i love to be dolled up in full girl makeup…. is it okay for me to be like that?

hey,i am a 21 year old guy and i feel i am very submissive and have a particular thing about being feminized by my mistress and be used as her sex toy. i get really excited with thoughts of being feminized totally and then made to serve my mistress for her pleasures and eventually mine.is it okay for me to be like that??i am completely new to this world.can you guide me in any way possible?
i love to be dolled up in full girl makeup and clothes and then dominated by my mistress.i am looking for your guidance and attention as i have no idea what to do now??

Alexa’s response:
Dear dolled up:
It is not unusual for a man to have fantasies about womanhood.
Some men adore women so much that they want to be like them. Some men have pleasant feelings associated with femininity, and wear female clothes to remember those feelings. Some men find passivity relaxing and slip into passivity and superficial self-obsession believing these are peculiarly feminine traits.

Being a woman is no different from being a human and neither is mastered by wearing makeup or walking with a wiggle or dolling yourself up.

Your femme fantasies may be compatible with living a (typical) human life if you understand that they are fantasies and must be put in their rightful place as fantasies.

I am happy to help you discover how.


Author: alexa

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