Sissy Story

Sissy Story

Why read a sissy story? Let’s say that you are a submissive. You are excited by the idea of submitting to a woman who controls you. You may know that you want to be dominated: but how? How would a mistress dominate you? Would she insult you? Would she call you names? Would she make you feel weak? Would she humiliate you? Would she encourage you to be more feminine?  Would she hypnotize you? These are all very different things.

A sissy story about a woman who controls you through hypnosis, like Pussy Control, lets you imagine yourself as the subject of a Mistress who can talk you into submission. Hence in Pussy Control, Mistress Alexa says:

Look into my nipples and relax. Relax, sink deeper down. You can’t not look, sleep. Your eyes are heavy, but you want to keep them open. Perky nipples, sleep! Stare into my nipples, don’t close your eyes, too heavy, you have to close your eyes. Nipples are too much for your weakening mind. Relax, perky nipples, sleep, bouncing sleep, jiggling, sleep.” He fell deeply into a sleepy trance and slumped in the recliner.

It is by commanding you to do something that the Mistress effects her control.

On the other hand, a sissy story about a Mistress who humiliates you by spanking you in front of your boss,  like Humiliation Mistress,  involves you in an imaginary identity:

And so, Kirk, dressed in a woman’s blouse, skirt and high heels, wriggled helplessly … he was shamed in front of his boss, he was humiliated by being forced into women’s clothes, and he was embarrassed because his tiny penis was getting harder and harder with every downward fall of the paddle.

This imaginary identity, Kirk,  may be exciting to inhabit for the duration of a session with Mistress Alexa, although it is nothing that you have ever experienced before.  Reading the story lets you point to what excites you and inform Alexa  of the kind of images, the kind of scenario  she can use to rock your world….


How to discipline a naughty son

How to discipline a naughty son? Dress him up as a girl.  When Pat refuses to obey his mother,  she decides that drastic methods are needed to discipline him.  She makes him wear a dress whenever he wants to leave the house.  Imagine all the ways that this simple change of clothes can transform a son’s demeanour!


After he refuses to go to a barber, his mother forces him to go to a beauty salon… Dressed up like a girl, Pat learns to behave.

Working in a Skirt – Sissy Stories

set to work in a skirtMore Sissy Stories

Set to Work in a Skirt by Emily Masters

Isn’t it obvious that a man’s status changes when he no longer wears a suit and tie when he goes to work.  When he works for a strict female boss,  a  secretary must do more than merely dress up, he must dress as a woman in order to work at a woman’s job!   A male temp must know how to type, how to file, how to fetch coffee, but also how to  “attend  to his employer’s  intimate needs”.  He must do exactly as he’s told, show his subordination to all of his female colleagues, submit to this “office feminization”. 
Read about submissive men in  stories about sissy secretaries who must pass as one of the girls.   

Skirting the Issue

Skirting the Issue is a story about a young attorney who must defend against a feminist attack on his all male club. In retaliation, he  dresses like a woman to spy on a female social club and prove that they discriminate against men. The club rules don’t  specify that only women can join, but they do say that members must present smooth legs, shaven or waxed, well fitted bras, black or flesh toned panty hose, and they must “maintain a high level of hygiene”.

Read Skirting the Issue


Sissy Beauty Salon Story

Primping to Perfection is a Sissy Beauty Salon story by D. Crease, and can be purchased on, downloadable as a PDF file.

primping to perfection sissy beauty salon story

It is the story of Rob, who dresses as a girl because he works as a nail tech at a beauty shop. His mother has always encouraged his feminization, and brushes his hair each night. She gives him hormones to help him along and indeed he has grown breasts,  and is getting curvier and curvier. One day his mother makes an appointment for him with Jeannette, an expert cosmetologist…  He is drugged, and when he wakes up and looks in the mirror, he realizes Jeannette has transformed his face with permanent makeup: ruby red lips, eye liner, thick lush lashes and arched eyebrows! He is upset with his mother for days…. but he is so pretty that men everywhere stare as he walks by…

Domestic Bliss Sissy Maid Story

Domestic Bliss, My Life as a Supermodel’s Maid by Debra Rose is a 3 part novel about a young man  who finds “domestic bliss” as the sissy maid of a very beautiful, very forceful, fashion model. Bobbie, a submissive photographer’s assistant is used to relinquishing his own desires, used to serving, used to being treated as a vaguely feminine, vaguely “girlfriendish” man.

The progressive feminization and domestication of this “man” is a fantasy that many of my sissies will appreciate. Available in PDF form on

Sissy Marriage

A Change in a Sissy Marriage:

As a sissy, it is natural for you to want to change your marriage, to change the way your wife views you, treats you, has sex with you…. to share your sissiness, your softness, your submissiveness with your wife. This is one of the popular themes for a phone session – what happens when your wife

  • discovers you are a sissy
  • knows that you are crossdressing
  • acknowledges that you are not man enough to satisfy her
  • enjoys your submissive sissy self
  • tells you that she is sleeping with other men
  • wants you to watch while she has sex with other men
  • wants to dress you up in front of her boyfriend

and more!

A Change in Our Marriage – The Sissy Cuckold

The story “A Change in Our Marriage – The Sissy Cuckold” starts with  a wife catching her husband looking at cuckold web sites. She decides that she would like to cuckold her husband, and begins to feminize him…  Her “loving accommodation of her husband” is one way to initiate ‘a change in the marriage’. Of course, there are other possibilities. Call me at 866-577-4779 to discuss the many other possibilities….

Sissy Fag Cinderella

You feel like a Sissy Fag Cinderella, standing at the center of the party, totally charmed, chatting about hair
salons and the woman at Nordstroms who let you try a dozen different lipsticks and then persuaded you to get a makeover while in the store, with everyone watching! How you are in fact wearing the very makeup from that makeover! You love this kind of female stuff. You feel your pocket book dangling over your wide well exercised Pilates-pumped, well walked ass… you love walking like a girl…it feels so right, so……sissy!

The thought that you are such a sissy, all dressed up and at the party…makes your tiny little penis
stick up and your tiny little oversensitive nipples bud. You are a sissy fag, on a blind date as a
woman, presenting yourself as a well off middle aged career woman, fully perfumed, fully jeweled,
dressed by your stylist and hungry for cock.

You ask one of the women where the Ladies Room is and loving the fact that this is now your rightful destination, you head toward the “Powder Room” – it says “Powder Room” on the door. You are so happy you are giggling, and now you get to do what other women do, sit down and pee, then check your makeup. Oh..sitting down to pee…..not even man enough to stand and pee anymore. You think about how useless you are to your wife …your penis getting smaller, your balls shrinking… You enter the stall, and go about the entire process of hiking up your dress, pulling down the pantyhose, then the panties, feeling for your tiny dick…you actually have to dig for it hidden in the folds of your scrotum and loose skin.

You pee, wipe it dry just like a girl, tuck it back, and balance on those beautiful high heels you bought along with the makeup and the dress and the lingerie. You flush with your shoe and glance into the mirror. Pretty woman!.. pretty hair, pretty makeup, pretty face … love the nails, the cleavage, the smooth arms… your little nipples wake up and you feel… …a tiny sissy orgasm………perfect…just perfect. You put your lipstick back in your purse, and you wiggle out of the Powder Room, perfumed and moist and ready to prove to your Mistress that you really are a sissy fag Cinderella…

For more stories and sissy news, go to, Mistress Alexa’s original website.

When you were young….

She was your babysitter. Well, not exactly. She was 17 and you were …12? 13? She came straight after school, and she went to a girl’s school — so she wore a uniform. Tights, short Scottish skirt, white blouse which toward the end of highschool was much too tight for her largish breasts and through which you could count every single flower on her very lacy bra.

Then when you were home for Christmas, you saw her. And you felt the same way you did when you were 12. She made you want to put on her panties. She made you want to sit on her lap and smell her hair. She made you want to dress up for her….