Sissy Maid Afternoon Training Session:

Once the Mistress is situated and her comfort is ensured, the sissy maid is then free to begin preparing the mid-day meal, and, begin arranging the evening meal as well. Since the mid-day meal is usually light, this gives the sissy maid additional time to complete other household chores. These will be assigned as needed by the Mistress, who will supervise the sissy maid’s efforts and grade her based on her dedication to and completion of the tasks at hand. After the lunch table is beautifully set in a way that is pleasing to the Mistress, the sissy maid will stand by, but not be obtrusive, and will address Mistress’ each and every need as it arises-filling her glass, bussing her dishes between courses and so on. Once Mistress has finished her mid-day meal, it’s back to the kitchen to clean and begin early preparation for the evening meal. The evening meal should be carefully and thoughtfully planned according to the Mistress’ tastes and dietary needs. Once the evening meal planning is complete and, beginning preparations are underway, the sissy can then address the remainder of Mistress’ chore list. For the very fortunate sissy maid, this list of chores may include giving Mistress a manicure or a pedicure. Of course, any task that puts the sissy maid in direct physical contact with the Mistress is quite a reward for her.