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Sissy Phone Sex with Mistress Alexa. Are you ready? Here is how it works: Call 866-577-4779. Alexa will introduce you to the service, ask for your name and credit card number, and verify your card. We accept Visa, Master Card, and American Express. All your information is strictly confidential.

Mistress Alexa does phone sessions only 

One rate: $99 for 30 minutes

Need more info? Go to and read about Mistress Alexa’s feminization training, cuckolding fantasies, chastity techniques, sissy milking, sissy hypnosis, and crossdressing parties! Call 866-577-4779  – SISSYPHONE with Mistress Alexa

Sissy Phone Sex with Mistress AlexaIt feels good to talk to a real Mistress who knows you; knows how you want to be Feminized. Dressed up. Milked. Chastity Trained. Spanked. Cuckolded.  Hypnotized. Dominated. Possessed.

Are you ready for a loinwrenching session with a woman who makes you feel used?

Are you ready to come to an imaginary, fantasmatic scene of desire in which you feel yourself becoming-woman?

Call 866-577-4779 for a live phone session with Mistress Alexa.

Her hypnotic voice will create an erotically charged, transitional space where you can feel-like-a-woman. Dress up  sessions wrap you in soft feminine sensations, focusing on your need to be humiliated.

Clients who prefer to keep their credit card information private may use a prepaid Gift card, available at convenience stores everywhere.
When you are ready to pay for  a woman to  feminize,  dominate,  and transform  you, call 866-57-SISSY and ask for the Mistress.

You only pay for the minutes you talk. No more. No taxes. No add ons. No toll charges. No tricks. Please call if and only if you are comfortable with our prices. Every call is guaranteed to please or your money back. Say goodbye within the first 5 minutes if you’re not happy with the call and we will not bill you. Comments? Criticism? Questions? Call Alexa any time at 866-57-SISSY or email Our clients never receive email, snail mail, phone calls or unsolicited messages. Enjoy your sessions and your privacy.