Day at the Mall

Mike approached the attractive sales woman, “Pardon, ah, but, what size panties would you say I would need?” She looked over the two other creatures who accompanied him, and then look back to him.

“For who, uh, size panties for which one of you?” she seemed irritated.

“For me,” he said meekly. Although, the sales woman was the only biological woman present, Mike was aware that he was the only one who appeared to be in male attire; though he had not one piece of male clothing on. His slacks were cream colored, nearly shear, zippered at the side and no pockets. His shirt was also nearly shear, in blue; buttons down the front on the female side. It had a distinctly female cut although not overly obvious. A little eye shadow, mascara, and base make up, just enough for him to know that every up close encounter would reveal his secret.

“Oh she is so pissy,” whispered Heather into Mike’s ear just touching him with his/her moist red mouth. “Oh yes for him,” she then said enthusiastically to the sales woman. “He’s going to be just like Tiffany and I by the end of this little shopping spree, so make the panties really, really sluty.” Heather announced.

“Sluty is not a category here at Nordstrom’s,” the sales clerk responded, but then got a sheepish, almost impish smile, “but, of course, I do understand what you are looking for.” Then as an aside, “I doubt he’ll be quite as outrageous,” and placed her palm on the skin above Heather’s low cut bright yellow spandex top. Heather, for her part, swooned like a true TG diva and grabbed the woman’s hand and pressed it into her very real silicone double D’s, batting her huge false eyelashes at the same time.

“You make a girl positively rapturous.”

“Call me Esther,” said the sales clerk warming to her task and led the way toward the panties and bra’s

“Yes, Esther. Something in black, and very frilly” Tiffany for her part in her rubber skintight cat woman cocktail dress was web casting the entire proceeding back to Mistress’s site in real time.

“Well want him to wear it,” Heather said.

“Oh, well that might be a problem, we only have fitting rooms for women on this floor.”

“Of course, we are perfectly willing to have you and your staff supervise.” And Mike saw Heather slip Esther a Grant from his purse and Mike heart soared and sank in one moment.

Esther smiled, “I’m sure we can make arrangements. Here we are. You do know, of course, black will show through what he is wearing.”

“Yes, we know.” Heather smiled

The ruffled boy cut panties, oh what a misnomer, Mike thought, and matching bra they picked out for him not only showed through his pants and blouse color wise, they also showed distinct textured ruffled panty lines across his ass cheeks. Emerging from the fitting room he felt faint, his face was scarlet, and he felt more exposed than if he were nude, Esther and the two sale women who had accompanied him with her were smirking and laughing as they followed him to the cash register. “Will that be all?” Esther asked Heather.

“Oh, not by a long shot, but we do have to spread the fun around you know. Every super femme store is this malls gonna get a piece of Mikey today, aren’t they hun?” she said looking at him. “No, no, he’s going for the full program and we really don’t want to cut any corners.”

“Will you be done by three, I would so love to see how he has come along, and I get off at three.”

“Well, not sure, we’re doing make-up and hair last. So really depends.” Mike looked at the clock, it was just barely eleven. “But we’ll bring him by at quarter to three just to show you how far we have gotten, OK? Besides, we’ll give you a website where you can get the whole playback if you want it. We’ll give you a pass code so you can get in free. Would you be able to join us this evening for Mike’s little cumming out party? That’ll be online too, but we would so love to have you there in person.”

humbly submitted by your puppet M

Author: alexa

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