Wear Her Makeup


I’d noticed a guy at the sex club’s bar – and I was feeling Ohhhh so
hot.  He was smiling and shamelessly taking in my careful makeup,
my shimmery and strappy little halter dress, my thigh-highs and my
impossibly tall, cum-f***-me heels.  We smiled at each other and,
predictably enough, he send over a drink and we started talking.

At one point, after he’d been talking to me for about five minutes, I kidded him that he’d spent the entire time looking at my cleavage– and I reminded him there were even more surprises under my dress.  He smiled, took my hand, and placed it on his pants letting me know he already knew about it.  I laughed and grabbed him by the
back of the head and gave him a breath-taking French kiss and as I ground my torso into his, pushing my groin and my breasts against his body, I could feel him stiffening.

After what seemed like forever in this groping embrace he suggested we retire to a corner to do, well, what it is you do in dark corners of sex clubs.  Within minutes he had undone the dress’s halter top and my panties were down near my knees – and as I fondled his cock, he ran his fingertips along mine. He told me he’d fantasized about doing a tranny gurl since – forever -and now, he was finally about to do it.

He was deliciously slow – both in offering as much foreplay as
anyone can expect at a sex club and in achieving his own orgasm.
When it was clear he was about to cum in my mouth, he was so
wonderfully sweet and asked if I wanted him to pull out and squirt
elsewhere.  I mumbled no and he beamed back at me with a
thoroughly satisfied look on his face after he’d cum and as I looked
up at him and lovingly sucked clean his cock and balls.

And that’s when he invited me to his house.  We drove across the
bridge to Berkeley and I remember thinking he was familiar (and I
was really hoping he and I hadn’t done this before and I’d simply
forgotten his name!)  We got to his place – a huge mcmansion of a
place so high in the  East Bay hills you had a view of an amazing
stretch of San Francisco Bay.  It was too late to see much, of course,
but  the beauty of the lights and the dark outlines of the hills in Marin
Country was simply gorgeous.
He opened the front door, disarmed the security system, and turned
to me and said “and you, my darling little pussy gurl, can be my little
wife this evening!”
darling, it may be small its going inside of you !!!
He took me by the hand to the bathroom in the master bedroom.  On
the counter were, obviously, his wifes toiletries – perfume, makeup,
combs and curlers.

I was more than a little surprised.  Guys usually don’t treat their
married status so casually …

He said “I’d like you to wear her makeup.”

So that was the game!  I was to become this very sexy man’s
mistress while wearing his wife’s makeup.  I was to wear her makeup,
her fingernail- and toe- polish, her earrings and a pair of her panties
and both suck him off and take away his male virginity in their
bedroom – in their bed.

As the evening wore on I learned his wife was a very successful
lawyer who travelled extensively.  And that she was sexually
disinterested, and, of course, that she had no idea her darling
husband had this particular kink.

I also learned why he seemed familiar.  The man I had just heard
screaming as he was penetrated for the first time in his life was, truly,
a pillar of East Bay respectability.  Wealthy.  Widely admired  for his
philanthropy.  And, always, the very image of a devoted husband.
I learned that he wanted to do ‘this’ again – that he wanted to have
copies of some of his wife’s clothing made so I could wear ‘her’

During this last year he has escorted me several times to a fabulously
queer-friendly – and discrete — seamstress in San Francisco.  Each
time I leave her apartment carrying an armload of outfits that are
perfect copies – well, maybe a little sluttier — of his trophy-wife’s size-
5 wardrobe.

And on those evenings, our playing is always the same.
We go back to his house and I do my wifely transformation. And each
time it’s a different room where he pretends to ‘discover’ my little
secret, where he pretends his wife does things he’s only dreamt of for
years.  Each visit is a time when he pretends to discover a new kink.
Our evening in his kitchen was the night he discovered he likes to
wear nipple clamps.  Our visit to the sunporch was an opportunity
to react as though he was being date-raped, the living room, an
exploration of seeing just how excited he got as I ‘forced’ him to wear
a pair of adhesive breast forms.

The only other constant in all these visits is that I leave his house
before dawn.  His bedside alarm rings at 4 a.m., we shower together
and I climb back into whatever sexy little outfit I’d met him at the
door with the night before.  There’s always one last sucking off in the
house foyer and … that’s it til the next time he gives me a call.

For our Sissy Beauty Salon callers!

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Your first session at the Sissy Beauty Salon will be an occasion you will never forget. As a sissy in training you will have submitted to many hours of rigorous instruction at the hands of your Mistress and you will certainly be required to show off all your feminine skills before the appointment is made.
For sissies who love curlers, hair spray, sissy salon gowns, sissy beauty salon chairs with special attachments, makeovers that are also transformations, and more, call 866-57-SISSY for a session!

Feminization Honeymoon

Feminization Honeymoon – what an idea!

Isn’t it inevitable that the airline would lose your suitcase? It is your second honeymoon, and your wife, who always gets exactly what she wants, is perfectly happy surveying the hotel … while you sit and wait for your underwear to dry… and wait… and wait. So there  in your hotel room your graceful wife offers you her panties…  just until the luggage shows up…. just a temporary thing.

But of course, wearing her panties shows you how pleasurable it is to wear sensuous silky feminine panties. And later, when your wife rubs you through them, and keeps them on when you go to bed….. the experience imprints itself on your memory and your libido….

Feminization honeymoon
Feminization Honeymoon

His First Bra


HIS FIRST BRA – Another Sissy Story
Jamie’s mother knows he’s not like other boys. He should wear softer clothes, pastel colors and makeup — just like her.  Wouldn’t it be nice if she and Jamie shared those special experiences only mothers and daughters can  share?  Trying on dresses together! Learning about those secret inside places … finding the prettiest panties, and of course, fitting into one’s first bra!

His First Bra
His First Bra



Her New Daughter Story

Her New Daughter Story by Kristi Love
You are started on an extensive regimen of girl training. Your ears are pierced so you don’t have to wear clip on earrings!   Your hair is colored and styled, you are taught how to speak like a daughter, and how to walk in high heels…

Her New Daughter by Kristi Love on Kindle
Her New Daughter by Kristi Love on Kindle

Pretty Little Panties

Pretty Little Panties
Dressing up for school in Pretty Little Panties!

A humiliation story about sissies dressed up by their mothers — as punishment.  First we meet a bunch of sissies outside the mall who are modeling panties and dresses… One of them is squeezed into  a tight corset and a hoop skirt by his mother. WHY? Because this sissy was put on a diet to lose weight. And the little sissy CHEATED! His mother enjoys berating him in front of all the female shoppers: “Maybe this will teach you not to cheat on your diet, you little fairy!!”

One of them cries: “Im not a sissy, mommy!” But she reminds him:” Of course you’re a sissy! …What kind of boy wears panties underneath his jeans to school and sleeps in baby doll nighties?”

Call Alexa to play out this humiliation fantasy! 866-57-SISSY


No More Frank (2) – sissy maid outfit

I just read my first post here with the photo of the black and white sissy maid outfit. I cannot even describe who excited I felt when I read this. Mistress Alexa said all sissies need a maids outfit labeled with their sissy name embroidered on the front and the words no longer with their former male name. Don’t you think so?
I do and I will explain why. Looking at those embroidered words on the bodice of your maid’s outfit is an important reinforcement and reminder of the sissy you are now and the man you are not. How would you feel if you wore a custom made dress embroidered like that?
We all immediately know that answer do we not.
Just try to resist the feeling you have now imagining yourself in your very own dress like this. You will become even more obsessed with serving Alexa and your wife like I do with mine

Two Scarves Fetish

…..Satisfied that her makeup was perfect including a bright and shiny lipgloss she turned her attention back to her feminized captive. “Now something to help you with your dreams” Karen said, slipping off her moist, silk panties and stuffing them into his mouth. She took one of the scarves from her cabinet and pushed that in to his mouth too, forcing her panties to the back of his throat. She packed the scarf into the corners of his mouth, leaving no space. Then she took another scarf and folded it into a band which she knotted in the middle and forced it into Mike’s mouth before tying the ends tightly behind him. His muffled protests sounded distant and almost superficial. She took the scarf she had been wearing inside her panties all day and folded it into a wider band which she tied tightly over his nose and mouth. Still not satisfied, she took another scarf and folded it diagonally into a triangle which she tied over his entire face, pulling the loose ends behind his head and then round into a knot under his chin, trapping the loose corner. Then she folded another large silk triangle, placed it over his head and knotted it tightly under his chin, forcing his mouth closed.

No Longer Frank!

I am ordering a custom fitted sissy maids outfit like you see here which I will wear while my wife Michelle is working in the city. She knows I am a sissy and  caught me dressed in her panties negligee with a wig and makeup and garter belt with her stockings. When she saw me she said “Good thing it was not the UPS man. Alexa commanded me to regularly provide my story to post here. It is both embarrassing and ver very exciting.Let’s keep this our secret…