My mistress demanded that I put myself in chastity on this business trip and then post it online. I love to obey her.

I love so much going to see my nyc mistress, when she makes me go get a manicure and paint my nails red, the dresses me up like this and assaults my ass while I’m strapped down helpless and blindfold.and she knows I’m fantasizing about being forced to suck a real cock while she flicks my ass on her table. I’m such a cocksucker dreamer.

Milking for Sissy Control

Milking is good for Sissy Control…

The sissy writes: “This is because it is not enough that i am no longer allowed to cum…except in very special circumstances. Milking is good for sissy control, so that the sissy remains aroused. Milking does not generate any of those dangerous hormones that make her feel like a man, and reduce her feminine urges. Urges are important.

They are the only thing that really gives a woman control of a man; so, no releasing of them.

Mistress says i should think about submission, that it should be the only thing that arouses me, and that it should arouse me all the time, and the frustration i feel at not being allowed, not being able to, orgasm like a woman (hah!) and certainly not like a man, should be something i yearn for as i play with my titties (remember, only women and girls have breasts) and nipples and my cunt (because only women and girls have pussies), and yet have to learn to love the incompleteness of it all.

She says that humiliation and degradation and cocksuking are going to be my “keys” to exultation without fruition and that i am going to be made to rejoice in that feeling and help her to implant it in my brain, become hypnotized by her exotic use of those feelings. And my emasculation.