Sit, relax, caress my nipples, close my legs, stay quiet for a while….

Hey Mistress Alexa. I keep on seeing your site from time to time. Not very often because I can only find one hypnotic script available. But I experienced the effect the first times I read it, and it stills last to me. I just think of your site, even without seeing it, I sit, relax, caress my nipples, close my legs, stay quiet for a while and I orgasm like a woman. Each time I do it I surrender more and more and feel deeper feminine orgasms without touching myself. I just feel the energy through my body orgasming and releasing my semen with little physical pleasure in my genitals but a great mind arousal and craving for submission. It is as if your spells milks me. It’s wonderfully humiliating. Since I found your site I might have masturbated only once or twice, most of my sexual wishes are satisfied by just having feminine orgasms. I cum quickly when I surrender to feminization. — from Argentina (2009)

Hey Mistress Alexa. It’s about two years I found your site.  …But since the first time I read one script, I really only feel feminine orgasms with no touch. Sometimes I imagine being a woman myself and even being with a man. (no wonder because even before that, I had always had some gay inclinations). Other times I concentrate on women and the idea of submitting to feminine power.

What should I do? Placing my self in the role of a woman and fancying about boys? Placing myself in the role of a submissive male and fancying about women dominate me?  or in the place of a submissive gay boy fancying about other boys?or perhaps all of the above?

— M from Argentina, 10/7/2010

Author: alexa

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