todisagree with your wives on some things, like their choice of perfumesand make up, for example.  Even though her cunt perfume pleases her, itdoes have the aroma of funky sex.  That is, it smells like she’s beenhaving heavy sex.  Oh well, if that pleases her, what am I to say. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do to keep the peace aroundthe house.

Well anyway, she craves to have me make mouth love to her slicksyrupy juicy bushy snatch.

She finally invited Lee over and introduced him to me.  He waseverything she said he was.  Tall, muscular and handsome.  I thought wethree were suppose to go out to dinner together that evening.  I hadeven contacted a babysitter.  Then my wife reminded me of something.

“Honey I thought you overheard me make reservations for two, Leeand I, not three, sweetie.”  She said politely.I could see Lee smiling at my blunder. How dumb of me.  She’sright. I just wasn’t thinking.

“Plus darling, Lee and I are going by a bar or two and a discolater.  You know you don’t like to dance much, plus you’d complainabout how loud the music is anyway.  It’s probably better you stay homewith the kids.  Tell you what honey, the babysitter money you save,I’ll let you add that to your allowance for next week.  Consider it abonus from me for failing to make it clear about this evening’sarrangements.”

“Thanks dear.”  I replied to my wife as she and Lee left.  I wasstill flush in the face at my blunder.  But I was thankful my wife didhelp me save face by taking some of the blame for the mix up.  At leastmaybe I didn’t look too dumb in front of her co-worker.  You know whatthey say about first impressions.  Anyway, at least I had theconsolation of getting the babysitter fee we’d ordinarily have to pay. My wife is truly a gem.

As I called the babysitter to cancel her out, I was happilythinking of how I was going to spend the extra $20 my wife was going toadd to my weekly $15 allowance.

Speaking of finances, that’s another reason my relatives say I’m henpecked.  Just because my check is totally managed by my wife and shegives me a weekly allowance is no reason to say that.  I think she doesa good job.  Plus, I don’t have to worry about household finances inaddition to all the other household chores and tasks I do.  What do myrelatives think I am, superman or something?

The kids and I have fun spending quality time together, whiletheir mother was out with Lee.  So that they would understand why shewas gone, we’ve agreed to say she’s out with him on work business.

I put the kids to bed and watched some late TV before turning in.

Since it was Saturday night, I stayed up later than usual,however, I turned in around 2 AM.  It was 4 AM when I felt my wifecrawl in bed beside me.  She woke with a kiss.  This time even her kisssmelled like her cunt perfume.  Maybe it was my being foggy from wakingup.

“Honey feel how wet and gooey my pussy is from thinking about youwhile I was out with Lee.”  She said as she guided my hand to her hotdamp cunt.  Her dense bush was quite slimy from her pussy fluids.

“Here baby, taste this appetizer before you eat my full pussypie.”  She cooed as she placed one of her fingers to my lips.

As was the routine, she straddled my head with her face towardthe foot of the bed and plopped her very damp crotch on my face so thather twat slot found my tongue.

A she gyrated her wet snatch over my face and suckling mouth, hersex juices seem to rain down as I swallowed as fast as I could to keepfrom choking.  For some reason, her cunt perfume was stronger tonightand she tasted more full bodied.

Tonight she did something she seldom does.  She started handlingmy throbbing prick.  It was so good to have her handle it, but the moreI feasted on her pussy pie and the more she fondled me, the more Irealized I might not be able to hold back.  I tried to warn her, buther own orgasm was approaching and even though I tried to push her offme the more she pushed back with her legs.  In addition, I know shedidn’t do it on purpose, but she increased her hand action on my prick. I struggled, but it was no use.  Soon she had me at the point of noreturn.  I shot my load as she rode my face to a very stirring orgasm. She gyrated her wet hot sex over my face for at least a minute aftershe came.  I presume she was feeling the afterglow.  Another thing,since her thighs were almost closed around my ears, I thought I heardher saying “Oh Lee!” “Oh Lee!” while she was getting off.  Later shelet me know that was not the case.

“Honey, I was saying `oh gee’.  That’s because your eat out wassooo gooood darling.”  She cooed to me.  “I know you didn’t get anytonight, but you can feel solace in knowing you really did my pussyproud tonight.”  She said as she turned over and went to sleep almostinstantly.

As she said, I only got a hand job, but I did feel good that I’dpleased her so well.

My wife continued to help Lee try and find the right girl forsome time.  In fact two years from the time I first met him, they werestill going out searching on weeknights and weekends. I continued tobaby-sit while they did.

Then one Saturday afternoon, about three months into their thirdyear of searching, my wife and Lee sat down with me in the dinningroom, while the kids were in the family room watching TV.

“Honey, look at this.  Over here”  My wife said as I looked overto where she’d put her hand.

My eyes popped opened like an owl, and as wide, as I saw hergrasp the outline of a huge erection in Lee’s trousers.  I wasspeechless.  No words came out of my mouth.

“I know you’re surprised too dear, and so am I.  That is, that hewould get that way because of me.  I thought he and I were more likebrother and sister, and above arousing each other.  But apparently hisnot having a girl to take care of problems like this, is the reason.Look at the size of him honey.  He’s so much larger than your littlething.”  My wife said with a gleeful tone in her voice.

I cringed at her words. I know she didn’t mean to hurt orembarrass me.  Her words just came out the wrong way.

“But, Lee, I guess in all honesty, I guess I can’t blame you. After all, it has been over two years and we haven’t found you a girlyet.  So that means he hasn’t had any in over two years honey.  Can youimagine going that long with out some or jerking off?”  My wife saidwith a slight frown on her face.

“Actually it’s been two years, two months and three weeks.”  Leesaid softly in his masculine voice.  “I need sex.”  He added.

I still sat quiet not knowing what to say.

“I’ve read it’s not good for men with large cocks to jerk off.” My wife said in a serious almost authoritative manner.  “You see, it’ssuppose to have something to do with big cocks needing a warm wetreceptacle, like a juicy cunt, so that when they ejaculate, thepressure of them shooting off is cushioned by the back pressure createdby their gushing cum bouncing off the interior of a warm wet pussy. Otherwise ejaculating in air, or without the back pressure that’screated by being in a pussy, could lead to future health problems forhim.”

Still dumfounded, I again looked at my wife.  I knew she did alot of reading, but I was aghast at such a profound understanding ofthe topic of which she spoke.

“Well Francis honey, Since masturbation is not an option, theonly right thing for me to do is to commit incest to solve thisproblem, since I’m somewhat to blame.”  My wife said as she kept herhand on the bulge in Lee’s pants and gently fingered the outline of hisobviously large penis.  I knew it had to be at least two, if not threetimes larger than mine.

“I-Incest?”  I stammered as I looked from her moving fingers intoher dreamy eyes.

“Yes dear.  I must have sex with Lee.  All this time, he’s beenquietly suffering as we’ve gone on our searches.  I… no we must helphim out, that is my pretend brother, in his time of need.”

She went on to explain herself.  Again I was too shocked tospeak.  As I tried to process all that’d been said and was about toreply, she took Lee’s hand and led him to the master bedroom.

They were gone so quick that I had to catch up with them.  Theyhad even closed the door by the time I’d caught up with them.

When I entered, she had his pants down and was sucking on what Ihave to say is the largest prick I’ve ever been close to.

From her kneeling position, she signaled for me to close thedoor, which I did.  Again, I stood frozen, and again I was speechless. She continues to mouth him a few moments more.  I stood thereunbelieving what I was seeing.  You see, she’d always told me that shejust wasn’t into sucking a cock, which is what she was doing at thatmoment, and seemed to be thoroughly enjoying it.

She pulled her head away from his very rigid, what appeared to bean eight inch plus, and very thick cock.  The area where her mouth hadbeen was very wet and glistening.

“Honey, I know incest is wrong, even between `pretend’ brotherand sister as Lee and I are.  But right now, he’s suffering and it hasspread to me.  He’s got me aroused too.  I’m sooo hot.  I’ve got tohave his big thing in me.  Here baby, give me a hand, put a rubber onhim while I get undressed.”  My wife said as she threw a packagedcondom at me as I stood there.

I saw her rush to get out of her clothes while Lee did the same. In no time flat they were both totally nude.  I was still standingthere with the packaged prophylactic looking and feeling bewildered.

“C’mon honey, you know the doctor took me off the pill six monthsago for observation of side effects.  I’m unprotected.”

Lee offered to do it himself, but my wife insisted I do it.

“No I want you to participate!”  My wife said angrily as shelooked at me with lust laden eyes.  “Honey, this marriage is apartnership.  I feel I have to do this for failing to help him find theright girl.  If you desert me now, then I know you’re not the man Ithought you were. How can you stand there and let my pretend brothersuffer?  Just imagine if your prick was as big as his, can you see howmore intensified the throbbing and aching would be?  Now, are you readyto help solve the problem or not?  Are you a fair weather husband orare you a husband for all seasons when your wife needs your help?” Shesaid defiantly as she stood there with both hands on her hips.  Thescene was so unbelievable.  The silence was deafening as was the heataround my flushed face. Her breast seem swollen with desire.  Her nipples hard andprotruding. Her lush looming bush accented them as well as her veryshapely nude figure. It was obvious my wife was in heat.  Standing nextto her was her tall rippling muscle laden lover to be and his stoutjutting fuck tool.  Lee put an arm around her as I stood therethinking.

“Well?  Are you going to put it on or does he get meunprotected.”


“That’s right.  If you don’t put it on, we don’t use nothing.” My wife spoke defiantly. That did it, I knew I couldn’t let this go on without takingaction, after all I was not a fair weather husband.  I had to show someresponsibility here.

I tore open the foil package and removed the rubber.

Moments later I was leaving the room after doing my duty.

“Dear … Gasp! … You’d better go … Gasp! … check on thekids.  We … Gasp! … don’t want them … Gasp! … wandering inhere.  Anyway … Gasp! … it’s time for their … Gasp! … dinner. In fact why… Gasp! …  don’t you take them … Gasp! … out forburgers … Gasp! … and then go to … Gasp! … the park or …Gasp! …  something.  Look over … Gasp! … there in my purse …Gasp! … and get some money … Gasp! …”  My wife spoke from the bedas she tried to muffle the joy she was experiencing from the superiorsexing her pretend brother was giving her.

I did as my wife requested, as she was reveling in the humpingLee was giving her with his huge rigid tool of stiff throbbing meat.  Itried not to look as I went in her purse, but it was difficult not todo so.  I quietly shut the door tightly as I closed off the scene of mywife committing `pretend incest’.

The kids and I were gone slightly over three hours.  The wholetime I thought about what was going on back at our house in our masterbedroom.  I know my wife is very altruistic and always wants to helppeople, but this time I was wondering if she’d gone too far. She hadcommitted adultery pure and simple, even if it was a for a just cause. Sure I could identify with a man being in need if he hadn’t had sex intwo years.  Plus, I know being around a woman as beautiful as my Rosecould naturally get a man aroused. The more I thought about thesituation, I could see my wife’s point that she felt guilt at being thecause of his suffering. By the time I arrived back home, I was feelingmore sympathetic toward her actions, even if I wasn’t happy aboutanother man, better endowed, giving her better sex than I probably evercould.

Just as I was pulling in the driveway he was backing out.  Hewaived as he drove away.  He had a big smile.

I let the kids go next door to play with the neighbor’s children.

Inside, my wife was still in the bed, the sheets were damp withfucking juices.

“Honey, please forgive me for thinking you weren’t going tosupport me.  It really pleased me the way you put the rubber on Lee’sdick.”  My wife told me as she leaned over and kissed me on the side ofmy face. “Darling, I’m so juicy down there, just like when I get when Ithink about coming to your tongue when I’m out with the girls.  Itwould give me such a thrill if you’d suck my pussy now.  I really needit.”

“B-But…”  I protested.

“I know what you’re going to say honey.  But please show me youstill love me even though another man has truly fucked me in a way younever have.  Please.  It would mean so much to me.  Put aside yourthoughts of manly pride and just add to what Lee had done so well.Anyway, he did use a condom.  He just stirred up my cunt perfume andmade it all frothy down there.  That’s all.  Now, Don’t say a thing,just come here and love me with that beautiful tongue of yours.  I knowpeople say you’re henpecked because you’re a good husband and not amacho asshole.  A good husband also makes sure his wife is well pleasedin bed, no matter who does it or how it’s done.  That’s what being agood hubby and a man is all about darling.”

Her kind words made my self esteem go through the roof.  Howcould I not do what she desired.

As I sucked her wet gooey gamy muff, my wife had two very rousingorgasms.  The second one was the most intense I ever remember givingher.  She really had my face in a vise grip of her thighs when shecame.

After she settled down, she had some more news for me as well asa more practical reason for me to eat her out.

“It busted!”  I yelled.

“Yes it did honey.  It must’ve been after he came in me the thirdtime before either of us realized it.  Sure, I tried to towel as muchof his cum out as I could.  He put on another rubber and the same thinghappened when he came the fifth time.  This time he’d just laid on topof me with his big thing plugging my pussy tight as a wine keg, so weweren’t aware of the ruptured rubber until he pulled out about 20minutes later.  We were both worried about the consequences of what’dhappened, but he said that he’d heard that if someone sucked a pussyreal good, most if not all the sperm would be pulled out, and that thesucker’s saliva would act as an effective spermicide.”

I asked her why she chose to fool me and most of all why didn’the do the honors instead of waiting for me to return home.

“Well darling, he said I had up to two hours for the pussysucking treatment to work, and…, well I told him that since he was sotired from having worked so hard in putting cum in me, I thought itonly fair for you to share the work, you know getting it out.  Besides,that cunt perfume makes my cunt look and smell just like it did afterLee finished fucking me.  Raw, red, oozing, and bruised with almost thesame identical fragrance.”

We continued talking for a long while.  I let her know I wasquite upset at being fooled by her.  We also covered what we’d do ifthere was the possibility of a pregnancy.

“Honey, I hope you don’t force me to think about an abortion,because if I am pregnant, I choose to have it.  You see, I sinnedbecause I felt guilt at having caused him suffering for two years.  Therubber breaking was my way of being punished.  I therefore must pay thepiper.  I will bear his child if I’m pregnant.”

I told my wife I applauded her for being so noble and her desireto atone for her sin, even though there was an extenuatingcircumstance.  However, I let her know, I would forgive her for havingan abortion.  I also let her know that while the rest of our kidsdidn’t favor each other or anyone else in either our families, this onewould more than likely resemble Lee.  I tried to lay it out whatembarrassment it could cause each of us, including Lee.

“I understand your concern darling, but as the bearer of thischild, it is I who will carry the greater shame.  You and Lee willcarry your share, but not near as much as I.  Anyway, darling, you saidyou were a husband for all seasons, not just a fair weather husband, Ihope you meant it.  That is, that you’ll stand by me in my time ofshame.  The shame I’ll show when I go out shopping with another childthat’s carrying your name, but who everyone will know that is reallyLee’s.  I can hear the busy bodies at the office talking.”


I didn’t want to do it, but my wife had me go with her to theoffice to show off our new son, which my wife named Lee the Second.

Her reason.  The best way to head off malicious gossip is to havea strong offensive.  Show them that you know that Lee is the realfather and let everyone gawk and get it out of their system.  That waythe rumor burns itself out.”

I marveled at my wife’s logic, but wondered how I’d hold up inshe and Lees’ domain.

I ended up doing okay. But my wife and Lee did much better thanexpected.  They even had me take a picture of them with her holdingLittle Lee II.  People in the office gave me many strange looks.  Itried to avoid their eyes as much as I could.

After the visit to show off the baby, my wife prided me on beingso brave and told me she loved me more than anything.  That really mademe feel good.


Lee still wanted my wife’s help and she indicated she felt anobligation to do so, after all, they were still pretend brother andsister.

He thinks he’s so sly. I finally could see he was trying tosteal her from me, since he was having problems finding a girl. Hey I’m no fool. I know when I’m out classed in the prickdepartment.  I had to show what I could do to hold my own in a head tohead with him.  The only difference is that while he used his dickhead, I gave head.  I had to show him that I was willing to get downand dirty to save my wife and marriage.  I wasn’t going to let himsteal my woman, just because he couldn’t find one after looking forover two years.

So what, if she’d inadvertently had a baby from him.  Hey,accidents happen. He used his good looks, muscles and his big dick.  Therefore Ihad to used what worked best for me, my flitting tongue, lips, and goodsuction.  Sure I might have to suck up his spent cum to prove my lovefor my wife.  In fact it was because of this that I told him he was toochicken to eat her pussy after it was all creamy.  He conceded thatwhen it came to doing that, he let me know I was the better man.  Iknew I scored points with my wife, cause she said she’d never leave mecause I was just too good a sucker.  I beamed with pride as she said soin front of Lee.

My wife was now back on the pill.  One time after he’d fucked herfor about an hour straight, I followed up by diving right in her messymuff which he’d help make sloppy.  I brought my wife to a rousingorgasm.  She really got off better and louder than the three he’d givento her while I was waiting my turn to show my stuff. It just goes toshow that the end game is what it’s all about.

As I victoriously raised up from her gamy well sucked snatch,

My face was covered with their frothy syrupy milky melded cunt sexjuices. I saw him looking strangely at me with a smirking smile.  Iknew that was just a defensive look to save face.  He knew I’d bestedhim.


I’ve still prevailed after all this time.  Lee keeps trying tosteal my wife since he can’t find a girl. Another way I’ve gotten the beat of him was one time when he cameby the house to pick my wife.  They again going out on one of theircontinuing searches, for the elusive girl for him.  Well she was caughtup in traffic and wasn’t going to be home for a couple of hours.  Shehad the kids with her.

While he waited for her, he and I watched TV. He’d been out of town on business for two weeks.  He let me knowhe was quite horny and taunted me that he was sure he could talk mywife into giving some tonight on their date if they didn’t find him agirl.

“She might yield into temptation and give you some, but she’llalways come home to me.”  I replied confidently and smugly.

Lee and I were adversarial in a friendly manner, but notcombative.  I was glad, after all he has about six inches of height andfifty pounds over me.

Well like I was saying, he was quite horny.  As he talked aboutsexing my wife, I noticed he got an erection in his pants.  As usual,his erection was quite noticeable.  I don’t have that problem since mymuch smaller prick never caused such obscene images.

I laughed at his plight.  He kept telling me how good it wasgoing to be to soak his dick in my wife’s lush warm pussy.

Well, the more he talked the hornier he got.  I think my teasingwas getting to him when he told me “You keep on and you gonna help yourwife get some of the cum outta my dick.”

Well my wife finally made it home and they left for theircontinuing girl search for him.  However, I chuckled to myself as I wasbabysitting our six kids.  I thought how I’d beat Lee at his own game. I hadn’t planned for it to happened, but when he threatened to make mesuck his dick before my wife got home, I taunted him and made him thinkhe was scaring me into sucking him off.  I ended up drawing two heavyloads of hot viscous creamy cum off his balls.  Two less loads he won’tbe able to shoot into my wife’s juicy hot cunt.  I don’t think heunderstood how I’d tricked him.  I’m not a cocksucker, but in winningone’s wife back, everything is fair.  Isn’t it?

Sure my wife feels sorry for him and is still trying to help himfind a girl, that’s the main reason she’s accidentally had two morekids from him over the last five years.  However, I don’t let thatbother me.  I know I have the edge.  After all, she’s had a total ofthree kids from him, but hasn’t left me yet.  And every time he fucksher, she always comes home to me.  So what if her pussy is drippingwith his and her fuck juices?  She loves the kind of mouth love sheknows I’m good at. I don’t know what more proof Lee wants that shetruly loves me.

But Lee, the idiot he is, doesn’t see that he can’t prevailagainst the kind of love and sex I use to keep my wife from beingstolen by guys like him.  Plus, I have the last laugh, cause of themoney he’s put in  my pocket, that is, due to the three tax deductionshe’s given me – Lee II, Leahann, and Leeza.  I’m telling you, some guysjust don’t get it.



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