Mistress Knows Best

when mistress knows best

when mistress knows best

Every good woman deserves a male maid. Because male maids are notoriously unreliable, they need strict training in housework. It is not enough for male maids to dress up in satin and lace and maids uniforms, they must remember that they have domestic duties.   Of course, the foremost duty of a domestic servant is to attend to his mistress’s needs – not to seek his own pleasure.  When sissy maids forget their place, a good mistress must correct them by means of physical and/or psychological punishment.   This is because “Mistress knows best”.

The ladies in these stories know exactly how to put a man in his place, leaving him in no doubt as to who’s the maid and who’s the mistress! Enjoy learning about all the fun and useful toys and tools that the ladies  use to keep the sissies in their place: chastity belts, corsets, buttplugs and strap-ons…

Mistress Runs Maid Service:: You interested?

A client told me the other day that it was time to make his fantasy real: he doesn’t want to talk about dressing up in panties and an apron and a cleaning woman’s babushka… he wants to dress up in panties and a silly apron and a babushka and work as a maid in a real house for a real maid service….  Why would I want to hire you, the Mistress asked him, when he told her about his fantasy.

The client said: “I will pay you if you let me clean these houses. I will give you as much as you get to clean the house, and if you are not satisfied with my performance… you can charge me extra, Mistress.”

The Mistress said she would think about it.

Caring for your Sissy Face

Do you know that caring for your face  can make you feel more like a woman?

  • ESSENCE. …

Create a pretty space in front of a big mirror with natural lighting. Assemble bottles and jars and packets full of notions and potions.

Part of the Korean Beauty routine is a sheet mask. Use your mask time to meditate on how you want your sissy face to look.


When a sissy puts on her Sheet Mask  she engages in a skin-nourishing ritual during which she can meditate on her becoming-woman, imagine what she wants the face to look like underneath the mask, and beautify both  her ‘self’ and her ‘sex’.



Asian Skincare Guide: The Korean Skincare Routine

Humiliation Menu for Whores in Training

Humiliation Menu for Sissy Whores in Training

I. Clothing humiliation for sissy whores:

  1. 1.Black or dark colored bra under thin white shirt.
    2.Black or dark colored panties under thin white pants or shorts.
    3.Pantyhose worn with shorts.
    4.Wear a frilly bikini at the beach. [or just the bottom.]
    5.Naked or dressed in lingerie beneath a cape or raincoat.
    6.Wearing an obviously feminine blouse (malesubs).
    7.Little girls’ dresses with high heels
    8.Baby hats/bonnets.
    9.Obvious female flat heel shoes, worn with everyday male clothing.
    10.Standard male shirt, tie, jacket, with obvious female trousers.
    11.Diapers, noisy plastic pants.
    12.High heels.
    13.Females, braless, with a sheer white or light colored blouse.
    14.No underwear or lingerie, while wearing very thin white or light colored pants, shorts, or skirt.

II. Humiliating Toys for Sissies to Wear & Mistresses to Abuse:

  1. 1.Slave collar ( can add owner tag.)
    2.Narrow cat collar with bell.
    3.Single handcuff on each wrist.
    4.Butt plugs. Can be worn at a business meeting.
    5.Feminine necklaces and bracelets.
    6.Feminine rings.
    7.Cock rings.
    8.Baby pacifier. Carry or tied around neck. There is a doggie “squeek toy” like this available.
    9.Baby rattle.
    10.Nipple clips. [even better when seen through a sheer shirt or blouse]
    11.Clip on earrings [for the pierced impaired.]
    12.A “kitty” collar with bell, worn around the cock and balls.
    13. A visible but not obvious collar for a scarf whore….:humiliation menu for whores in training

III. Humiliating Shopping scenes:

It should be obvious the purchases are for the sub.

1.Shopping for and trying on lingerie or dresses.
2.Trying on high heels while wearing nylons or pantyhose under male clothing. Works better at times other than
3.Shopping for makeup, perfumes, and other female items.
4.At adult toy stores, purchasing buttplugs, cock rings, and BD gear, while she watches from a distance. [see #7]
5.Having a manicure or facial.
6.Buying adult incontinent supplies. [works for both genders]. Have the sub ask the clerk what size would fit best.
7.You are taken shopping for a new bondage outfit at one of those famous stores [insert shameless plug for Stormy Leather
in San Francisco. Hey, forgive me, it is the one store I never miss when I am working in the City.]
8.She walks up to him in the check out line at the grocery store, holding a pair of pantyhose and says “these are what I
picked up for you to wear tonight. Ok?”

IV. Other humiliation activities or scenes:

  1. Must use “Mistress”, Madame”, or “Ma’am” at all times.
    2.Handcuffed to the shopping cart, while shopping.
    3.Handcuffed or tied to a pole outside store. (waiting for Mistress)
    4.Handcuffed, hands in front or back, while shopping.
    5.Metal cockrings, collars, chains, or leashes when going through airport security.
    6.Having him get a good tan while wearing a bra, for later exposure at the beach or while washing the car without a shirt.
    7.When at a restaurant, eating in an unusual way; being fed by the Mistress; using your non- dominant hand, no utensils.
    8.Forbidden to speak in public.
    9.Kneeling and kissing her boots, shoes, feet, or hands, at odd moments.
    10.Kneeling, massaging her feet at the mall.
    11.One arm tied or cuffed under your shirt. Or cuffed obviously behind you.
    12.Pockets cut out of pants, and hands tied or cuffed to your thighs so you can’t remove them from the pockets.
    13.Binding your cock inside your pants with the string or rope end available to tug on.
    14.Wearing a vibrating butt plug, with the controls in your pocket or available for her use. [still dreaming of a source for a
    remote control plug ;} A Vibrating Beeper was recently suggested]
    15.Your right [left?] hand is tied to your cock and balls through a hole in your pocket. Might look like you are playing with
    16.Being forced to masturbate beneath the table cloth while at a restaurant.
    17.You both are sitting in a restaurant, dressed completely normal. She hands you a bag of ‘stuff’ and tells you to go to the
    restroom and change. You worry that everyone who enters will know what you are doing.
    18.You are sitting drinking a beer or apple juice. When the glass is empty, she orders you to take it to the men’s room and
    fill it up. You must return and then consume your “new” beverage with your meal.
    19.You must take your beverage to the men’s room, masturbate, and cum in the glass/cup. Return and then consume it, This
    would also work with the special sauce from that famous place.
    20.You have to take your panties or underpants off, return to the table and hand them to her. She leaves them on the table in
    plain view.
    21.Female subs in skirts, ordered to remove panties while seated at the table, hand them to the Mistress, then sit with naked
    ass on the seat.
    22.You must undress prior to entering your/her car when going home for the evening.
    23.She calls you at work and says you have ‘xx’mins to masturbate and cum.
    24.On a special evening, as you travel around in a rented limousine, you are required to masturbate, trying not to be seen by
    the driver.
    25.You are required to masturbate in your panties and continue wearing them, disregarding any spots that may appear.
    26.You are diapered, taken out to a restaurant or bar and have to consume a large quantity of liquid, and are not allowed to
    use the restroom.
    27.Traveling by car naked or dressed in lingerie.
    28.You are obviously hand cuffed to the car as you travel, or are parked waiting for her to finish shopping. A key can be
    attached to a thread for emergency purposes.
    29.Wearing lipstick or make up so that it appears you have just tried to remove it, but missed some.
    30.Having your picture taken in Santa’s lap at Christmas time.
    31.She hands the controls of your vibrating plug, dildo to another person.
    32.Having to show another person what you are wearing beneath the raincoat or cape.
    33.Shining her boots at the mall.
    34.She spanks you.
    35.She slaps you.
    36.You have to eat a doggie snack at lunch.
    37.You have to kiss the ground whenever you leave a car.
    38.You kiss the seat of her chair whenever she stands.
    39.Ordering warm milk, or some other almost impossible item, claiming dietary need.
    40.You have to eat a bite of something that has had an ash flicked on it.
    41.The Mistress takes her female sub into the restroom and performs an on the spot vaginal/rectal examine, attaches a variety
    of ‘toys’ or clamps.
    42.You are taken on a nature walk, tied to a tree, for a quickie spanking.
    43.One hand is cuffed to the chair or table when you are eating.
    44.At a cocktail lounge, you have to sit at the bar next to the serving station and you are cuffed to the rail.
    45.You are instructed to eat a meal alone, reading a copy of Domination Directory International, other Dominatrix
    publication, or a transvestite magazine.
    46.Smoking long, obviously feminine cigarettes.
    47.In a parking lot or similar location, just before you will be safely hidden from spectators, she has you pause and wet
    yourself. You have to walk the last few yards with wet clothes.
    48.On your ‘x’ anniversary, you renew your wedding vows, this time you are dressed as the bride.
    49.When you travel alone, you are required to leave lingerie or stockings drying in the bathroom.
    50.You are instructed to buy a halloween maid’s costume. Whenever you travel you must leave it hanging in the hotel room
    along with your regular clothing. Leaving a pair of high heels out would work too.
    51.Tape rough felt or very very fine sandpaper inside a shirt over the nipples. Effect should be stimulation, not damage.
    52.Reciting all your rules in front of others, at her whim.
    53.Temporary “slave” tattoos or other markings, hidden or not.
    54.Always walking a foot or two behind her. speeding up to open doors.
    55.She pays for everything, with possible comments like “Oh I never allow him to carry money!”
    56.If no seats are available, puts you on all fours and sits on your back.
    57.Doing some of the “hidden” little things like plugs, nipple clamps, cock rings, in the church of her/your choice.
    58.Keeping your legs shaved.
    59.Keeping the genitals shaved.
    60.Having ribbons/bows braided into the genital hair.
    61.Carrying a doll around, brushing its hair, playing with it.
    62.When dining out, sub is not allowed to order, is fed little bites from her plate.
    63.While she is sitting on a chair, you sit on pool deck beside her, even though there are chairs available next to you.
    64.Wear a cock ring with a very long, strong, almost invisible thread attached. She can pull on this anytime. Use it like a

humiliation menu for sissy whores in training

The Four Basic Duties of a Sissy

The sissies who telephone me want very much to submit: to yield as much control as possible to a dominant woman, during their session with a Mistress.

Although some of them believe they are submitting, they are not.

Submitting means conceding initiative, relinquishing one’s normal movements, speech, focus. If our sessions were localized, the sissy would begin by kneeling at my feet, naked, and collared. (more on the collar later) This kneeling position means: “I am at your service.”

This is the first duty: the sissy is here to serve my needs.
This refers to doing anything that the Mistress considers relevant. If the mistress is bored, the sissy must entertain; if the mistress is tired, the sissy must prepare the bed, prepare the bath, prepare for the night-time beauty routine, perform whatever incidental tasks are relevant so that the Mistress doesn’t have to…

This brings me to the second duty: to anticipate the needs of the Mistress.
If the Mistress is about to go out to a party, she will be dressing up, putting on makeup, jewelry, perfume, heels… fixing her hair, gathering up the contents of a handbag, etc etc.
The sissy must NOT WAIT for the MISTRESS to tell him what to do. The sissy must imagine what the Mistress will want when she is dressing, when she is putting on her makeup, when she is sitting at her vanity and brushing her hair….

Test: Name at least 5 things the mistress will need before she puts on her makeup!

The third duty of a sissy is to obey orders.
With enthusiasm. With respect. With urgency. Of course, many times the Mistress will order to sissy to do something they do not want to do. This may be a test of authenticity for the sissy: does the sissy submit to the will of the Mistress? Or does the sissy hesitate, procrastinate, or dismiss the order? A sissy who only submits when the Mistress tells them to do what they already want to do is not really submitting. If the sissy is truly a sexual submissive, this lack of submission is deeply dissatisfying. Real pleasure must come from submission.

The fourth duty of a sissy is to play the sissy. The sissy must deliver themselves up as a feminized, submissive, erotic tool. Whether the Mistress prepares them by dressing them up, by humiliating them, by forcing them into a chastity belt and a corset, or by hypnotizing them so that they are psychologically docile… the sissies’ most important duty is to play themselves: a feminized, sissified, submissive, useful and usable subject for a Mistress.

Femme Week

To all my sissies,

Sometimes one of my clients gets a chance to dress up for an extended period of time — and requests a series of sessions with me so that I can dominate his days and nights, supervise his masturbation and dress up sessions, accompany him when he goes shopping, gets made up and made over… Imagine how exciting it would be to have a FULL WEEK OF FEMINIZATION with your mistress on call….

Dear Mistress Alexa:

i want to share the long list of toys and lingerie i have and have ordered to play with during ‘FEMME week’. (As You can see, I’m going to try to use the sub convention of keeping myself in lower case from now on, except for where autocorrect makes it too hard.)

Things i already have:
i just loaded my suitcase with things i already have–some of which i had forgotten about. i’m going to have lots of good vibrations this week.
Pink lacy boyshort panties
Pink silky cami set (the top is a little tight, but the bottoms are great)
two 7″ penis shaped vibrators
Small pink wand vibrator like this Femme Week vibrator
Body massager, kind of like this unnamed-1 – Works well for reaching down and placing against something inside me.
Full size plug-in hitachi magic wand vibrator with dial attachment to vary the vibration strength and additional ‘flutter’ attachment (for giving a clit butterfly kisses)
Long necklace with gold and pearls
A couple of books i once bought from Amazon with the idea of getting my wife on board: How to Start a Female Led Relationship and A Guide for Keyholders
The thing i ordered that i’m most excited about, should arrive by Mon evening:
Customized necklace that looks like this unnamed-2but says “MY SISSY NAME” ??

Things i ordered from Amazon to be delivered:
Spunk lube (lube that is made to look and feel like cum) with a syringe applicator for squirting some inside IMG_1049
These high heels Sissy Slut Shoe I hope to wear these every minute I am alone on the house.
Two pairs of frilly ankle socks, one white and another pink (may arrive a little later in week) unnamed-4

Things i ordered from Adam & Eve to be delivered by Monday
For sucking and deepthroating
Pink 12″ double dildo unnamed-5
Smaller jelly cock for sucking warmup unnamed-6
For my boipussy
Shaped 6.5″ dong/butt plug unnamed-7 . I remember that i once came using something like this about a dozen years ago
Big 10 inch suction cup dildo unnamed-8
No-pierce nipple rings to see what they will look like, if they will stay on my little ones Nipple Rings
A mini vibrator that Adam & Eve threw in for free
Some Iron Grip brand condoms. These condoms are made for men with smaller dicks. I’ve never tried them, but want to try one on. I also like to buy large Magnums at the drug store and try them on to see how I don’t fill them out

From Nordstrom I ordered these pretty things that will get delivered today (I hope they survive on the doorstep until Sunday)unnamed-10
Faggy babydoll and g-string
Pink crotchless panties Pink Crotchless Panties
Pink bralette Pink Bralette
Thigh highs Thigh Highs
Hips & Curves order, arriving today. Again, I hope it survives until Sunday
Nightie and robe, for lounging Nightie and robe for lounging
Ruffle panty Ruffled Pink Panties!
Pearl thong Pearl ThongInline image 3
Pink body jewels unnamed-16
Racerback corset Racerback Corset for Femme Week It will be a challenge to lace severely enough.Sissy Corset
Long fingerless gloves Lacy Fingerless GlovesInline image 7
Cropped ribbed tank. I can pair with the panties from cami set or others to lounge around Inline image 8
And the thing I couldn’t resist when I saw it — French Maid set French Maid Outfit Perfect with the frilly socks and heels.French Maid Set for Femme Week My real French Maid ideal is something more elaborate, like Black & White Sissy Maid OutfitorPink Satin Sissy Maid Uniform but that will have to wait.

As you can see, this is a lot of stuff that can be used in different scenarios. i don’t know if pantylines will be visible under my work uniform, or if the plug will stay in if i go out of the house.

i imagine you selecting what i should wear at any given time from the menu above. i’ll be working out and in control of my diet this week, so i also imagine strict training from you. i also imagine you selecting sissy and cuckold training hypno videos and telling me to watch them, at which time, and talking about them with you.

My big goals remain:
Licking up every drop of cum
A week of sissy immersion at home
Self facial
Ass to mouth dildo (i’m looking for a place for a colonic)
No hands cumming like a girl
Only cumming when you let me
Giving myself over to you, being pushed to my sissy limits


Sissy Maid On Heels

Why WOULD she be mad? He had done all the chores Mistress Alexa had left him with-and done a good job, too. The last thing she had done before leaving with her girlfriend was humiliate him thoroughly by having him in his heels and hose along with his frilly apron-nothing else-dusting in the entryway when Sis arrived and came thru.

Dusting wasnt so bad, but having to do it with my hands chained to my sides and a feather duster stuffed up my bottom was a challenge. Balanced on my heels and backing up to objects and shaking my ass at them was difficult, but it certainly amused the stronger women in the room as they laughed a bit too hard. Good bitch, my Mistress chortled-shake that ass! practice that! Youll soon be doing it on a street corner!

I had to be careful not to break anything, so it took forever to complete a simple task. Just before She left, Mistress Alexa told me to get my sissy dick hard so that it would slide out from under my apron. (How embarrassing!) She wasn’t unchaining my hands either. I stood and started shaking my hips in the hopes that my swinging cock would rub against my lacy apron for Mistress Alexa.

As i felt it respond slightly the two of them could not help laughing at my predicament as i bent my knees and mounted the corner of the couch and attempted to give IT a rollicking fuck, but it was too low to really help. i was like a full balloon trying to run into a pin and Mistress finally came over and reached under my apron. Staring me right in the eyes with a devilish smile, she slowly stroked my cock until my knees were quivering and i had filled her fist with solid meat. She stopped and lifted my apron and grabbed a hold as though she were selecting something at the corner deli.

She walked away and grabbed her purse and unchained my hands and told me to get a move on-finish those chores. and i had-finished them all. So why shouldnt i go surfing with my buddies? We were only gonna be out a couple hours and only if we were happy with the waves. i mean if the waves were great, we may just stay for a few sets-if that. hell yeah, its barely 11 am, lets go. and i did-coming home a little after 12:30, to a Mistress sitting at her computer, quietly. i quickly showered and asked her if she would like some lunch.
“I already ate. did you have fun, you little cumbucket?”

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To Sissify & Stimulate the Reader

My purpose, without apology, is to sissify and stimulate the reader and then, to cause him to submit to me from afar.

Do you feel yourself begin to get hard little Miss Sissy, as you understand that all my slaves, eventually, are feminized, sissified and humiliated beyond their limits? Now, you may read no further if you are not wearing some article of distinctly female clothing.

Panties will do nicely for now but I do so like to see a sissy wearing shear stockings, garter belt and heels. A lacy bra would look very good on you dear and of course I would love to see you in your full make-up as well. Hair not quite right? A wig will do the job very well. There are many other details of course, just remember, you may not read this or any of my other offerings unless you are wearing something explicitly feminine. The more elaborate your costume, the more sissified your appearance, the better. Certainly I understand that some disadvantaged readers may be in no position to follow these orders but I know that most of you have the means and the inventiveness to obey. Will you cheat and fail to comply? Well, you will only be cheating yourself. Excuse yourself and don’t come back until you have something appropriate in place.

If you are properly dressed, you must now take that sissy clit out of your panties and stroke it very slowly. Make it as hard as it gets. Imagine me measuring it and slapping it lightly with my crop. Is it nice and wet from pre-cum? Have you made a mess already? Think of all the ways I could use you and think of your helplessness. I know you would do what I ask of you, wouldn’t you pet? I think you would be quite cute, wearing only the skimpiest panties, with all your body hair shaved off and legs spread so that I can have easy and painful access to that not-yet lady part…. Nearly naked…, except perhaps for a pair of black patent pumps with 5 inch heels to add to dizziness you are probably already feeling. Mmmm…yes ….stroke it, show me how you please yourself.


To Sissify & Stimulate the Reader … & the Listener.

Do you want to become a Listener? Call 866-57-SISSY and ask for Mistress Alexa



Sissy Maid Training with Mistress Alexa

Sissy Maid Training Sessions

A typical sissy maid training session begins with a sissy maid uniform and a Sissy List. The sissy maid uniform can be the discretion of the Mistress, all while dressed in the proverbial sissy maid outfit. These tasks may include, washing dishes, dusting, sweeping and mopping, preparing meals and hors d’oeuvres for the Mistress and any guests she may be entertaining that weekend. For the very fortunate sissy maid, the list may also include shining, polishing and caring for the Mistress’ shoe and boot collection, and hand-washing her vast assortment of lingerie.


evil Mistress

Mistress Alexa is an evil mistress. she explained to me that men’s spunk could vary in taste-depending on what he has consumed perhaps. seeing my uncertainty, she told me that on sunday i was to eat nothing but berries;raspberries, strawberries, blueberries- whatever type i wanted.  i was then to report to her monday afternoon. i was there at 2pm, prompt. i was made to strip down to my panties which she then tugged down to just thigh level and i walked to the kitchen to get her some wine. moments later she was slowly jacking my hardness-and enjoying it as much as i was. as i began to peak and erupt, she held a saucer in front of my crotch and skillfully pulled a hot load out of my eager balls and directed the sticky sprays onto the saucer. leaving me, she walked into the kitchen and minutes later called me in to see her set 4 like saucers on the table and instructed me to taste the contents on each–and pick out my own sample. i promise to tell you tomorrow if i won a reward or failed and…….bfn, tweetmaid