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First, dress up. Then, listen to this hypnosis video! Love ! Love! Love it!

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Teacher’s Pet, Part 3

Professor Markovitz then takes the same two fingers She fed me Her wetness earlier with, dabs husband jamie’s precum and tells me to lap it off Her those elegant fingers of Hers. “Very good donald…and important for you to get used to the taste of cum as you ARE going to be my intern, aren’t you ?”

“Both of you, get dressed now as it appears to me your both enjoying yourselves a bit too much and donald dear needs to review the “internship form” so that he can meet me at the house later and get to work.” With that, She looks at Herself in a mirror, says She has an appointment with the President of the college, and leaves us behind to do just that.

Jamie has me sit down again and takes out the forms for me to look at. Rather than being what one might expect for an internship form with prior GPAs or academic interests, it is a actually a slave contract which allows the Professor to pretty much do whatever She would like with and to my body — shaving, piercing, chastity — as well as typical terms relating to me committing to serve Her exactly as She wishes. There are also specific clauses requiring me to consent to appear in public with Her — dressed in any way She requests — and to complete any/all services She requires of me in this regard. There is a requirement that I get Her consent to ANY sexual relationship/activity I have with another student of either the female or male gender. I note that there is a condition that I maintain an A-minus average academically or She can dismiss me from Her service and there is a six-month term, which automatically renews unless She — only — decides not to renew.

I ask jamie about this in particular — as the rest (from the album and the day’s events) is pretty clear to me. “Professor has NEVER renewed an intern’s term yet as She has rather high standards for performance of Her interns. But She rather likes the optionality of continuing to have perfect control over any intern whom She’d like to remain in Her service for a longer period of time. Perhaps something you are already aspiring to, donald ?”

I then look at the signature page which is already signed by Professor and I sign as well. jamie signs as witness and I am glowing with excitement and sense of complete submissiveness. With that completed, I note there is a box with an envelope also on the table where we have signed the documents. Jamie gestures to me to open the card which is Professor’s personal stationary. “Well done donald, you are already such a good boy…as I knew you would be from the first day you waited longingly for me after class. I have an important first present for you which jamie will put on…and in… you. he is an expert at such things by now. Then I expect you to be kneeling naked in the center hall of my home at 6 pm sharp this evening when your internship will formally begin. Professor M”

Jamie then opens the box which contains a chastity device combined with an anal penetrator, telling me to remove my trousers once again. he grumbles that ultimately I will have to be completely shaven/waxed as it puts me in my first chastity…but then says “there, there boy, doesn’t that feel just right now to be all locked up and penetrated ?” I can see that he is very hard and big again in his trousers but he then says “we had better be off and get some work done in your other classes to maintain the required grade point average, hadn’t we. Professor will require your entire devotion to Her while you are serving Her either here or at home so you won’t have ANY time for other distractions. I will expect you at 545pm sharp at the house.”


Teacher’s Pet – Part 2

We get our first paper back about six weeks into the term which I do very well on. On the very last page, there are detailed comments/questions from Professor Markovsky — in addition to the A minus grade. “Well done donald…you are becoming a very useful boy to me…and she just signs “Professor M.” All of the students are either standing and milling about as the chatter about their grades, but I sit quietly in my normal seat and read all of Her comments in the margins — I should say “savor” them — when I notice it has gone quiet in the room. I look up and She is standing directly in front of me. “you have earned a little extra reward for your paper dear.” it is one of the days She is wearing a tight fitting sweater and jeans and She unzips her jeans and exposes her fabulously hairy pussy to me, pushing two of her fingers deep inside and then says “now boy savor them as you just were my comments on your paper.” As I do so, She strokes my cheek with her french manicured fingers with Her other hand and Her large nipples have become very visible through Her beige turtleneck and I can easily smell Her excitement not just on Her fingers. After just a very short while, She withdraws Her wet fingers from my mouth, zips up her jeans and offers me Her briefcase to carry. “Come donald, walk with me back to my office. I have some matters to discuss with jamie (Her husband) and you of course.”

When we walk into Her office area, Jamie immediately gets up from behind his desk to greet Her and to take Her briefcase from me. I notice that he is wearing a see-through blouse with a training bra and very low heels with his tight-fitting khaki slacks. “Lets go into my office as I have a few calls to make. Jamie please bring the internship form for donald to fill out as well; I’m QUITE sure he will be interested in the position.”

Once we’re inside Her luxurious very masculine office — large mahogany desk, book shelves all around, leather couch and chair sitting area, I even think I can detect the smell of a one or two day old cigar — She goes behind Her desk and immediately gets on a call.

Jamie sits on the couch and “pats” for me to sit right next to him. “Every year, Professor selects a student to assist Her with Her academic work…and all of Her other needs. This is a very serious commitment as it requires about 2-3 hours work after class each afternoon and spending most weekends working in our home not far from campus, including at least a night per weekend where you will be required to sleep in. But before I help you fill out the contract for the position, She always insists that I review the album we have here of prior interns working with Professor as this will give you a precise idea of what will be required of you.”

As he speaks, I believe I can detect an erection forming in his tight-fitting khakis and his breathing becoming a little more labored. Meanwhile, Professor is leaning back in Her chair with Her perfectly shaped legs on Her desk as she laughs quietly on the phone with a colleague.

He goes and gets the album from a locked cabinet and sits down next to me again. This is an expensive heavy leather bound book much akin to a wedding or bar mitzvah album. “I don’t think I need to walk you through page by page as you seem to be an intelligent mature young man but please ask me any questions that come up as you peruse the album.”

Opening to the first page, there is a full page photo of Professor standing and fully dressed in Domme leather, with her hands on hips, Her heavy breasts and hairy pussy brazenly exposed. Two male slaves our kneeling naked kissing Her four inch heeled leather boots with collars on and butt plugs in…one of whom is jamie and the other Her most recent intern — whom I’ve seen from time to time on campus. The next photo is of the intern bound tightly to a punishment bench, dildo gag in mouth, being severely caned by Professor with jamie kneeling and holding other implements to be used for Her pleasure on the intern. And the next, of both jamie and the intern — completely shaven with chastity devices on. And then, of jamie being removed from his device with a huge thick hardon and the intern sucking him off with a special inset photo of the intern’s face and tongue filled with jamie’s thick cum. Then a photo of the intern and jamie dressed in maid’s outfits serving at a cocktail party with both fully clothed women and men, including an inset photo of Professor showing the intern’s chastity to the mid-50’s college president.

These photos represent only about 20 percent of the album and I find myself absent-mindedly grazing and then pulling on my nipples through my shirt as I am rock hard. My brain registers that I have not heard Professor M’s voice in a little while and, when I look up, She is sitting in the leather chair immediately across from me observing me intently, holding jamie’s significant erection in Her left hand as he stands beside Her, hands folded politely behind his back.

“You know when you moved to the front row of the class so you could see me better donald ? It also gave me a much better chance to observe you as well. You can’t keep your fingers off those lovely girlie nipples of yours, can you ? I’ve been eyeing those huge nipples of yours since the first class when you stayed to be the last one in my presence. You know that people say “big hands…big dicks” (showing me jamie’s large hands)…I say “big nipples…little cock.” She smiles — oh sooo knowingly — and says “off with those trousers, and that shirt boy…and as I hesitate for just an instant…”NOW.” She scratches the head of jamie’s cock and some pre-cum oozes out. “Very excited dear, aren’t we” ? Then She rises to stand and has me pirouette naked in front of Her and tells me to bend over to touch my toes. She then tells me to stand up straight as good posture is critical to working in Her home. She then stands behind me and I feel Her scratch my nipple with one hand and feel Her thumb scratch my anus with the other. “Hmmm, we’re going to have to say how tight this boy cunt is of yours, won’t we donald” ?

Temporary Femininity

Quite often my sissies tell me that they miss feeling like a girl at home, when they eat, clean, sleep, read, talk on the phone, exercise, …. It is frustating, they say, that they have to repress their desires, decline their most natural urges, put things off, defer, deny, etc etc

Yes, of course, you want to extend your pleasure. You want something exciting to excite you continuously, constantly, and all the time. Not merely again and again and again and again… in a series of interrupted and covert moments of feminine dress up and confection.

You want… ‘lifestyle’.

Is this possible? Let’s see.

Sit yourself down in this kitchen  . pink kitchen

How does it feel?

(To be continued)

NEW STORY (Teacher’s Pet)

NEW STORY (2018)

I am in my first semester at an excellent New England college such as Amherst and I’m taking an introduction to political science class taught by a tenured professor in her 50’s. She is extremely well-known figure in her field and occasionally publishes op-ed pieces in both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal on the issue of gender and how improved the world would be if more women were in positions of authority.

Professor Markovsky is about 5’ 8”, has salt/pepper hair which is shoulder length and has magenta reading glasses which she either keeps in her hair or holds in her hand as she gesticulates while teaching. She dresses elegantly for a college professor with either blazer and fitted skirts that require a horny young freshman to have to look carefully to see just how large her breasts truly are or sometimes just in sweaters and jeans which enable me to see the outlines of the wired cup brassiere she wears. She always wears suede boots, alternating between beige, brown and black colors, with heels that are just a little higher than would be typical.

Professor M always comes to class with a pretty heavy and well-worn leather briefcase.

After two or three classes, I become completely obsessed and besotted with Her. I move from the back row at first of the 50 person lecture hall, then to the middle row and finally to the first row but on the side so the lectern doesn’t block my increasingly lascivious perspective of Her while She teaches with such force and confidence. I always stay at the end of class to ask a question and figure out how to be the very last student seeking Her attention and approval. After a few times, there comes to be a little awkwardness as I say “goodbye Professor M” obsequiously. Finally, after about a month of class, She asks me if I wouldn’t mind helping Her by carrying Her briefcase back to Her office for Her after class. Most of the time, She is going somewhere else so I leave the briefcase with Her assistant whom I eventually learn is Her husband of many years. The carrying of the briefcase becomes a pretty obvious ritual as I must ALWAYS be the last to be in the class. Some of the other students start to tease me about it — calling me ‘teacher’s pet’ etc — which is just a little embarrassing but I realize I couldn’t stop doing this task for Her even if I wanted to.

After every class and the completion of my simple task for Her, I masturbate in the men’s room down the hall from Her office seated in one of the stalls.


Cuckolded on My Wedding Night

New fantasy for a sissy cuckold. Imagine the grand hotel, the old basketball player boyfriend, the out of town guests staying at the same hotel…. Then of course, the bride, so beautiful in her honeymoon lingerie… sneaking downstairs in the middle of the night

Hypnotic Domination & Erotic Mind Control

From A letter to Mistress Alexa:
I’m feeling tempted again. I know I should give in to temptation and call Alexa, she’s getting really close to making me surrender completelyt o her. Well she keeps getting close…. If only she knew how attached I am to her voice and how it welcomes me… She’ll tell me sweetly over and over again to watch the hypnotic video, or to watch her move her fingers around her breasts, or to obey her completely as she repeats over and over again “Your cock belongs to me”. I always obey her. She tells me to stroke myself and I obey. She tells me to listen to her voice and I obey. Together, my strokes and her voice are like a very powerful medicine. I cannot go too long without her medicine, and I crave it the minute that I can no longer feel it …. Tell me Alexa, again, what you want me to do… please!”

Call 888-411-1230 for a session.

Francine is a Fag

Francine is a fag, she’s dressed up in her K-Mart panties, and now has put her wife’s panties on top of those …. Francine knows her wife will find out, and punish her, and humiliate her, and tell the maid that Francine is a fag, she’s always been a fag….

Sissy on a bike

Your mother in law loves to humiliate you. The other day she saw you on your bike wearing skin tight black Lycra bike shorts. They were so tight it was very obvious you had nothing or almost nothing manly there …of course she started pointing and laughing… then she pulled out her lipstick and pushed it out just about an inch… and showed it around to all her friends…Your face was red… so hot so very humiliated!!!! But the worst part??? You were excited by it, weren’t you, cookie?






Mistress rents you out as a pretty dressed up sissy maid…

Yes, you are in a hotel room. But this is just the beginning because Mistress is preparing you for your first sissy-maid job. She has compiled a list of clients, some women, some men, who want their condos cleaned by a sissy maid just like you! They understand that you will pay for the privilege… But also, they know that you will be punished if you do not do a good job, a perfect job, leaving their homes fragrant, spotless, licked clean….