Sissy Phone Sex Fantasies

Not a Man

There is one very special scenario that is a turn-on for me in no time. It is the thought of meeting a woman who starts taking over control .. a woman who starts influencing me and later even my relationship in a way that my girlfriend starts looking for other men, a woman who makes me believe that I am not a true man and cannot satisfy women, thus I have to be a woman myself, a slut. Someone who should have always been a slut and who should not annoy his girlfriend with sex, because he can’t satisfy here anyway. In this fantasy, my girlfriend starts looking for other men because I am forbidden to please her and I start to be controlled by this evil woman who wants to turn me into a slut. At one particular point, my girlfriend will find out (I feel very very guilty for this!!) that I am owned by a stranger woman and that I am controlled by her, and this evil woman makes me amplify the pain my gf experiences. She likes it when she sees that my gf is suffering from the oh so painful truth and loves to make me give her the pain, again and again. I don’t want to, but I have to .. it is pain for me too, but I am not in control and I have to hurt here while getting erections from doing so. This can be done as pure fantasy, in dream reality, or done as conditioning into a real slut.

Sissy Birthday Party

My mother sent me to a birthday party for one of the girls in the neighborhood. I arrive early and her mom notes I’m not dressed properly as it is a girls’ party. She corrects the situation. The clothes transform me and my attitudes and I have a great time. When my Mom picks me up I’m still a girl but she doesn’t seem to notice. My room and clothes at home are also transformed. I can’t seem to tell anyone about the transformation which takes ever deeper hold on me and I turn more and more girlish.

Sissy Locker Room


I sneak into the girls’ locker room in my school. A strange feeling of control takes hold of me and like a robot I get into one of a line of ‘changing machines’. I feel the machine alter first my body then my mind into that of a teenage girl. When the machine opens I step out wearing either a girls’ gym uniform or swimsuit. I try to get back in but can’t. The only way out of the change room is to join the gym/pool activity. I do and end up as part of the girl’s team (sport/swim/cheerleading). When practice is over I return to the locker room with my new girlfriends and get back into the machine. I’m cleaned, made-up, my hair is styled and I’m clothed like my new friends and have no choice but to return home transformed. Where I find my whole life to be transformed into that of a girl. Want more? Go to Mistress Alexa’s original site

Women’s Store Mannequin

A girl friend talks me into taking a job at a woman’s clothing store she works in. The girls are great and they start teaching me the ropes including trying on clothes and make-up. These of course have transformative properties. Sometimes the manager will assist. I drink a potion and become a mannequin. Once I’m magically transformed into a mannequin, the manager sculpts my body, paints my face and replaces my hair before dressing me in the latest of fashion. I know the effect will become permanent after 24 hours unless the antidote is taken but I’m placed in the window and a day passes. When I’m finally taken down and re-animated the transformation has taken full and permanent hold.

Bridal Boutique Makeover

A lady friend has always wanted me to go into business with her. She runs an extremely upscale bridal boutique including very sexy corsets and lingerie. I visit and meet one of her backers. We chat I’m offered and drink one of my friend’s special cocktails then another. I learn more about the business, especially how they make brides to order or fulfill women’s wedding fantasies. All the while I grow increasingly attracted to my friend’s very attractive backer. I think, if I were a woman this would be the man for me, perhaps being a woman would be fun. The get together ends and thought of this man fill my dreams.

The next day we run down to the shop where I’m welcomed with a drink and seated in a private studio. My friend tells me the first step to fulfilling any woman’s fantasy is body image. A screen displays various shapes sizes and body parts, adding those that make me hot to the image until an absolutely knockout whole is realized. The next step is selecting the wedding gown and look. After this is done I can think of nothing else other than being this woman and wearing that dress. I’m offered the chance which I accept.

I’m transformed in a salon / spa like setting until I’m clearly a tall, blue eyed brunette with an athletic but very shapely body. All the female parts are there and feel great. Hair and make-up follow. Then lingerie, the dress and jewelry. I can do nothing but adore the image I see in the mirror. The day is over and I don’t want this to end. They know this. A pole is attached to my corset, and I can’t seem to move. Pleasurable sensations start in my pussy and breasts, growing with each moment as I’m posed and moved to a display platform in the middle of the store.

The sensations are changing my mind more and more female. I know that an hour or so of this and I’ll be lost to feminine sexuality. As everyone leaves for the night, panic and helpless pleasure combine. Time passes maybe a week, I really don’t know when I’m taken down, treated to a spa day and dressed as the attractive professional women I know am. My friend and I go out to dinner with her backer. He is my dream man , there is no question that we end up in bed together. Soon I accept his proposal and take up a partnership in the shop. The cool thing about the shop is that I can try different looks and be a different woman whenever I or he wishes.

Feminization or The Pink Stuff

My wife and I are transferred to a very nice suburban town for her job. I’m going to find something, her opportunity was just too good to miss. We are greeted and taken to an orientation. The drink and welcoming movie (during which I seem to have dozed off) change my outlook imperceptibly at first, I begin to consider staying at home and looking after the house.

We are gifted cases of liqueur used to make the drinks we’ve been enjoying. The pink stuff is great. After returning home I decide to cook for a change and we decide to spend the evening just relaxing. More drinks follow and soon my wife is trying to seduce me to the bedroom. She succeeds and I’m delighted to let her take the lead. It just seems right. As the night progresses our pleasure and abandon increases as our gender roles and inclinations reverse. I fall asleep spent dressed in her sexiest night cloths and made up.

When I awaken she has left for work, a drink clears my head and I dress for the day. It is not until I’ve gone downstairs that I realize I’m in a skirt and top and am adjusting my make-up in the hall mirror. I go back upstairs to correct the situation but my old clothes are just not right somehow. I set to cleaning and arranging the house. Mid morning my doorbell rings and without a thought to my attire I answer. It is the lady from next door welcoming me to the neighbourhood. She is a petite and very buxom blond. She’s very friendly an I soon accept an invitation to her house for lunch. We chat and wile the afternoon away sipping on pink drinks. She teases me about my love for the drink and lets me in on the neighbourhood secret. All the women are tin the area are totally addicted to the pink. It has the property of transforming anyone who consumes it into a gorgeous and very sexy girl. She shows me a before picture of herself and on one level I just don’t believe that the young man could possibly be the same person I see before me. On another level I now know more of what my future holds. I know she will be my best girl friend. Girl talk leads to a make over and clothing advice. When I return home to make dinner I’m considerably more glamorous than when I went out. We agree to meet tomorrow after my appointment.

My wife returns home, looking very handsome and acting quite manly. There are some new sex toys and we are soon testing them out. Tonight my feminine reactions are no game but a new reality.

In the morning I go for my medical at the local clinic. I’m greeted as Mrs. and led to the examination room. After a brief examination – I’m given strategically located shots. Quickly I find I’m overwhelmed with waves of feminine pleasure and a distinct sense that my mind is now female. I can’t really talk or move. After a while a second nurse enters telling me I need shots, more, stronger effects. Then later the same thing happens again , then again and again. I drift away knowing there is no way back and loving it. I leave the doctors office in a bimbo haze, meet my friend and spend the afternoon in the salon and shopping.

In a few short days another visit to the doctor and many more pink drinks, I’m one of the girls. I’ve got to prepare dinner now because I know as soon as my husband comes in the door he will take me on the table and I don’t want it to burn while I’m distracted. I’m distracted quite often these days.

The Key Across Town

My ultimate fantasy is having the house to myself for a week, with all male clothes, trousers etc. locked away, not being able to get at them, and the only person that has the key is a beautiful 30 year old blonde across town.

I’m left with only very short skirts and revealing tops, but no nylons(which means i have to shave my legs), just panties, skirts and tops. The only shoes i have are open toed, and before going, the lady made me paint my toenails and finger nails, after adding nail extensions, then also locked the remover away. She leaves me with my cock in a chastity belt so i can’t relieve my self all week, but she does leave me her dildo and vibrater to use. This leaves me having to make my self into the most convincing girl/ slut i can to get across town by Friday to get the key back and transform before my house mates get back, but eventually, after making my self up and having fun all week, i get there to find she has another task : she makes me suck a cock before she will allow me to have the key back.

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