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The Typical Day for a Sissy Maid

Preparing for the First Day of Servitude:

Depending on the needs of the Mistress and the time-constraints of the sissy maid, a typical day would more than likely occur on a weekend. An ideal arrangement would be for the sissy to arrive and become acquainted with the Mistress and her duties on Friday evening. The metamorphosis of the man into sissy maid may take the better part of her first few hours “on the job.” She may need to have her body hair removed and/or not know anything at all about dressing and applying cosmetics. As a matter of fact, she may not even have her own sissy maid outfit, as many sissies keep their wives and family lives completely separate from their sissy selves. In that event, she would need to be fitted with the most appropriate sissy maid outfit, provided by the Mistress.

The Morning of a Sissy Maid:

After a good night’s rest, the newly transformed sissy maid would awake early enough to put on her sissy maid outfit and get completely made up so that she is visually pleasing to the Mistress. This may require the sissy to be up very early in the morning. Once the sissy maid is dressed and ready to serve, she enters the kitchen and begins preparing breakfast for her Mistress All meals must be presented in a way that is aesthetically pleasing, served on fine china, with cloth napkins, stemware and properly garnished with fresh fruit or flowers. Once breakfast is served, it’s time to draw the bath for Mistress. Some Mistresses prefer bubbles, some prefer rose petals, it would be up to the sissy maid to determine exactly what the Mistress desired for her morning bath.

While the Mistress was bathing, the sissy maid would choose her ensemble for the day. Depending on the Mistress’ engagements, the outfit should be appropriate, in order for the Mistress to present herself in the best light. This may require pressing or ironing the outfit for the Mistress. Some Mistresses wish to have their sissy maids assist with bathing, perhaps sloughing her back, buttocks and feet. Typically those places that may be difficult for the Mistress to reach without straining.

And why should she strain? The sissy maid’s sole purpose is to make Mistress’ life easier. Once the bath is completed, the sissy maid may be called upon to apply moisturizer to the Mistress’ body. This is definitely one of the high points of being a sissy maid! Then, the sissy maid will likely dress the Mistress and perhaps even assist with drying and/or styling her hair. While the Mistress applies her make-up for the day, the sissy maid is free to address the kitchen after breakfast, and change Mistress’ sheets and make her bed for the day.

Once these tasks are completed, the sissy maid must ensure that the Mistress’ needs are met and that she has a way to contact the sissy maid, should she need her. Depending upon the size of the Mistress’ estate, the sissy maid may answer to anything from a crystal bell, to a wireless service bell, or perhaps even a walkie-talkie.


Author: alexa

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