Judy, judy, Judy!

Judy, you are a little sissy girl. So you like to wear panties and bras and pantyhose. Do you know once you put them on sweetie? That there is no going back into being a man or a boy for you sweetie. You will wear our panties and bras like a real lady. You will learn to love them like us. You will learn all about being a girl from the inside and outside out. Like putting on makeup and doing your lips and carrying a purse and what do put in your beautiful pretty pink purse. You will shave and wear shirts and blouses like us. You will talk like a girl and feel like one with our hormones surging through your lovely new body with estrogen and progesterone in your veins. Making you feel very feminine and passive and weak like a woman. You will feel very submissive and sweetie you will learn to like men. You will read girly magazines and learn all about men and what they like. For you have a vagina or pussy to them and two nice breasts.

I will take you out shopping one of us girl’s favorite activities, shopping for lingerie and makeup. You will try on some new bras and panties in the ladies room. Then we will go the makeup counter and have them do you up in very nice powder and lipstick with some mascara. Oh yes dear Judy, you will learn as all of us girls do how to put your face together. Oh yes sweetie, you will learn how to apply foundation and concealer and mascara and eyeliner and mascara to your beautiful eyes and lips with lipstick. You will begin to feel and think like a woman and have those lovely feminine feelings and want to talk with us girls about your feelings.

So sweetie, you will wear panties like us girls and bras and learn to walk like a lady and carry a pocketbook or purse like a lady and look into it like a lady. Oh of course makeup, you learn all about makeup and lipstick and mascara and does it all like a girl. You will feel and think like a woman and feel like us during our period and go shopping and get your nails done so pretty. Oh and those feminine hormones will do something to your body and mind that change you into a becoming a woman. You will begin to feel and think like a heterosexual lady. Every day you will wake up and start your day like us girls by putting on your bra and panty matching of course.

Part Two
Well my dear Judy, you will be wearing a cock ring so your cock will be under control and wearing panties, so you will get used to be without having a cock on you.  You will realize that as a girl that you will have two nice sized breasts and a clitoris and pussy and a nice ass.
You will be concerned with your nails and hair and eye brows and mascara and lipstick and getting your nails done every two weeks. Plus since you are a female now having a period with menstrual cycles and feeling very emotional and sensitive and you cannot do anything about it but go with it. For you now sweetie, life is all about taking care of your beauty and going out as a woman, with all the stuff that we girls carry with us like pocketbook and compact and mascara and lipstick and eye shadow and powder and shopping for bras and panties and shirts and blouses and dresses. With being female comes lots of emotions and feelings that you have never felt as a man but now as a woman you will experience like being weak and passive and learning how to walk in high heels and carry a purse.
Since you are wearing a cock ring, you have no cock, you must feel like a weak little sissy, you don’t touch your privates as a woman, you feel your breasts and get used to having a pussy wet.

Author: alexa

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