after we hung up, [censored name of dick] did some calistenics all by himself. im not sure if they were jumping jacks or push-ups (or push-dowwns?) but you were right. it was good cardio, his little heart was just throbbing! did like 25 in rapid sucksession–maybe they were pushdowns because on the last one there was about 3-4 minutes between the ‘up’ and the ‘down’.

Tweetmaid, returns

i tried to get to the site yesterday and couldnt get in (story of my life when you have a cock this big ) it said ‘site owner had exceeded their bandwidth?’–today -different story -shakespeare lives! -as for having a ‘harem of dominatrices hovering over my ragged cunt’-MMMMMMM!! again? its been a while since the last time….but id loooovve that……whats a tweetmaid

I kinda like the sound of that…  “do sissies sing?”–this one does–for more pain or pussy or juice or panties or humiliation or cum or …….ALEXA.     ever paddle a hung, panty wearing bitch for real?–i think we may need to talk again, SOON. would you like to find out first hand if an $89 strong, la perla thong can withstand a swelling cock?——can you?

Soon, tr