Nero in the UK

Chastity-UK is looking for houseboys to test a new prostate massager called the NERO. Made in the UK, for world class sissies, the NERO may be used along with an arsenal of chastity devices to force ejaculation.
This sperm milking utensil can help the mistress facilitate the milking ordeal.

NOTE: The penis is not touched, and remains locked within the chastity belt or cage.  The subject remains anorgasmic.

The milking session usually lasts between 10 – 40 minutes, and is a pleasurable gentle massage of the prostate. After about 10 minutes you will begin to release fluid. First slowly, then, with more and more massaging, magnanimously.

Have you milked your prostate today?


Author: alexa

Mistress Alexa has a loinwrenching voice that hypnotizes, transfixes and controls her subjects. How long will it take her to make you feel loved? Call now: 866-57-SISSY and find out. $99 for 30 minutes.