Corset Fiction or Victorian Bondage…

Have I mentioned how excited I am by stories about  tight laced corsetry and their Victorian subjects? Probably not because I forgot all about the Staylace site and its hand plucked fiction, both erotic and not.

Call and let’s play out the tortured bedtime preparations of a daughter during her first corset-lacing from a firm and determined mother.

Or, we can play out new bedtime habits of the girls at the Garrett Finishing School for Girls who are being educated to present themselves as tightly corseted brides.

Or call and beg me to ‘lace your corset tighter, please’ and we shall have a Victorian feminization session like Felicity in The Engagement.


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From the men’s room…

Here I am in the men’s room sending you this email. I can’t understand what is happening to me. Touching my own neck as I hear men walking in around me. I’m wearing two back support braces together. One above the other. It actually looks like a corset or girdle. It works like one too. I wear it under my clothes knowing it will make me more shapely. I once wore it around as my outer most garment and I could feel the eyes on me. What is happening to me?

Sissy Calendar Day #5

Girdles and Corsets and Other Dangerous Things

Corset Bride For a Day

Fantasy: You are wearing a corset on the first night you come to me, ready for service. I explain that a corset bride must first of all be   “tightly laced, well disciplined, gartered, and slim.” Once you have been corsetted, you will be   “engaged” by clients for one to two weeks, and they will expect you to remain slim, beautifully made up, and usable.

Our customers are interested in waist size, they want to see slender girls tucked tightly into their corsets. I begin to train you for your first engagement. At first I take you upstairs and show you all the beautiful clothes that you will one day wear. I show you a bed, with straps, and electronic devices, and explain that we take conditioning very seriously, and that it is important for us to make sure that you feel as if you are being molded, inside and out.

I explain that all day you will be in the hands of a good corsetiere (we never use the word ‘trainer’) who will trim your figure properly. For the first month you will be tucked into a twenty-four inch waist, just to, as the corsetiere said, habituate you into personal feminine servitude. Although a little uncomfortable at first, this will soon wear off, and you will learn to take great pleasure in lacing your corsets up tight. A dildo corset will be made to order which will greatly improve your figure.

During the next four months your waist will reduce while your hole gets larger and more elastic. All this time you will become accustomed to eating very little, to spending more and more time wearing the dildo-corset, taking more and more feminine steps, learning feminine gestures, and offering yourself up for feminine use.