I should be whipped (R.S.)

i SHOULD be whipped for the way i allowed this to happen.


Seeing my (unbeknownst to me) new mistress and thinking: “this bitch is hot, I’ll take a paddling but I’ll get some.” Well, beauty doesnt mean daffy – she was out of my league in all manners and i would find that out the hard way. And in numerous ways. For starters, I’ve never worn lace but id learn to love it. And the virginity of my ass would soon be on the auction block, but the road she took me down was very unpredictable – as was the craving she would soon instill in me; for a nice dollop of sperm. But there was no reason i should have to lick it off of the floor, or her ass for that matter. And yet…..none of these were aspirations of mine, but the genius of this lady would soon cause me to BEG for all 3 – and more.

And she would do it using NOTHING you could find in her house-until i walked in- dragging it between my legs- my own cock. That was all that alexa needed. It started in a lady’s club where i was stripping and i say stripping because we would- to an extent. Dancing and stripping all the way down to our g-strings and stopping there. I did that in conjunction with my lifeguard job in San Diego and she and 2 girlfriends were there one night. At the conclusion of my set i was making the rounds and looking forward to a hot shower and the weekend when she approached and asked if id like to earn a fistful of cash on the side- doing what i had just done or anything i desired at a private party for her and some friends at her place.

I LOVED the look of this woman, i loved her accent, her smell, her tight ass and the fact that SHE came at ME- and the only one nervous was me. “yes, ill do it”, i stammered. “you mean, yes ma’am?”, she barked. “absolutely. yes ma’am.” now i WAS in trouble. i crave and desire women who are hot, smart and aggressive-and it was gradually manifesting itself in the front of my ‘cocksock’.

She looked down– stared for a few seconds, during which it visibly twitched for her, and then raised her eyes and with an incredibly sensual, knowing smile-which grew just as i had-handed me directions to her house and said “be there-one hour”. My heart skipped. “Yes ma’am”. She smiled anew and walked off in her heels and to this day, I can pick that ass out in a lineup.

I arrived on time, smelling of men’s bodywash and dressed sporty. And she answered the door dressed in a tight grey skirt, a tighter lavender blouse and evidently in a GREAT mood-or braless, sheer stockings and black spiked heels that strapped around her ankles. We walked in and she introduced me to Tamra- a giggly blonde and gretchen- a brunette with a stern smile and very large breasts and on the coffee table were two empty wine bottles. They must have really rushed back here! alexa told me that i was really overdressed compared to the last time she saw me. i said, “yeah. i wasnt sure if— “YOU MEAN, YES MA’AM!”?—“yes ma’am-yes ma’am”, i was quivering. “So lets get that shirt and shoes off, after you help me out of these heels”.

I knelt and hoisted her left foot to my thigh as Gretchen and Tamra stared in rapt anticipation. I finished and Alexa said i should strip for tamra who had a birthday coming in 3 days. “a leo, like me, cool”, I proclaimed. and when Alexa asked me when my birthday was- i told her-tomorrow. she smiled, as did tamra and gretchen. “well, strip birthday boy and lets have a party!”  as soon as i got down to my g-string, i was made to strut around so they could all check me out and alexa told me to bend over the couch for my birthday whipping. I walked over to the back of the couch and bent my torso over it- feet wide apart as Alexa handed tamra a paddle. “you first, birthday girl!”—“FIRST?”, i thought.

What in the fu…..WHAP  WHAP. –and they took turns-their endurance outlasting mine by a long shot, as my tears were flowing after Alexa and before Gretchen. Mercifully it ended and i was allowed to stand- completely exposing a massive hardon entrapped in my panteez. (as alexa called them).  “well somebody either loves a good whipping OR birthday cake! and i dont see any cake. do you, slut?”– she didnt bother to let me reply. “no, we certainly dont have any fucking cake, but look at your panty bulge! and from now on bitch, you call me Mistress or Mistress Alexa!!”  – “yes Mistress”. i heard laughter. “Good slut. Now shake that meat!”

i did as told. she turned on some music as i shook like i was allergic to nylon. and the lights dimmed and the 3 of them cheered and laughed and attempted an assassination –of a third bottle of wine-and at the pace they were going , charges could soon be filed. as i strutted and vamped, like a complete skank-afterall i didnt want her angry- i shook my barely covered meat and uncovered ass, both of which were pet, pinched and prodded. and i could not have been -happier.

Author: alexa

Mistress Alexa has a loinwrenching voice that hypnotizes, transfixes and controls her subjects. How long will it take her to make you feel loved? Call now: 866-57-SISSY and find out. $99 for 30 minutes.