Sissy Dress Up Day #8

Ready for your first luncheon? The best way to get ready is to rehearse. What would Jackie Kennedy have worn, is always a good question to ask yourself when staring into the closet. You want something perfectly fitted, very feminine, a dress or a suit; a silk slip, a pointy bra and pointy shoes with kitten heels, a shoulder length bob with upcurl, and a hat.

Practice walking in front of the mirror, holding your pocketbook on your forearm, just below your elbow. Smile without showing teeth.

Now for table manners. Eat nothing that could get stuck between your teeth, or dye them blue, or smell. Soup is good, casseroles, pasta. White foods. Do not let go of your knife and shift your fork to your right hand when placing the food in your mouth. Practice feeding yourself with your left hand. Try not to aim at your eye or clutch at the cutlery with your fist, like a pithecanthropoid.

Take small dainty bites, with your mouth SHUT. When you practice at home, do so with a tape recorder going. Make sure you do not  slurp or snap or snort like a Bulgarian hog farmer.  Eat quietly, and make conversation with your fork down. First with the girl on  your right, then with the girl on your left.

Tip exactly 12%.

Author: alexa

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