Hypnotic Domination & Erotic Mind Control

From A letter to Mistress Alexa:
I’m feeling tempted again. I know I should give in to temptation and call Alexa, she’s getting really close to making me surrender completelyt o her. Well she keeps getting close…. If only she knew how attached I am to her voice and how it welcomes me… She’ll tell me sweetly over and over again to watch the hypnotic video, or to watch her move her fingers around her breasts, or to obey her completely as she repeats over and over again “Your cock belongs to me”. I always obey her. She tells me to stroke myself and I obey. She tells me to listen to her voice and I obey. Together, my strokes and her voice are like a very powerful medicine. I cannot go too long without her medicine, and I crave it the minute that I can no longer feel it …. Tell me Alexa, again, what you want me to do… please!”

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Hypnotic scripts for me?

Hey Mistress Alexa:

I keep on seeing your site from time to time. Not very often because I can only find one hypnotic script available. But I experienced the effect the first times I read it, and it stills last to me. I just think of your site, even without seeing it, I sit, relax, carress my nipples, close my legs, stay quiet for a while and I orgasm like a woman. Each time I do it I surrender more and more and feel deeper feminine orgasms without touching myself. I just feel the energy through my body orgasming and releasing my semen with little physical pleasure in my genitals but a great mind arousal and craving for submission. It is as if your spells milks me. It’s wonderfully humiliating. Since I found your site I might have masturbated only once or twice, most of my sexual wishes are satisfied by just having feminine orgasms. Even if I masturbate I don’t feel anything and it takes me a lot to cum. But I quickly cum when I surrender to feminization. Could you make me a personal hypnosis tape so that I can feel that my orgasms are under your control?

What Custom Made Pantyhose Recording can do!!

I received this email from one of my newest clients, after making him a custom audio tape – addressed to him, with specific dress fantasies,  focusing on pretty pretty pantyhose. Take a look!

Dear Mistress Alexa:

Just a quick email to let you know how I’m getting on with your recordings, combined with other publications, its seems like i’m increasingly losing sight and letting go of a life I thought I needed to live with work & other factors influencing me: to be a man etc. but at the expense of denying the feelings I had to dress up.

That was until I rediscovered my love of pantyhose and have felt once again the pleasure of nylon on my legs and when dressed these girlie feelings only intensify more and are now becoming increasingly pleasurable. I enjoy listening to your recordings especially when I’ve just finished work it helps me connect with my sissy side and this allows this side of me to become more accentuated, which usually means doing some housework, cooking and even going out to the shops whilst wearing panty’s & pantyhose… this is usually at the start of the evening… at some point later I might even call you Alexa and of course by that time I’m so horny and I’m acting like a slut… it just so overwhelming!

I recently had an experience of seeing a woman I didn’t know.. and couldn’t help thinking I’d like to be to look like her; with her beautifully styled hair that framed a round face; her dress was short and she was wearing boots & pantyhose.. I found myself watching her to see how she behaved and her mannerisms…. is this quite normal?

Your girl