Enslaved Sissy Maid

Dear Sissies and Maids, I’ve been an enslaved sissy maid for Mistress Alexa for quite some time but I’m writing today to tell other sissies about the reason I’ve been calling her for over 10 years! As you can imagine, I’ve been dressing up as a maid and a call girl since high school – when I won my first “Beauty Contest” (after losing a bet to my football friends). I’m submissive, very easy to boss around and eager to serve. I talk as much as a girl and love to gossip and shop and try on different dresses and shoes when my wife is out of town and my Mistress gives me permission to put on makeup and falsies and stick on nails…. During these long weekends I fantasize about serving both Men and Women as a sissy maid, as my Mistress desires.

Because of my placid manner and almost feminine face and figure, Mistress Alexa liked to dress me up in black lingerie, short tight dresses, aprons, stay-up nylons,and 4” stiletto pumps. Mistress Alexa instructed me on how to make up my face and told me to buy a dark page-boy wig. I was always turned on by my feminized image in the mirror. The prettier I look, the more often Mistress Alexa sent me out on the street where I would receive admiring glances from the men I passed.

I would became horny from being looked at, from all those men who wanted my female sex; but Mistress Alexa disciplined me, tied me up and kept me feminized and chaste the whole night. I was bound and feminized and made to look at maid’s uniforms and panties and aprons and stockings for hours and hours. Every time I wanted sex, Mistress Alexa would give me Transvestite and She-male catalogs and told me to circle all the sluttiest clothes I could one day wear.

She would give me homework assignments, and call every day with the sissy-do list – naming all the womanly things around the house. I was thrilled to do so, as I was then able to stay feminized all the time. I did the cleaning and cooking in either a French maid uniform and 4” to 7” stilettos or a pink or satin locking sissy maids bondage uniform, ruffled socks and Mary Janes or Sylvia Doll Shoes, and always penis gagged and in chains and leather wrist and ankle cuffs. I also wore schoolgirl outfits, gowns,velvet dresses, leopard outfits, skirts, tops and hosiery, lingerie, etc.

It was such fun for Mistress Alexa to see me looking like a sexy socialite, French or sissy maid, school girl in penny loafers, or a leopard bikini-clad jungle girl a ‘5Os bondage model icon Betty Page. (I would email her photos of myself after dressing up according to her orders).

Mistress Alexa also instructed me on using feminizing creams and pills, on how important it was for me to sleep tied up in a corset and stiletto heels, to diet and exercise so as to give my hips and butt a rounder shape…