1970’s Housewife

A sissy sent in his favorite photo of a 70’s housewife in her half slip and bra…  Alexa played out a fantasy of dressing up like the housewife next door, and then, in the half-slip, panties and bra of the housewife next door. Just imagine being able to dress up like her, all over again, and feeling very feminine and very submissive….

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1970s housewife
1970s housewife

Sissy Secretary Dress Code – Story of the day


Another fun fantasy to play out using TV Fiction Classics story “A Strict Dress Code”

Your promotion is lost out to a beautiful woman who demotes you to her secretary.

If that isn’t humiliating enough, your beautiful, manipulative boss enforces a strict new dress code. High heels, stockings, short short skirts…. lacy panties.

Although you try to protest, she laughs at you: “What could possibly make you look and feel more like a secretary than wearing pretty skirts and dresses about the office?”
Sissy Secretary Dress Code

Feminization Honeymoon

Feminization Honeymoon – what an idea!

Isn’t it inevitable that the airline would lose your suitcase? It is your second honeymoon, and your wife, who always gets exactly what she wants, is perfectly happy surveying the hotel … while you sit and wait for your underwear to dry… and wait… and wait. So there  in your hotel room your graceful wife offers you her panties…  just until the luggage shows up…. just a temporary thing.

But of course, wearing her panties shows you how pleasurable it is to wear sensuous silky feminine panties. And later, when your wife rubs you through them, and keeps them on when you go to bed….. the experience imprints itself on your memory and your libido….

Feminization honeymoon
Feminization Honeymoon

An Apartment for Femininity

An apartment for femininity is a sissy story about a landlady who rents to one crossdresser and discovers that a crossdresser is a perfect renter! She looks for more crossdressers to rent to. When she finds them, she forces them to live as girls.


Apartment of Femininity
Apartment of Femininity


Of course, the apartment of femininity is every sissy’s fantasy because it is a place to store one’s panties… and other feminine secrets. Do you have a secret you want to tell Mistress Alexa? Call 866-57-SISSY for a session today!

Rubber Girdles & Spacesuits

In “The Girdle-Inspired History of the Very First Spacesuits,”   

“Many of the seamstresses hailed from Playtex, which means they went from one shop floor making bras and girdles to another one producing clothing for the moon.”


The seamstresses were required to sew with even more precision  than  at a couture house because NASA could only abide tolerances less than 1/64th of an inch from the edge of a seam. …

How to discipline a naughty son

How to discipline a naughty son? Dress him up as a girl.  When Pat refuses to obey his mother,  she decides that drastic methods are needed to discipline him.  She makes him wear a dress whenever he wants to leave the house.  Imagine all the ways that this simple change of clothes can transform a son’s demeanour!


After he refuses to go to a barber, his mother forces him to go to a beauty salon… Dressed up like a girl, Pat learns to behave.

Skirting the Issue

Skirting the Issue is a story about a young attorney who must defend against a feminist attack on his all male club. In retaliation, he  dresses like a woman to spy on a female social club and prove that they discriminate against men. The club rules don’t  specify that only women can join, but they do say that members must present smooth legs, shaven or waxed, well fitted bras, black or flesh toned panty hose, and they must “maintain a high level of hygiene”.

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