AVN article on Al Goldstein, SCREW MAGAZINE, who says “Right now I’m a he-she”

Goldstein, 68, is halfway through a three-year probation sentence, the result of a guilty plea he entered after being charged with harassing one of his four ex-wives. Goldstein published her phone number in Screw and encouraged readers to phone her at work and tell her she was a “cunt.”

“The wives have taken money,” he said. “Every wife walked away with money and my testicles. Right now I’m a he-she. I don’t even have balls or a dick. It’s a good thing I don’t have AIDS. I am a shell of what I used to be. What’s sad is, I have good mind, I know the porn business, and I really wanna work. Thirty-five years of harassment and it hasn’t stopped. I’m Lenny Bruce.”

What are you wearing?

Want to celebrate the new spring fashions together? Email me with your sissy name and I will register you for this blog. Then whenever you get dressed up you can jack in, and tell all the girls what you’re wearing. We’ll put together a little form, dress: size, color, style; stockings: size, decoration, shade; shoes: style, color, heel; hair: style, color; make-up: everything!; accessories…. Did I forget anything?

Toward a new theory of quotation marks

> From: jasmine
> Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005 01:29:33 -0800 (PST)
> To: mistress
> Subject: Advice
> I would be most grateful if you could give me just a
> little advice in order that I can continue feminising
> my pathetic houseboy. I have succesfully made “her”
> into an obedient sissi and can send her shopping for
> lingerie for both of us whnever the fancy takes me –
> indeed “she” had a day off work yesterday and after
> dressing “her” in a tight corset and white cami
> knickers I sent “her” off to the mall with strict
> instructions to visit a nail salon and buy a mini
> skirt. I could hardly believe it when “she” returned
> without having had “her” nails done and with no skirt.
> I did send “her” straight to a dark cupboard which I
> use for minor infringements of my rules and told her
> that when I allowed her out she would have to service
> me with “her” tongue (I have managed to make her
> incapable of raising a full erection unless given
> permission by me which I am reluctant to do as i like
> to see “her” whimpering around the apartment
> compalining how long it is since “she” was allowed to
> climax properly as “she” insists on calling it.)
> Enough information… I would much appreciate your
> advice on how to punish “her” for her misbehaviour
> yesterday I have told “her” I am writing to you and
> “she” is already trembling in fear and abject
> humiliation. I would hope you would recommend at
> least another shopping trip and at least a night in
> the cupboard. Many thanks for considering this
> request and be assured that I shall continue in your
> footsteps in order to make my slave a total sissi.
> Love Amanda xxx

Menander, an effeminate voluptuary…,

Menander, the son of Diopeithes, a well-known general, was born at Athens, B.C. 342. He passed his youth in the house of his uncle and received from him and from Theophrastus instruction in poetry and philosophy, probably deriving from the latter in some measure the knowledge of character for which he was noted. His first comedy was produced when he was twenty-one years of age, and from that time until his death, which occurred some thirty years later while bathing in the harbor of the Piraeus, he wrote more than a hundred plays, eight of them winning the prize. He was a disciple of the Epicurean school, and is described by Phaedrus as an effeminate voluptuary, while his amours with the courtesan, Glycera, were notorious. Menander is accepted as the best writer of the comedy of manners among the Greeks. We have a few specimens of the ingenuity of his plots in some of the plays of Terence, whom Julius Caesar used to call a demi-Menander. He was an imitator of Euripides, and we may infer from what Quintilian says of him that his comedies differed from the tragi-comedies of that poet only in the absence of mythical subjects and a chorus. Like Euripides, he was a good rhetorician, and Quintilian is inclined to attribute to him some orations published in the name of Charisius. The every-day life of his countrymen, and manners and characters of ordinary occurrence, were the objects of his imitation. His plots, though skillfully contrived, are somewhat monotonous, and there are few of his comedies which do not bring on the stage a harsh father, a profligate son and a roguish slave. Yet he was greatly esteemed in Athens, where a statue was erected to his memory in the theatre of Dionysus.

NOTE: Since the publication of this article, the complete text of Dyskolos, a play by Menander, has been rediscovered. It is the only example of New Comedy to have survived in its entirety. A few long fragments by Menander have survived as well from such plays as The Arbitration, The Girl from Samos, The Shorn Girl, and The Hero.

connecticut 2

..the worst thing that Mistress could do was to leave me alone with my thoughts, as i was there, somewhat helpless. After all, they were merely my thoughts, not Hers. What good could come of that? Left alone with only my own inconsequential thoughts running through my mind, i didnít fully realize at first why She would do such a thing and i felt somewhat abandoned. i was left alone to let my vacuous, meandering, unguided thoughts run their course. Then i realized that was what Mistress wanted, to let me know how meaningless my thoughts were, that Hers were to be absorbed fully and consumedby my mind and body; letting them replace my own. At that moment i realized that She didnít drag anyone grudingly along this path and knew that those She chose to drag on it followed willingly and were rewarded by her presence, her wisdom, Her perfection.

i waited to feel her perfect presence near me. Just to feel it, to succumb to it, made me feel alive; made me feel that i had a purpose. She knew how to use that against me, but that was the point, was it not?

Watergirls – Have you seen the new Spring Fashions?

are you a watergirl

Waist-mounted suspenders allow you to fold down the bib for comfort in warmer weather (and to quickly release water after a spill). The anatomically contoured crotch and knees let you move freely even when fully layered up. A gravel-guard cuff (with boot hooks and gripper elastic) seals out grit. Built-in adjustable wading belt and field repair kit included. Now available in both men’s and women’s versions.

Masochism: Coldness & Cruelty (Deleuze)

Many of the practices and perversions in the repertory of forced
feminization/domination are parodies of punishment, distortions of a
guilt that has no reference.

But what does it mean that a man yearns to submit to an older woman?
that his sex is excited if and only if he is forced by this woman to
service her or others? What does it mean that obedience and sexuality
are coupled?

Deleuze tells that us the essence of the formal process — of masochism
— is the transference of the law on to the mother and the
identification of the law with the image of the mother. It is only under
these conditions that punishment acquires its original function and that
guilt is transformed into triumph.

The masochist ‘derives’ his law from his contract with his mistress
(Derives the law from the contract as such) and thus feminizes the law,
Re-constructing it in the image of a cruel, cold mother who mortifies, condemns and punishes .

A Connecticut Wanky

After several, phone sessions, actually too many to count, several is just more euphemistic, i guess; Mistress acknowledged that i may serve Her and be allowed in Her presence, something that i suppose i eagerly anticipated, but wouldn’t willingly acknowledge. Nonetheless, i readily accepted the opportunity to demonstrate my willing, if not obsequious servitude in person.

my trepidation was palpable, to be sure, but Mistress greeted me cordially and guided me into her abode, speaking to me as we walked through her home. It was very comforting and reassuring, then again that is what Mistress does, when She wants. Of course, my awkwardness and nervousness had to be justified at some point, did they not?

Mistress showed me the view from her window, to help put my mind at ease, i suppose; or possibly to show me the last daylight i’d see for a while, Not soon thereafter, i was brought to a chair in the middle of an otherwise naked room. Nothing dark or gothic as my worst fears may have been; just simple and plain. Mistress isn’t a very dramatic Woman; She doesn’t need to set a stage for Herself, which became very obvious to me, very quickly. Actions do speak louder than words and the suggestion of actions seems to speak even more vociferously.

i was guided to a chair in the middle of a seemingly non-descript room and instructed to strip myself down in rather dim light, not really being able to see Mistress. As is my nature, i resisted at first, but knew that i would acquiesce, so there was no point in being coy. The chair was comfortable, which of course appeals to a man’s couching tendencies , but i was sure that it had a specific purpose, in such an otherwise empty room.

Surely enough it did. Mistress knew that i was a more than captive audience, that i was pliable, that i was receptive to her whims, whatever they may be. She instructed me to relax into the chair, but to also feel bound to it, that i couldn’t move myself from it, but oddly enough , She wouldln’t allow that feeling until i had disrobed…without moving from the chair. At that point, knowing that i was there for Her amusement, she took the opportunity to tease me. She strode in front of me, taunting and teasing, and ultimately…slowly and seductively removed her shorts (She doesn’t wear a skirt for anyone’s amusement) and removed her panties, knowing that i wouldn’t move from where i was. She then twirled them teasingly on her fingertip, wondering whether i was looking up or down, i suppose. Walking behind me, she draped them over my eyes and nose and said in her subtle, yet forceful voice, “I EXPECT that your head won’t move, that you will keep your head still to enjoy my scent, while you keep yourself ready for Mistress. Do we understand each other? ”

Of course i muttered my acknowledgment, not wanting to nod my head or dislodge the panties from my face. As my vision was obscured by her panties, She rubbed her cheeks across my forehead, just to allow me to smell her earthy scent.

As my instructions were to keep myself ready for Mistress i gladly did so; missing Her and anticipating Her simultaneously. So torturous. So wonderfully torturous.