you will have on pink panties. reach into them and get your

i had just finished shaving and kissing my wife goodbye as she rushed out the door. i decided on some lacy blue panties, slid them up over my cock-taking my time since it felt incredible–when the phone rang. i trotted towards it, fully aware of the feeling this was causing in my groin.

“hello?”, i said.
“hello, pussy. this is mistress alexa.”

—i began to swell even more–

“youre very fortunate today as i am flying into san diego at 1 pm. YOU are going to fiinally put out for me!”

as i attempted to ignore my hard-on and quiet my heartrate at the same time, i wondered what she had in store for me. she explained:

“at about 1:45, you need to be at the ladys room at the western end of terminal 2-directly across from the cinnabon shop. watch the restroom door and when you are certain that there are no women in there, you will enter and go into the second stall from the left. lock the door and take down your shorts. you will have on pink panties. reach into them and get your cock hard, then tug them down to your knees and leave them. slap your hard meat 3 times. sometime about two oclock, i will enter the restroom. i will knock ONE time on your stall door. you will unlock the door, turn back around, spread your feet, bend over and steady yourself with your hands on the toilet. i am going to come in, lock the door, and enter your ass with my strapon. DO NOT cry out. brace yourself-it is large and i intend for you to remember this.”–

my cock leaked into the blue panties.

“any questions?am i clear?”–

“crystal clear mistress”, i replied.

“good bitch. now shake your ass and get moving.”–

she hung up and i hustled to clean up and get some pink panties on under my gym shorts, before driving to the airport where i was gonna take an ass-pounding in the ladies’ room, from an eager mistress. the drive was uneventful and i got to my assigned area, carefully watching the comings and goings of the restroom.

at about 1:50, i saw my opening and walked toward the door and went past it, quickly made a u-turn, and entered the ladies’ room and took up residence in the stall as ordered. i paused to calm down a bit, took down my shorts and slid my hand down into my panties, stroking myself slowly and paying more and more attention to my clit. i heard voices enter the room-two women who knew each other-one at the sink or mirror and one in the stall next to me-tinkling and chatting.

moments later, they left and i resumed my duties, jacking my swollen cock to maximum hardness. i tugged my panties down to my knees and stood up–looked down at my skyward dick, and slapped it 3 times-perhaps scolding it for behaving in this manner (rock hard)–at a time like this, my manly ass-devoid of my panties now- awaiting its impending ravaging by my mistress’ rubber cock. there was a single knock at my ladies’ room stall door.

i hadnt even heard mistress alexa enter, which meant she had heard my cock slapping. i turned and unlatched the stall door, turned back around, spread my feet, bent way over and placed my hands firmly on the toilet seat that i cleaned earlier-with my tiny pink dainties around my knees. seconds later the door opened, i felt mistress enter and heard the locking of our ‘stall of bitchification’. i heard a light rustling of clothing and i knew this was it–i was gonna get my pussy filled by my dominant, sexy mistress-whom id never met-still. and i wanted it. all of it.

there was a hand on the small of my back, urging me to better position to facilitate my fucking. i dipped my lower back-like a good slut-and felt her step forward. more rustling and then one hand holding my ass open as the knob of her cock spread jelly on my exposed hole. again. again. and now i had a pretty good idea of the size of her ‘pal’–large. very. she eased into me and backed off, eased in further and …stayed–pushing forward some more seconds later. a lady entered and took up residence in the stall on the far right, letting loose a very strong flow of urine. knowing that this had undoubtedly distracted me, mistress introduced another inch and a half of cock to my stretched bottom–causing me to lose my breath. she paused until piss-lady began washing her hands, and then pulled out of my eager ass and re-entered, slowly beginning a rhythm.

in about 3 minutes she had fully entered me and there would never be any question about my virginity–or my willingness to cede it in an airport ladies’ room toilet stall. completely filled with cock and now being pretty well slammed, i could hear the thighs of my mistress smacking into my ass–coupled with my grunts (with the room now empty i was losing the composure battle) . the door opened and the pumping dick in my ass halted, my breathing came inward, stayed there for a minute and quietly left my body as i remained bent over the toilet–ass filled as another woman peed in our unannounced hideout. she flushed and two more women came in to use the bathrrom and mistress pushed in ever so slightly and withdrew quite a lot–then easing all of her rubber pal into my quaking ass until i felt her thighs meld with my cheeks–whereupon she began gyrating her hips and stretching me wider yet.

i felt her hand reach around me and grasp my cock, drippy now with the delight of a well-fucked skank. she slowly pumped my stiff meat and paused to heft my balls in her palm–speaking quietly the only words she would say during the whole encounter. as the women washed up and began to leave, mistress leaned all the way forward(and into my ass) and whispered-“for months ive wondered how your prodigious cock would feel in my fist like this. and how it will feel in my hand as i milk the fucking thing dry.”–i could feel what seemed like a 4 or 5 inch surge-with definite leakage, which she rubbed across my lips.

she began her fucking anew, pulling out half way and quickly refilling me. then mistress alexa FUCKED me. i mean savagely plowed into my ass–rapid, deep thrusts–say 35-40 pumps per minute–non-stop ripping into my widened asshole. i was grunting outloud now and gasping -as was my mistress, with her efforts. if anyone came in now i just prayed she might still be able to hear them. she gave 3, 4, 5 brutal thrusts into me and gasped–i think she may have orgasmed, before slowing and leveling out with more kinder thrusts while now jacking my cock lightly and slowly, the exact way i do it myself. pumping my ass and prick at the same time was impossible to take and i began to crest; ass clenching tightly around her cock, balls rising and my hardon swelling and challenging the circumference of her fist.

i could hear her ‘ummm’ as she felt exactly what she had done to me–transmitted thru the veins and twitching muscles in my cock. her ass pounder was steady and true and about to make a genuine sissy whore out of me. who else would be this hard and ejaculate with a huge cock in her panty-dropped ass. she knew it. and i was virtually certain of it. she rocked into me 3 more times as she teasingly pumped my traitor of a dick. and it then revealed me for what i am now–mistress alexa’s sissy bitch, as she closed her hand over the end of my dick while dancing her pinky and ring fingers along the underside, urging my clit to give her even more evidence of my slutiness. it did not let her down. as she popped her cock all the way into me once more, my balls let loose, spurting shot after shot of hot spunk into her waiting, trapping hand-causing her to adjust her grip to gather it all.

she pulled her cock out of me and resumed her collecting of my still spraying cockjuice, garnering quite a tribute to herself. she moaned, reached around me and showed me how much of a whore i had been, before dipping two fingers into the large puddle of pudding, stepping back, and stuffing the gooey jizz into my splayed open asshole. again she rammed a load into me. and once more. then she packed it in nice and deep with her cock-making sure that i would always know how it felt to have hot manspunk in my ass the same time as a big dick. i mean, a sissy SHOULD know these things, right? never know when your mistress may wish to sell you…….

she pulled out of my empty nest–no-there was no ‘pop’–as her cock left me. not after that reaming. and i kinda hoped the spunk would stay inside me–or it may go thru my shorts and reveal me for the cumdumster i was–to an airport full of strangers. also because it felt good up there. mistress held her hand-silently-in front of my face. i dipped my head and began to slurp it out of her offered hand-dipping my tongue into the pool, scooping my own bitch jizm onto it and cradling it into my mouth, before swallowing it down. i did feel so fucking nasty, and did it again. there was plenty there and she then smeared some all over my face-before wiping the remainder all over my ass and yanking my panties up into the sticky mess. she reached back and swatted my panty-ass 5 times before squeezing my balls and making her silent exit.

i caught my breath, pulled up my shorts-heard the door close, steadied myself and waddled to the mirror. what to do? try to see her for the first time? or clean myself up? i couldnt very well run out with cum all over my face and my hair matted with it–feeling it slowly course thru my tiny panties! she had planned her escape well–i cleaned up-quickly-and left. i found a secluded spot and took out my cellphone. i knew i could leave a message at her home-i just needed to find the words to say ‘thank you-for fucking my ass into exhaustion.’-or something to that effect. i dialed her home number-nervously-to thank my mistress. SHE ANSWERED!!?????????????????