Best Makeover Sites for Sissies

Ever wondered what you would look like with different colors of lipstick, blush? With big lips or little lips? With eyeliner and mascara? There are several sites on the web that let you perform a virtual makeover — with your own photo, and change your your hair color, your hair style, your eyebrows, or try on a celebrity hairdo or a celebrity ….

For those of you who like a cartoon kind of prissy sissy look, there’s

Then there’s Taaz, with the slick, sleek, organized, photo-collage way of going about becoming a Victoria’s Secret diva. Taaz virtual makeoverJust upload your photo, and go radically bunny or radically slut. Choose a Victoria’s Secret Hairstyle straight from the fashion show runway, get the sexy, comehither look of a pantyslut with our hairstyling and makeup tips. Then try on the hottest fashion show looks on in the virtual makeover studio!

Author: alexa

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