7 Ways to Make Yourself Re-Lovable

This column was inspired by a very long and intimate session with a sissy husband (client) who had moved into the Maid’s room over a year ago.

At the time, I imagined that this move out of his wife’s bed and into the maid’s room was logical, inevitable, and pleasurable for all parties.

After all, the wife had long ceased believing that her sissy husband was a ‘man’. She, the wife, had not allowed herself to be entered by his sissy-clitty for many years… and the only kind of satisfaction her sissy husband was allowed to enjoy was a rare rub against the wife’s bottom, to be followed by a quick ejaculation — off the sheets…!

Much as she enjoyed humiliating her husband in front of their friends and neighbors, the wife was no longer amused by her husband’s frivolous crossdressing cycles.

The husband, you see, did nothing in the house except for dressing up…. What a horror!

So let’s return to the theme of 5 Ways to Make Yourself Re-Lovable :

1. Don’t ever forget that Sissies have no credit. Every day is a new day. Every time you put on a dress you start fresh, with a score of “zero”. You do not get any Sissy Points for looking pretty yesterday. You need to look pretty today.

2. When girls dress up, sissies, they do so to make themselves prettier… Dressing up goes hand in hand with primping up, waxing, smoothing, perfuming, moussing, making up, etc etc etc etc
A sissy in a maid’s outfit with hairy legs and a 2 day beard is not really lovable, is he…?

3. Your Sissy Maid role begins with domestic prettification. First, you prettify the house. Then, you prettify yourself.

4. Don’t repeat yourself. The most enjoyable massage perfumed too long and too many times becomes dull, insensible, and annoying.

5. Always ask to be corrected. Assume that you have done at least one or two things wrong.

6. Sign up for a Woman’s Yoga class. Or Maybe Pilates. Get yourself a Lululemon outfit and imitate the girls.

7. Do your maid’s work so well that your Mistress is asked: “who does your housework?”? When she loans you out to her friends you can make yourself loved, all over again.

5 Ways To Make Your Wife Dominate You In Bed (& Out)

For all those sissy husbands who desperately want your wife to dominate you….

  1. Lose your job. Then remind her that she has always wanted “a wife”, and now she has one! Explain to her that now its your turn to be the housekeeper, to clean, cook, shop, fetch and take care of the kids, organize the home repairs, do the accounts, pack her bags for her next business trip… Then take your turn as a 50’s housewife….
  2. Watch a Doris Day movie, preferably the one with James Garner, where Doris sells soap perfectly from 1959. Then imagine yourself as Doris Day whenever you are with your wife. Smile prettily. Accommodate her. Praise her lavishly for small everyday acts. Ask her for a list of things to do today, every day, and then request feedback on how you did them and how you can do them better. Be grateful for her criticism. Demonstrate that gratitude with a foot rub, a neck rub, an unexpected gift, a show of appreciation…. every day. Don’t forget to smile.
  3. Schedule a three way conversation with Mistress Alexa (888-411-1230) — between you the sissy husband, your hesitant but devoted wife, and Alexa. Alexa will ask you both to make a wish list of 5 things you most long for from your spouse. (We already know what  your list says!) She will talk to your wife separately and make sure her list is demanding and adventuresome. Then she will monitor you and your wife as you work your way down the list.
  4. Invite your mother in law to stay with the family for a while. Pay all travel expenses. When she comes to the front door, greet her wearing an apron, and a Doris Day smile. (see above). Spend long hours over coffee and cookies talking about celebrities….mention the Kaitlin Jenner/Kardashian transition often. Throw some panties (your size) and bras (with false cups) in the wash along with the usual T-shirts and socks. When she asks you where to put the freshly washed largish women’s undergarments, blush and tell her to ask her daughter…
  5. Buy your wife a Kegel Trainer app (and device) – for example, this one: Pelvic floor exercises for men and women and tell her that you want to work out together. Make sure you put the work out toy in your pussy, just like she does. afptech Then insist that she test your muscles at least once a week to measure your progress…. (with a strap on)

5 Things A Sissy Does When the Wife Leaves Home

5 Things Sissy Does When Wife Goes Away

  1. Calls Mistress Alexa to tell her that Wifey is probably with a real man, with a real dick, and is getting the sexual pounding she can’t get from a sissy husband!
  2. Calls Mistress Alexa to tell her that he is in his wife’s closet, wearing her panties, her stockings, her bra… and wants to dress up ALL THE TIME!
  3. Calls Mistress Alexa to tell her that his wife has packed the sexy lingerie he gave her, that she NEVER wears for him, and that she just emailed him a selfie of herself in her hotel room wearing a lacy nightie with matching crotchless panties…. Why do you think she sent me this, Mistress Alexa?
  4. Calls Mistress Alexa to tell her that his wife has  locked him  into a chastity belt for the duration of her out of town trip — and that he is feeling horny and wants to be used like the slut that he is… can Mistress help?
  5. Calls Mistress Alexa to tell her that his wife’s best friend is coming over with a special surprise… and he thinks that the special surprise is his wife’s best friend’s husband… He wants Mistress to get him ready….