I already knew that cuckold-614 was a babysitter – if only because he spent so much of his time minding his own dick, but it wasn’t until our call yesterday that I realized that he had long since been legated the entirety  of household chores – cleaning, cooking, dusting, mending,  etc.

And what he calls me for is a variation on legation:  to be put in her place.


Alexa, punish!

Alexa, punish!  Sissies, your Amazon Echo Dot speaker can be used to  activate …. a Mistress who punishes, dominates, and …. according to the Daily Mail, electrocutes:

Engineer Gary made the ‘Mistress Alexa’ device for his partner Kirsty. He hooked up parts of an electrified dog collar to an Amazon Echo Dot speaker. Users initiate a session with the gadget with the phrase ‘Alexa, punish’. The device then issues shocks to its wearer’s genitals via a pair of pink clamps…


The amateur sex toy inventor hacked a smart speaker that doubles as a voice-controlled dominatrix. But does she sound like Alexa?

For those sex toy enthusiasts looking for the perfect voice…. email or call 888-411-1230

??????? Malakos

Malakos  describes a certain type of man who allows himself to be used homosexually, and who takes the female or passive role in homosexuality…. hence Aristodemus the Effeminate [Aristodemus Malakos] ….

The reference found in Living On The Edge by Jonathan Burke…