A maid’s tale

My morning starts at 5 am I’m allowed a twenty minute shower in which I’m expected to remove all body hair. Mistress hates razor bumps so I have to use Veet. When I get out of the shower I see the clothes Mistress had me lay out the night before, I slip my red lace panties up over my hips until I feel them fit snugly. My Mistress has given me a matching lace bra to wear it’s a pushup bra which makes my titties look bigger. I then strap on my garter belt and slide my stockings up and attach them and make sure the seams are straight, Mistress doesn’t like pantyhose. A short black skirt and white blouse complete my uniform. The blouse is short and only comes to my navel and cut so low that every time I bend over you can see the lace cups of my bra. The skirt is likewise short barely halfway down my thighs so again anyone standing behind me can see my panties whenever I bend over. I know it’s kind of naughty but I try to bend over a lot. I like to wear high heels but mistress says they make too tall so I have to wear flats unless I have special permission, at least they’re cute little t-straps. Next comes make up; mascara, eye liner and shadow, blush, and lipstick. Now I’m ready to inspect the rest of the girls.

The others are all ready and look gorgeous of course. Heidi looks especially cute in pigtails. She’s on kitchen duty this week so she’s wearing a darling little cook’s outfit. I envy her a little she’s more petite than me and shorter so she can wear heels all the time. I can see a hint of a bra strap peeking out of her sleeveless dress and ask her to tuck it in. Then there’s Lauren, she’ll be serving Mistress’ breakfast so she’s wearing a more standard maid’s uniform. Finally Becka the new girl, Becka’s on call this morning to run errands and fetch things for Mistress, she’s got on a frilly sundress in case she has to go out for some reason. My name is Anna. I’m Mistress’ body servant.

Author: alexa

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