My girlfriend

Hi alexa,
 I think since i screwed her around and made her wait so long to get  engaged
she should be allowed to date for the next two months starting from  the time
we get engaged, i just bought a ring. You should tel her when she calls  that
she should consider that since we broke up in the past and she was forced  to
date another guy I should have to eat another mans cum from her pussy or  b
ring home cum in a pair of panties if she is afraid to get pregnant also since 
i was with another girl she should consider it cheating and deserves to get 
even. or she should make me suck a cock witht he guy wearing a rubber and make 
him cum on my face.  And she should start dating and make me wear panties 
for the next two months and buy her lingerie to date with. I will try to have 
her call you tonight. please bill me for a half hour session.

Author: alexa

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