Helping my brother dress up

Hi Alexa,

recently I have persuaded my 22 year old brother to help himself to my clothes and dress up in them when ever he wants, I even help him to do so, well really its a sort of blackmail, after my sister and my friend caught him wearing my skirts and shoes n stuff, also masturbating into one of my nylon stockings.
His girlfriend also knows now.

We are all wondering is there actually some hypnosis that we can do so he thinks he is a girl it would be such fun.
He really dose have a lot of feminine features and we could do his make up so he would pass as a girl.
We would so love to take him to the mall shopping as a girl, maybe even waking him from his hypnosis once we get him there and let him come home as a guy knowing he is a guy even take him out on the town and do the same.

He gets very aroused while dressed and would practically do anything we ask so I don’t think it will be an issue once we find a method of hypnotising him.

Author: alexa

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