Like a Daughter

Like a Daughter is just one Sandy Thomas story about a mother and a son who check in to a fat farm — then find out it only accepts females!Llike a Daughter

There are other mother/sissy stories that may be of interest to those of you who love the theme of the sissy-daughter, or the mother who transforms her son into a daughter, or the son who earns feminization as a kind of punishment for not losing weight….

Jeff's Humliation
Jeff’s Humliation

or growing his hair long

Mother's New Daughter
Mother’s New Daughter

…. or dressing up in his mother’s shoes ….

A Dress for Danny
A Dress for Danny



Feminine Proposal

Feminine Proposal by Sandy Thomas is another sissy short story found in pdf form on both LULU and AMAZON. Our cuckold clients will love this fantasy: an unemployed husband and his wife try to solve the problem of losing their house by contacting the owner of the loan, who offers the husband a substantial amount of money to go on a date with his wife. The husband does not refuse… and of course, things develop. They do not lose the house. Feminine Proposal

From Husband to Sissy Maid….

When a well dressed wealthy lawyer discovers her husband dressed in panties and pleasuring himself to a hypno-sissification video, she kicks him out of her  bedroom. She makes preparations for a divorce that will leave him bankrupt and homeless, and he asks her to  stay on as her sissy maid.

Determined to humiliate him beyond dressing him up as a housemaid, she  forces him to sign up at an employment agency with a reputation for hiring transgender girls.

What happens at the agency to this cuckolded husband? Call 888-411-1230 and ask for a cuckolding-humiliation session!

An Apartment for Femininity

An apartment for femininity is a sissy story about a landlady who rents to one crossdresser and discovers that a crossdresser is a perfect renter! She looks for more crossdressers to rent to. When she finds them, she forces them to live as girls.


Apartment of Femininity
Apartment of Femininity


Of course, the apartment of femininity is every sissy’s fantasy because it is a place to store one’s panties… and other feminine secrets. Do you have a secret you want to tell Mistress Alexa? Call 866-57-SISSY for a session today!

Your mother in law is convinced you’re gay!

Your mother-in-law is convinced you’re gay. This is a fantasy that we explore. Does it bother you? Do you think its true? Do I think its true. Well, frankly, yes. And if your mother in law has were to move in to your house she could probably build a case…

You are very prissy. You do love panties. You love watching your wife put on makeup when you go out. You go shopping with your wife and pick out all her clothes….

Every time  your wife gets off the phone with her mother, she is a little more contemptous, a little more remote, a little more curious about your every habit, your every possession….

Let’s talk about it…

Rubber Girdles & Spacesuits

In “The Girdle-Inspired History of the Very First Spacesuits,”   

“Many of the seamstresses hailed from Playtex, which means they went from one shop floor making bras and girdles to another one producing clothing for the moon.”


The seamstresses were required to sew with even more precision  than  at a couture house because NASA could only abide tolerances less than 1/64th of an inch from the edge of a seam. …

His First Bra


HIS FIRST BRA – Another Sissy Story
Jamie’s mother knows he’s not like other boys. He should wear softer clothes, pastel colors and makeup — just like her.  Wouldn’t it be nice if she and Jamie shared those special experiences only mothers and daughters can  share?  Trying on dresses together! Learning about those secret inside places … finding the prettiest panties, and of course, fitting into one’s first bra!

His First Bra
His First Bra



Her New Daughter Story

Her New Daughter Story by Kristi Love
You are started on an extensive regimen of girl training. Your ears are pierced so you don’t have to wear clip on earrings!   Your hair is colored and styled, you are taught how to speak like a daughter, and how to walk in high heels…

Her New Daughter by Kristi Love on Kindle
Her New Daughter by Kristi Love on Kindle

Pretty Little Panties

Pretty Little Panties
Dressing up for school in Pretty Little Panties!

A humiliation story about sissies dressed up by their mothers — as punishment.  First we meet a bunch of sissies outside the mall who are modeling panties and dresses… One of them is squeezed into  a tight corset and a hoop skirt by his mother. WHY? Because this sissy was put on a diet to lose weight. And the little sissy CHEATED! His mother enjoys berating him in front of all the female shoppers: “Maybe this will teach you not to cheat on your diet, you little fairy!!”

One of them cries: “Im not a sissy, mommy!” But she reminds him:” Of course you’re a sissy! …What kind of boy wears panties underneath his jeans to school and sleeps in baby doll nighties?”

Call Alexa to play out this humiliation fantasy! 866-57-SISSY