Suicide by asscheek (by R.S.)

He was delighted to be climbing aboard Mistress Alexa and aimed to show her his gratitude. He felt her hands slide down his hips, he felt her skillfully removing his lacy panties and at the same time, he felt her kiss. Yep, he felt her bite him while she waited for his third or fourth clumsy try at finding her skilled and warmed pussy. He swelled inside all her lips, unable to control his glee and his groans.


As he pumped into her and felt waves of pleasure try to overwhelm him and capture his orgasm, he fought-just as he felt her legs snake around the outside of his, and her heels lock into position behind his knees while her dancing fingers reached around behind him and seized his pistoning asscheeks-pulling them apart-seemingly in different zipcodes he felt- and firmly holding them in their new home.

As he felt movement behind him, her tongue slapped the inside of his mouth and she emitted a hearty laugh which travelled into his mouth and down his throat, taking an evil, taunting trip into his belly and taking up residence. Soon to be joined by a roommate–her overdue and IMMENSE orgasm– but he would not be rewarded this until her surprise made an appearance. Since he was firmly pinned, Alexa was happy in knowing her effort to find a third roomate-was about to pay off. having vetted potential roomies, she had found a man with large balls (part of her process) who was willing to ‘sign’ a 10 minute lease and make his deposit! and she would be staring directly into her new skank’s eyes when the initial action took place at his atm– his ass then his mouth; her only giddy concern now–staving off HER cumming as she had big plans for its location.

…. and satisfied in the blatant successes of her dominance, Alexa strode over to her used bitch, stroked his throat and leaned into him whispering, “just swallow it all, cunt – you’ll get your reward-maybe.” the sticky liquid took its time travelling, pausing to coat his teeth and tonsils before roller-coasting down his reluctant pipeline and pooling in his stomach. all he could think was….what will be my reward? i did get to fuck her -for almost 3 minutes, but not cum. will she stroke and pull this building eagerness out of my swelling nuts? or i get back into her-for my own orgasm? too many thoughts as he fought to keep the strangers load of spunk securely down his gullet-who would have thought?…..he watched mistress walk away toward the kitchen. she walked away. she walked. and there again was THAT ass! damnit! so tempting….so fine… he just wanted to crawl up, bite it–and develope lockjaw and be dragged to death! how wonderful! suicide by asscheek…..

Author: alexa

Mistress Alexa has a loinwrenching voice that hypnotizes, transfixes and controls her subjects. How long will it take her to make you feel loved? Call now: 866-57-SISSY and find out. $99 for 30 minutes.