Femme Week

To all my sissies,

Sometimes one of my clients gets a chance to dress up for an extended period of time — and requests a series of sessions with me so that I can dominate his days and nights, supervise his masturbation and dress up sessions, accompany him when he goes shopping, gets made up and made over… Imagine how exciting it would be to have a FULL WEEK OF FEMINIZATION with your mistress on call….

Dear Mistress Alexa:

i want to share the long list of toys and lingerie i have and have ordered to play with during ‘FEMME week’. (As You can see, I’m going to try to use the sub convention of keeping myself in lower case from now on, except for where autocorrect makes it too hard.)

Things i already have:
i just loaded my suitcase with things i already have–some of which i had forgotten about. i’m going to have lots of good vibrations this week.
Pink lacy boyshort panties
Pink silky cami set (the top is a little tight, but the bottoms are great)
two 7″ penis shaped vibrators
Small pink wand vibrator like this Femme Week vibrator
Body massager, kind of like this unnamed-1 – Works well for reaching down and placing against something inside me.
Full size plug-in hitachi magic wand vibrator with dial attachment to vary the vibration strength and additional ‘flutter’ attachment (for giving a clit butterfly kisses)
Long necklace with gold and pearls
A couple of books i once bought from Amazon with the idea of getting my wife on board: How to Start a Female Led Relationship and A Guide for Keyholders
The thing i ordered that i’m most excited about, should arrive by Mon evening:
Customized necklace that looks like this unnamed-2but says “MY SISSY NAME” ??

Things i ordered from Amazon to be delivered:
Spunk lube (lube that is made to look and feel like cum) with a syringe applicator for squirting some inside IMG_1049
These high heels Sissy Slut Shoe I hope to wear these every minute I am alone on the house.
Two pairs of frilly ankle socks, one white and another pink (may arrive a little later in week) unnamed-4

Things i ordered from Adam & Eve to be delivered by Monday
For sucking and deepthroating
Pink 12″ double dildo unnamed-5
Smaller jelly cock for sucking warmup unnamed-6
For my boipussy
Shaped 6.5″ dong/butt plug unnamed-7 . I remember that i once came using something like this about a dozen years ago
Big 10 inch suction cup dildo unnamed-8
No-pierce nipple rings to see what they will look like, if they will stay on my little ones Nipple Rings
A mini vibrator that Adam & Eve threw in for free
Some Iron Grip brand condoms. These condoms are made for men with smaller dicks. I’ve never tried them, but want to try one on. I also like to buy large Magnums at the drug store and try them on to see how I don’t fill them out

From Nordstrom I ordered these pretty things that will get delivered today (I hope they survive on the doorstep until Sunday)unnamed-10
Faggy babydoll and g-string
Pink crotchless panties Pink Crotchless Panties
Pink bralette Pink Bralette
Thigh highs Thigh Highs
Hips & Curves order, arriving today. Again, I hope it survives until Sunday
Nightie and robe, for lounging Nightie and robe for lounging
Ruffle panty Ruffled Pink Panties!
Pearl thong Pearl ThongInline image 3
Pink body jewels unnamed-16
Racerback corset Racerback Corset for Femme Week It will be a challenge to lace severely enough.Sissy Corset
Long fingerless gloves Lacy Fingerless GlovesInline image 7
Cropped ribbed tank. I can pair with the panties from cami set or others to lounge around Inline image 8
And the thing I couldn’t resist when I saw it — French Maid set French Maid Outfit Perfect with the frilly socks and heels.French Maid Set for Femme Week My real French Maid ideal is something more elaborate, like Black & White Sissy Maid OutfitorPink Satin Sissy Maid Uniform but that will have to wait.

As you can see, this is a lot of stuff that can be used in different scenarios. i don’t know if pantylines will be visible under my work uniform, or if the plug will stay in if i go out of the house.

i imagine you selecting what i should wear at any given time from the menu above. i’ll be working out and in control of my diet this week, so i also imagine strict training from you. i also imagine you selecting sissy and cuckold training hypno videos and telling me to watch them, at which time, and talking about them with you.

My big goals remain:
Licking up every drop of cum
A week of sissy immersion at home
Self facial
Ass to mouth dildo (i’m looking for a place for a colonic)
No hands cumming like a girl
Only cumming when you let me
Giving myself over to you, being pushed to my sissy limits