NEW STORY (Teacher’s Pet)

NEW STORY (2018)

I am in my first semester at an excellent New England college such as Amherst and I’m taking an introduction to political science class taught by a tenured professor in her 50’s. She is extremely well-known figure in her field and occasionally publishes op-ed pieces in both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal on the issue of gender and how improved the world would be if more women were in positions of authority.

Professor Markovsky is about 5’ 8”, has salt/pepper hair which is shoulder length and has magenta reading glasses which she either keeps in her hair or holds in her hand as she gesticulates while teaching. She dresses elegantly for a college professor with either blazer and fitted skirts that require a horny young freshman to have to look carefully to see just how large her breasts truly are or sometimes just in sweaters and jeans which enable me to see the outlines of the wired cup brassiere she wears. She always wears suede boots, alternating between beige, brown and black colors, with heels that are just a little higher than would be typical.

Professor M always comes to class with a pretty heavy and well-worn leather briefcase.

After two or three classes, I become completely obsessed and besotted with Her. I move from the back row at first of the 50 person lecture hall, then to the middle row and finally to the first row but on the side so the lectern doesn’t block my increasingly lascivious perspective of Her while She teaches with such force and confidence. I always stay at the end of class to ask a question and figure out how to be the very last student seeking Her attention and approval. After a few times, there comes to be a little awkwardness as I say “goodbye Professor M” obsequiously. Finally, after about a month of class, She asks me if I wouldn’t mind helping Her by carrying Her briefcase back to Her office for Her after class. Most of the time, She is going somewhere else so I leave the briefcase with Her assistant whom I eventually learn is Her husband of many years. The carrying of the briefcase becomes a pretty obvious ritual as I must ALWAYS be the last to be in the class. Some of the other students start to tease me about it — calling me ‘teacher’s pet’ etc — which is just a little embarrassing but I realize I couldn’t stop doing this task for Her even if I wanted to.

After every class and the completion of my simple task for Her, I masturbate in the men’s room down the hall from Her office seated in one of the stalls.


Author: alexa

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