sissy wannabe?

Mistress, i am writing You this letter because….

I am male that my whole life I have wanted to serve and have a mistress. I would very much love to be dressed up like the little slut I really am. I have always be fasinated with very tightly laced corsets womens undergarments slutty looking dresses ect… I am also very fasinated by bondage the heavier the better is my thoughts on it. I want to sit at your fit and not let you rase a finger unless you completly want to. If you want a glass of wine, a glass of wine you will receive with out a movement. You need sexual favors done, they will be done. I want to serve I long to serve and I would love to serve dressed like the little sissy slut I am and I deserve what ever i get if I am punished I am sure I desserved it, because if mistress wants me punished mistress will or have me punished in anyway she sees fit. Well i hope I here back from you becuase I really would love! to serve you.

Author: alexa

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