Pantyhose Story

She smiled, I guess he likes it, she thought…She puulled away from him before he came and took out a razor…she knelt down and began to shave his legs for him… “If you are going to wear pantyhose your going to have to do it right my love.. i want to feel your smooth legs in nylon” He only bit his lip hoping she didn’t knick him with the razor…

She got back up to his hard dick and began to shave that as well… being as careful as she possibly could. When she was done she once again kissed it and began to suck on it…teasing it in her mouth and moaning in delight… She stopped suddenly before he came and handed the soap to him. He looked at her with a pleading look wishing she would finish what she started…. She looked at him with an authoritative look as if saying…”Later…”

He took the soaps and ran it over her breasts….He paused over her nipples and gently sucked on them…..He bit on one of them while he rolled the other one inbetween his forefinger and thumb….She moaned his name in pleasure and he kissed her tits and started to make his way down her torso… Pausing at her belly button and tracing circles around it with his tongue….then kissing further downward until he reached her clit…

He reciprocated to her as he gently blew on it and then gave it a kiss….He made his way down just a little further to her slit and began to slowly slide his tongue in but pull out….She gasped and looked down at him… He grinned evily and stood back up…He lauged at her and she grabbed his cock in one hand “Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” she mumbled…she pulled him out of the shower by his dick and walked him out to a chair and sat him down…….SHe went away and came back with some black lipstick and eyeliner…First though she forced him to pull a pair of black sheer pantyhose from her drawer and give them to her.. He did so and she took them greedily, and began to roll them up his legs…feeling how smooth they were while kissing along the way. She pulled away and got out her own silky black pantyhose and slid those on her long legs…before picking her make up back up again.

He laughed nervously, not knowing if to trust her so close to his eyes… (hey those pencil thingies are sharp!!)she took out a little knife and cut a hole in the pantyhose for a place for his dick and made a hole in the crotch of her own hose as well. SHe sat down on top of his penis and he entered her wet pussy..the nylon rubbing to gether…He groaned a little and kissed her on the lips… She pulled back and held up the make up…”Now hold still…” she said as she brought the eyeliner to his eyes…He tried to sit as still as he could as she applied it around his eyes…At least he was comfortable…A. was nice and warm…and tight..

She smiled and quickly applied lipstick to him , but before he knew it she slapped a collar around his neck with a leash attatched….He looked a little shocked and tried pulling away to no avail. She grinned wickedly and pulled on it gently choking him a little…Seeing no way to beat her he knew he must be submissive to her every wish .. She led him over to the bed and tied him down, tightening his collar just a little as she did so… She kissed him gently on his black lips and at the same time squeezed her cock in her soft hands….He arched his neck and moaned her name in pleasure.. She scooted down and posistioned her self over his hard dick….She slowly slid herself down onto it and felt it fill her…. She herself arched her neck as she began to grin on him and move her hips….He tried to get his hands free but it was of no use…he was helpless to her.he at least wished he could see her sexy little feet in her hose. He managed to thrust up into her matching her grinds to go deeper and deeper inside of her…She leaned over and kissed him before shooting straight up again…She got up off of him and he looked at her shocked wondering why she had stopped…She kissed his nylong encased thighs and made her way down to his feet and started to suck on his toes…he groaned slightly enjoying this…she smiled layed face down on skyler putting her feet in his face while she still suck on his toes… He needed no promtping and took her feet into his mouth…he almost came at the sight of her feet all wrapped in nylon..after a few minutes she took her feet from his mouth and placed them on his crotch and started to rub him…the pantyhose on her feet making a rubbing sound that drove him mad….He groaned as he just about felt himself cum but he held it back as she tightly pulled on the leash that was attatched to the collar around his neck… He gasped and she shook her head as if saying “no not yet” and pulled on the leash again hard… She led him over to a chair and sat him down in it…she tied his feet to the legs and his arms behind the chair… she gagged him with a handkercheif and tugged once more tightly on his leash before realising her grip on it to fondle his thighs in pantyhose…it was maddening to be able to look but not touch her….she laughed and hopped on the bed and took out a vibrator and started to use it on herself…She started moaning in pleasure.. “MMmmmmmmmmmm cum over here and kiss my feet” he tried to free himself to no avail…”I can”t!” she laughed “Oh well!” she continued to moan and place her nylon covered toes in his face taunting him… He was vigorously trying to get free…but no luck… She came in a fantastic sight… She pushed the vibrataor all the way inside of herself and began to caress her own pantyhosed legs…SHe arched her back and started to convluse alone on the bed… this continued for a few minutes while she was forced to watch…his hands tied up and unabled to masturbate…he almost cried…Tara waasn”t too cruel though and made her way back over to skyler after she recooperated and took her feet and placed them on his hard cock and massaged it for him …..all the time telling him “mmmmmmmmmmm cum on my foot….i want you to lick it off….CUm on my foot now!!!!” he did as ordered and came all over her toes and feet…She smiled and licked some up and then put her foot in his mouth and made him suck off the rest… “Now i have to run to the store…be a good boy and wait for me..” she left the room… Leaving him tied up to the chair in his pantyhose…

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Read the story of a man who has finally learned that he must and does belong to his Mistress for the remainder of his life and how he submits to all of her desires.

Bad Boy to Good Girl, Crossdressing / TV, Femdom, Authoritarian, Physically Forced or Blackmailed, Sexual Punishment, Turned Into An Object, Use of Sex Toys

THE RECLAIMING OF HER SISSY is a must read for all bad boys!