A Connecticut Wanky

After several, phone sessions, actually too many to count, several is just more euphemistic, i guess; Mistress acknowledged that i may serve Her and be allowed in Her presence, something that i suppose i eagerly anticipated, but wouldn’t willingly acknowledge. Nonetheless, i readily accepted the opportunity to demonstrate my willing, if not obsequious servitude in person.

my trepidation was palpable, to be sure, but Mistress greeted me cordially and guided me into her abode, speaking to me as we walked through her home. It was very comforting and reassuring, then again that is what Mistress does, when She wants. Of course, my awkwardness and nervousness had to be justified at some point, did they not?

Mistress showed me the view from her window, to help put my mind at ease, i suppose; or possibly to show me the last daylight i’d see for a while, Not soon thereafter, i was brought to a chair in the middle of an otherwise naked room. Nothing dark or gothic as my worst fears may have been; just simple and plain. Mistress isn’t a very dramatic Woman; She doesn’t need to set a stage for Herself, which became very obvious to me, very quickly. Actions do speak louder than words and the suggestion of actions seems to speak even more vociferously.

i was guided to a chair in the middle of a seemingly non-descript room and instructed to strip myself down in rather dim light, not really being able to see Mistress. As is my nature, i resisted at first, but knew that i would acquiesce, so there was no point in being coy. The chair was comfortable, which of course appeals to a man’s couching tendencies , but i was sure that it had a specific purpose, in such an otherwise empty room.

Surely enough it did. Mistress knew that i was a more than captive audience, that i was pliable, that i was receptive to her whims, whatever they may be. She instructed me to relax into the chair, but to also feel bound to it, that i couldn’t move myself from it, but oddly enough , She wouldln’t allow that feeling until i had disrobed…without moving from the chair. At that point, knowing that i was there for Her amusement, she took the opportunity to tease me. She strode in front of me, taunting and teasing, and ultimately…slowly and seductively removed her shorts (She doesn’t wear a skirt for anyone’s amusement) and removed her panties, knowing that i wouldn’t move from where i was. She then twirled them teasingly on her fingertip, wondering whether i was looking up or down, i suppose. Walking behind me, she draped them over my eyes and nose and said in her subtle, yet forceful voice, “I EXPECT that your head won’t move, that you will keep your head still to enjoy my scent, while you keep yourself ready for Mistress. Do we understand each other? ”

Of course i muttered my acknowledgment, not wanting to nod my head or dislodge the panties from my face. As my vision was obscured by her panties, She rubbed her cheeks across my forehead, just to allow me to smell her earthy scent.

As my instructions were to keep myself ready for Mistress i gladly did so; missing Her and anticipating Her simultaneously. So torturous. So wonderfully torturous.

Sissy Sonnet

Subject: humiliation at nine part II
To: Madame de Sade

Exalted Head Mistress and Mistress Juliette:

i hope that i was not too explicit in my last
message,but i was instructed to suggest dialogues, etc. i do hope and trust that if You find opportunities to
amuse Yourself by improvising, You will exploit them fully. I submit the following to perhaps add to the Scenario:

You find the following poem in my purse while making me strip in the fitting room … you read it …
opening more doors to amuse Yourselves and to exploit my submission …

There is no feeling quite so grand
than be my undies second hand
for in my Mistress’ panties worn
i feel a thrilling prescence born

Soft intimate things once dearly guarded
may by Mistress be discarded
i dream one day i may spend hours
serving in these cherished flowers

i savor Her scents lingering
on every nylon underthing
they pulse with Mistress’s vibrations
that surge through me with soft sensations

i just adore to be adorned
in panties that my Mistress wore
sensing still exquisite heat
from the crotch and nyloned seat

A bra that this sweet Goddess wore
opens such a special door
i hook the band and think of Her
as lovely intimate secrets stir

i wear Her bra with joy and pride
as She once did when held inside
and sense our breasts are somehow wed
since resting in the same soft bed

To think the undies i now don
this Godess-Woman once had on
provides and intimate shared relation
unequalled in its sweet sensation

So grateful lips soon seek Her heel
loving how submission feels
to wear the undies i so crave
i’d gladly be a … panty slave.

You are the experts. i have given You probably more
information than You need. Select that which
stimulates You.
i do so look forward to the honor of being verbally
abused by Yourself and Mistress Juliette at nine.
“Marica” … sissy in Spanish

Hmmmm… sorry Mistress ALEXA … pretty self
indulgent sissy doo-doo. I will try to improve my
efforts to rise to Your standards. You ineed fascinate
me. submissively,

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best boy

best boy (best boi) noun

The first assistant to the gaffer (head electrician) of a film crew.

[Apparently borrowed from the sailing terminology.]

“Cast and director commentaries are one thing, but do we really need one
from the post-production team, as we’ve seen on the extended edition of
The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King? What’s next? ‘Reflections
from the Key Grip and Best Boy?'”
Mike Snider and Thomas K. Arnold; Press ‘Repeat’ or ‘Skip’; USA Today
(Washington DC); Dec 28, 2004.

This week’s theme: words related to movie making.

sissy wannabe?

Mistress, i am writing You this letter because….

I am male that my whole life I have wanted to serve and have a mistress. I would very much love to be dressed up like the little slut I really am. I have always be fasinated with very tightly laced corsets womens undergarments slutty looking dresses ect… I am also very fasinated by bondage the heavier the better is my thoughts on it. I want to sit at your fit and not let you rase a finger unless you completly want to. If you want a glass of wine, a glass of wine you will receive with out a movement. You need sexual favors done, they will be done. I want to serve I long to serve and I would love to serve dressed like the little sissy slut I am and I deserve what ever i get if I am punished I am sure I desserved it, because if mistress wants me punished mistress will or have me punished in anyway she sees fit. Well i hope I here back from you becuase I really would love! to serve you.