Midsummer Sissy Cuckold Fantasy

Midsummer, Sissy lies on his balcony in the heat, in his panties, and imagines his wife…..

I understood her frustration; I felt the same way and she was just as sexual as I. But to hear her say she needed to get fucked and was honestly thinking about finding some men (MEN? plural?) to give her a nasty shagging, was painful. Since my injury, I couldn’t get hard or I’d risk ripping open the sutures.

This ruled out everything, including eating her pussy — which she had trained me to do and I was forever grateful since I enjoyed it as much as anything in the world. But if I were to suck her now, I would get to feel her orgasm on my face but I’d also get a massive erection and re-injure myself-when I was just days away from being able to serve her once again.

The chastity device would be off–it was a huge reason I had healed quickly, preventing my cock from hardening–and I would get into her like a bad dream-not leaving for hours. I had waited; couldn’t she go 3 more days, too? She said that since I couldn’t get hard in my cock-cage, she might as well bring HARD cocks back home, tie me to a chair and have me watch and take notes as she got her cunt ravaged by SUCCESSFUL spurting dicks.

I knew she was just venting, but hours later when she was leaving to meet her sister, I was nevertheless glad to be in chastity (for my own protection) and knew full well that her sis (my keyholder) would never betray my wife and secretly release my cock from its prison–no matter how big the bribe. I just needed these 2 or 3 days to fly by. I might even be healed enough to fuck her now, but since I couldn’t see my dick, I just had to go by the doctors estimate-despite knowing I was a rapid healer.

Looks like this: http://sissycd4cock.tumblr.com/post/140506286235

Now I had to get the nasty image of my wife splayed open on our bed as I sat, restrained, 4 feet away- watching her being fucked by a happier, larger, more manly cock…  I fell asleep and dreamed out bbc, big beautiful cocks, and my wife riding them all….

Check out the archive… http://sissycd4cock.tumblr.com/archive

Hours later, I ventured out to the living room and was greeted by my tipsy wife.     Her hair loose, nipples stiff against her torn blouse, lipstick smeared and her panties visible–hanging out of her purse. As she opened her mouth-no doubt to give me some sort of explanation–I was surprised at the words she had chosen for this. “I haven’t sucked that much cock in a LONNNGGG time!”–she stammered proudly. I was aghast and stood with my mouth open as she began relating her ‘apology’:

“We were shooting pool and the guys bought me a few drinks and felt me up and it was all just in fun. Next thing I knew, I was bent over the pool table and held down and had a nice dick rammed up my cunt–oh babe, it was so fucking hot! It turned me on immensely and I started offering blow-jobs and then–!

“WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?!”, I screamed. 

“I’m saying that I got fucking pounded by HARD dick, you pathetic faggot! come here!!”

I did as ordered and watched as she took a key from her purse, tugged my panties down and freed my cock from its recent incarceration. “You’ll get hard and be ready to fuck in 15 minutes or I’ll find more men tomorrow–and YOU WILL WATCH!”

I could hardly believe what she had been telling me. as I brought my eyes up to meet hers, she began grinning and I saw that she was staring at my downed panties–and my rising cock.

“You little slut”, she sneered, “your clitty is swelling! You like this!”–maybe, but it was ending right now, since I was getting a hard-on, right? She reached out and lightly stroked my red swollen meat—-“mmmmmm”, was all she said. In seconds I was on the verge of exploding but she wasn’t ready to allow that and told me to kneel and get the strangers out of her cunt.

‘Do what??’, I mumbled.

“Suck the jizz out of my pussy, so you’ll have room in there for your HARD dick”!!!

‘Seriously’? I asked. 

“Either that or I go find someone to do it for me”.

In seconds I was before her and she smiled smugly, “oh and sweety, do take your time about it”. I  began at the inside of her left knee where the sticky, liquid river had its origin……..

Author: alexa

Mistress Alexa has a loinwrenching voice that hypnotizes, transfixes and controls her subjects. How long will it take her to make you feel loved? Call now: 866-57-SISSY and find out. $99 for 30 minutes.