Mistress Knows Best

when mistress knows best

when mistress knows best

Every good woman deserves a male maid. Because male maids are notoriously unreliable, they need strict training in housework. It is not enough for male maids to dress up in satin and lace and maids uniforms, they must remember that they have domestic duties.   Of course, the foremost duty of a domestic servant is to attend to his mistress’s needs – not to seek his own pleasure.  When sissy maids forget their place, a good mistress must correct them by means of physical and/or psychological punishment.   This is because “Mistress knows best”.

The ladies in these stories know exactly how to put a man in his place, leaving him in no doubt as to who’s the maid and who’s the mistress! Enjoy learning about all the fun and useful toys and tools that the ladies  use to keep the sissies in their place: chastity belts, corsets, buttplugs and strap-ons…

Domestic Bliss Sissy Maid Story

Domestic Bliss, My Life as a Supermodel’s Maid by Debra Rose is a 3 part novel about a young man  who finds “domestic bliss” as the sissy maid of a very beautiful, very forceful, fashion model. Bobbie, a submissive photographer’s assistant is used to relinquishing his own desires, used to serving, used to being treated as a vaguely feminine, vaguely “girlfriendish” man.

The progressive feminization and domestication of this “man” is a fantasy that many of my sissies will appreciate. Available in PDF form on Lulu.com: http://www.lulu.com/shop/sandy-thomas/domestic-bliss-1/ebook/product-4311369.html

Mistress Runs Maid Service:: You interested?

A client told me the other day that it was time to make his fantasy real: he doesn’t want to talk about dressing up in panties and an apron and a cleaning woman’s babushka… he wants to dress up in panties and a silly apron and a babushka and work as a maid in a real house for a real maid service….  Why would I want to hire you, the Mistress asked him, when he told her about his fantasy.

The client said: “I will pay you if you let me clean these houses. I will give you as much as you get to clean the house, and if you are not satisfied with my performance… you can charge me extra, Mistress.”

The Mistress said she would think about it.

Sissy Husbands Make Happy Wives

Sissy husbands don’t just share responsibilities — they blissfully take up domestic chores and even dress up for them!

Sissy husbands do things according to a better division of labor which benefits both spouses.

The more wives perceived that sissies were engaged in domestic, womanly, feminizing  labor, the better the relationship felt to both husband and wife.

Wives in our study viewed feminization and sissy maid training as essential to a happier household.

sissy husbands make happy wives


Cleaning and cooking and nesting help sissy husbands to connect with their wives, and that connection is critical to better coupling. Sissy husbands not only make their wives happy, they make happy wives.

When a man is treated as a sissy at home, when he gets into his sissy apron and puts on his sissy heels, he no longer has to play at being powerful, decisive, bossy. He can de-stress, feel safe,and focus on serving: his wife, his mistress, his goddess. Sissy husbands make wives happy.

A sissy husband can also use domestic duties  to connect with his wife throughout the day, even if it’s just washing her undies or picking up her dry cleaning….

Doing simple sissy things makes husbands last longer and feel better!

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2314406/Why-sharing-chores-makes-marriage-Couples-happier-men-pull-weight.html#ixzz4QCZHqdHi

Sissy Maid On Heels

Why WOULD she be mad? He had done all the chores Mistress Alexa had left him with-and done a good job, too. The last thing she had done before leaving with her girlfriend was humiliate him thoroughly by having him in his heels and hose along with his frilly apron-nothing else-dusting in the entryway when Sis arrived and came thru.

Dusting wasnt so bad, but having to do it with my hands chained to my sides and a feather duster stuffed up my bottom was a challenge. Balanced on my heels and backing up to objects and shaking my ass at them was difficult, but it certainly amused the stronger women in the room as they laughed a bit too hard. Good bitch, my Mistress chortled-shake that ass! practice that! Youll soon be doing it on a street corner!

I had to be careful not to break anything, so it took forever to complete a simple task. Just before She left, Mistress Alexa told me to get my sissy dick hard so that it would slide out from under my apron. (How embarrassing!) She wasn’t unchaining my hands either. I stood and started shaking my hips in the hopes that my swinging cock would rub against my lacy apron for Mistress Alexa.

As i felt it respond slightly the two of them could not help laughing at my predicament as i bent my knees and mounted the corner of the couch and attempted to give IT a rollicking fuck, but it was too low to really help. i was like a full balloon trying to run into a pin and Mistress finally came over and reached under my apron. Staring me right in the eyes with a devilish smile, she slowly stroked my cock until my knees were quivering and i had filled her fist with solid meat. She stopped and lifted my apron and grabbed a hold as though she were selecting something at the corner deli.

She walked away and grabbed her purse and unchained my hands and told me to get a move on-finish those chores. and i had-finished them all. So why shouldnt i go surfing with my buddies? We were only gonna be out a couple hours and only if we were happy with the waves. i mean if the waves were great, we may just stay for a few sets-if that. hell yeah, its barely 11 am, lets go. and i did-coming home a little after 12:30, to a Mistress sitting at her computer, quietly. i quickly showered and asked her if she would like some lunch.
“I already ate. did you have fun, you little cumbucket?”

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Enslaved Sissy Maid

Dear Sissies and Maids, I’ve been an enslaved sissy maid for Mistress Alexa for quite some time but I’m writing today to tell other sissies about the reason I’ve been calling her for over 10 years! As you can imagine, I’ve been dressing up as a maid and a call girl since high school – when I won my first “Beauty Contest” (after losing a bet to my football friends). I’m submissive, very easy to boss around and eager to serve. I talk as much as a girl and love to gossip and shop and try on different dresses and shoes when my wife is out of town and my Mistress gives me permission to put on makeup and falsies and stick on nails…. During these long weekends I fantasize about serving both Men and Women as a sissy maid, as my Mistress desires.

Because of my placid manner and almost feminine face and figure, Mistress Alexa liked to dress me up in black lingerie, short tight dresses, aprons, stay-up nylons,and 4” stiletto pumps. Mistress Alexa instructed me on how to make up my face and told me to buy a dark page-boy wig. I was always turned on by my feminized image in the mirror. The prettier I look, the more often Mistress Alexa sent me out on the street where I would receive admiring glances from the men I passed.

I would became horny from being looked at, from all those men who wanted my female sex; but Mistress Alexa disciplined me, tied me up and kept me feminized and chaste the whole night. I was bound and feminized and made to look at maid’s uniforms and panties and aprons and stockings for hours and hours. Every time I wanted sex, Mistress Alexa would give me Transvestite and She-male catalogs and told me to circle all the sluttiest clothes I could one day wear.

She would give me homework assignments, and call every day with the sissy-do list – naming all the womanly things around the house. I was thrilled to do so, as I was then able to stay feminized all the time. I did the cleaning and cooking in either a French maid uniform and 4” to 7” stilettos or a pink or satin locking sissy maids bondage uniform, ruffled socks and Mary Janes or Sylvia Doll Shoes, and always penis gagged and in chains and leather wrist and ankle cuffs. I also wore schoolgirl outfits, gowns,velvet dresses, leopard outfits, skirts, tops and hosiery, lingerie, etc.

It was such fun for Mistress Alexa to see me looking like a sexy socialite, French or sissy maid, school girl in penny loafers, or a leopard bikini-clad jungle girl a ‘5Os bondage model icon Betty Page. (I would email her photos of myself after dressing up according to her orders).

Mistress Alexa also instructed me on using feminizing creams and pills, on how important it was for me to sleep tied up in a corset and stiletto heels, to diet and exercise so as to give my hips and butt a rounder shape…

If a Sissy Maid Behaves Badly

A sissy is and must remain insecure and emotional to be able to please his demanding mistress. Sissies who are insecure need daily if not hourly affirmation that they are useful, and usable; that they are worthy of their Mistress, that they have done something good, or something almost good. Sissies need praise, and blame. They need rewards, and the also need punishment.

Spankings are excellent ways to punish sissies because they humiliate, infantilize, and mark the body as a possession of the Mistress.

When a sissy is naughty she needs to be punished; and  she knows that she must be punished. It is important for the Mistress to punish the sissy as soon as possible after the bad behavior, or the sissy will become confused. Sissies must be told why they are being punished, and they must be told how they will be punished, and also that the Mistress will enjoy the punishment!   Not punishing a sissy can be cruel and

every owner should realize and remember this.  An over the knee

spanking in a punishment dress with hands locked behind his back and skirt and

petticoats up then time in the corner preferably in front of others is the best

overall method.


A Sissy Maid Day

What is a typical day in the life of a sissy maid?


When your Mistress evaluates you based on the Sissy Maid Questionnaire & Test, she will determine how much preparation you need to begin your submission and service. You may need to lose weight, to

have your body hair removed, your hair done, your lashes and brows shaped and dyed, and of course, your manners…

The Mistress will map out an entire schedule for the reconstruction of your sissy habits. She may insist on your giving up your male clothes, your male life, your male identity….

She may, on the other hand, decide to take you on as a day maid only! Be prepared ….



The Morning of a Sissy Maid:


After a good sleep, the sissy maid wakes up early in the morning with her Mistress on her mind.

Once the sissy maid is dressed she should be ready to serve, at the bedside or the door to the Mistress’ chamber. If the sissy is scheduled to drive her Mistress, she needs to prepare the Mistress’ boots or shoes, coat and baggage. If a cook, she needs to prepare breakfast for her Mistress — on a tray, with flowers, and the paper, and perhaps an offer of a massage or a tonguing. If the mistress is also a chamber maid, she should be trained in manicures and pedicures, in massage, in hairstyling, and makeup. Some Mistresses wish to have their sissy maids assist with bathing, washing and rinsing her buttocks, her back, her legs, her feet.

While the Mistress takes her bath, the sissy maid coordinates her outfit for the day. If the sissy is styled in Fashion, she will have clothes, shoes, bag and jewelry matched up in advance, and she will drape the garments on the settee, or hang them in pretty arrangements in the manner the Mistress will wear them. She must always anticipate every need of the Mistress.

The sissy maid’s very purpose is to please the Mistress. Sometimes the sissy will enjoy her chores, sometimes not. She must appear the same way in each event, always behaving as if the chore is urgent and significant. The sissy maid must demonstrate her appreciation of the Mistress body, her personality, her beauty, her possessions. She must praise the dress, the hair, the makeup, the morning face, the powerful femininity.

The sissy maid is always on call, and the Mistress may use any method she chooses to guarantee that the sissy maid remains attentive, ready, and present for duty. A silver bell, an electronic prod, a remote control dildo beeper, a cell phone inserted into her core sex….


 Sissy Maid Afternoons:

Once the Mistress is made up and perfumed and has had one or two orgasms,  the sissy maid  prepares herself for use.

Sometimes she is  fucked, but more often she is forced to service the Mistress in a variety of measures, or simply to dress in bizarre and often humiliating costumes and walk in front of her. She shops with her, through the mail, or outdoors, in seedy lingerie shops, and dark little fetish stores. She may not pass at first, that is, she may still look more like a transvestite   than  a woman, but because she is fed one or two Feminization cocktails daily, she will feel her body changing. Her hair grows faster and longer, and her skin is softer and rounder and moister…

The sissy maid’s efforts are graded based on her dedication to her Mistress, her excellence at her domestic routines, and her readiness to sexualize her every act, for the pleasure of her Mistress.   Of course, any task that involves flesh on flesh contact with the Mistress is a treat which Sissy Maids covet.

A Sissy Maid’s Evening:

She is  strapped into the pleasure corset every night, and  audiotapes played underneath her pillow, and images of her transformed feminine body  dance in front of my eyes. If the sissy maid is on a sissy slut, cocksucking or humiliation track, then she is shown videos of soft penises, hard penises, men moaning in ecstasy, and made to suck  away at the penis shaped gag in her mouth, bucking with orgasmic energy. Again, the sissy maid should be trained in cooking and table design, serving the meal on heels and smelling faintly of yeast….

The sissy maid stands nearby to refill Mistress’wineglass  or feed her by hand if desired. The sissy maid serves desserts,and secures the entertainment for the night.   Each Mistress has different needs and desires, so
she may wish to have her bed turned down, she may not. It may even be a duty of the sissy maid to lay out the Mistress’s nightclothes, or even, attend to her bedtime pleasures.




Sissy Maid Training 888-411-1230

Sissy maids are submissive men who like to dress up as women and serve women, (ideally, a Mistress, or sometimes a wife or girlfriend). Sissy maids dress in French maid uniforms with petticoats, stockings, garters, black high heels, and if the Mistress permits, a pair of ruffled sissy maid panties. Sissy maids who want to serve domestically enjoy the humiliation and servitude associated with cleaning, scrubbing, and polishing on their knees, wearing heels. Mistress Alexa often talks with these sissies once a week, after their big cleaning day, and treats them to feminized orgasms in their tight little uniforms.

Sissy Maid Training Sessions

A typical sissy maid training session begins with a sissy maid uniform and a Sissy List. The style and color of the sissy maid uniform is determined by Mistress Alexa. She often spends part of the session shopping with the sissy, making sure the sissy has all the right undergarments, tools, toys, and cleaning supplies Every morning Mistress Alexa texts or emails the sissy her LIST, on which various chores – like washing dishes, dusting, sweeping and mopping, grocery shopping, peeling and cooking, washing and ironing clothes, and entertaining – are written down, and which the sissy maid is expected to perform and check off the list.. For the sissy maid who has signed up for a Special Session, the list may also include licking and cleaning the Mistress’ beautiful pussy, and hand-washing her lingerie.