Smelling Like a Woman

Dear Mistress Alexa,

One thing that came to mind, the next morning (perhaps because I was listening to your “Lipstick Feminization” mp3 file, the previous evening), was an idea involving smelling like a woman. While lipstick, make-up and, of course, perfume will all have scents associated with femininity, there is a certain feminine aroma, from the woman herself, that these preparations usually overpower – at least until somone else gets close enough to her panties to detect it.

This may be one of the reasons the subject (in many fantasies) is attracted in the first place – the panties attract his eye and then his olfactory senses. However, in the situation of preparing the catering girl as an example, this may have led to a “final touch” necessary to make the server pass more completely (just in case someone got close enough to smell). How would she give the server the “scent of a woman”? Would she make him wear her panties? Or transfer some of her essence more directly? My thinking led to ideas such as: she wouldn’t allow direct contact between her genitals and his (as the boy would have hoped for) but she could use something to carry her secretions to his crotch; a dildo (or butt-plug or even a finger), dipped into herself then wiped onto (inserted into) him? Perhaps she would put a condom on the plastic phallus first, then put the wrapper on his rod, outside-in. His penis would bathe in vaginal fluid – perhaps the
closest it would ever come to it – and this could cause him to ejaculate which would also make it easier for him to tuck it away…

The idea that someone could manufacture “synthetic pussy juice” came to mind but, while a preparation called “Astro Lube” has been compared favorably to the natural mucous, nothing else could have the same scent (although if it had that – and the flavor – there would never be enough to meet demand).

Your “Lipstick Feminization” – the title only – also reminded me of the story “Lipstick Discipline” (by Daphne of Daphne’s Secret Garden) available through The Art of Petticoat Punishment ( This is also a well written story with few points of personal interest – some exceptions include the situation with the boy’s stepmother in chapter 6.

Enough, I suppose for now. I will want to call you soon! Would you suggest certain times – on either Saturday or Sunday? Would Friday night be better?

Love and gratitude,


Author: alexa

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