Hypnotic Domination & Erotic Mind Control

From A letter to Mistress Alexa:
I’m feeling tempted again. I know I should give in to temptation and call Alexa, she’s getting really close to making me surrender completelyt o her. Well she keeps getting close…. If only she knew how attached I am to her voice and how it welcomes me… She’ll tell me sweetly over and over again to watch the hypnotic video, or to watch her move her fingers around her breasts, or to obey her completely as she repeats over and over again “Your cock belongs to me”. I always obey her. She tells me to stroke myself and I obey. She tells me to listen to her voice and I obey. Together, my strokes and her voice are like a very powerful medicine. I cannot go too long without her medicine, and I crave it the minute that I can no longer feel it …. Tell me Alexa, again, what you want me to do… please!”

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