Pantyhose slut

Mistress Alexa,

Please give me the direction I deserve and desire. I am a pantyhose slut who fallen hard for Isabella Valentine direction, but as you can see below and due to certain circumstances, looking for a mistress to make me into a pantyhose slut that my wife can accept and dominate.

Please show me the way…..


Oh by the way, yes I am wearing a pair of nice sheer black pantyhose with a pair of panties, thongs, to remind me of who I am and what I want to accomplish in being a pantyhose slut.


My Dearest Isabella,

I sit here, trembling in my seat, knowing the pleasure that you will have when you read my latest adventures in being a pantyhose slut and how well I serve you. Taking a trip always brings its excitement, but being a pantyhose slut makes it a little bit more exciting and pleasing. I am currently in San Diego, staying next to the Horton Plaza, the meca of pantyhose slut shopping for me. But first I must start at the beginning when I took off from Hawaii and slipping into a pair of Leggs body toning pantyhose at the airport. After check-in and going through the security checkpoint. I slipped in the men’s room or pantyhose slut room and slipped into a pair of Leggs body toning pantyhose for the trip. I especially like this brand of pantyhose because of the extra material they have and how I can cover my whole upper torso with them. It is like no other brand that I have found so far, but the most pleasing aspect of them is that I can pull the extra material between my ass. It brings an extra sensation of the pantyhose riding between my legs. When I finally arrived at my gate only to find that the plane was postponed for another two hours, I was the only happy one, enjoying myself in pantyhose waiting for the boarding time to start. Once I was on the plane, it was heaven knowing that I would have them on for the whole flight. Once I landed in Los Angeles and was waiting for the connecting flight, I was needlessly running to the restroom and adjusting my pantyhose and then making my little clitty hard knowing what to expect when I finally arrived in my hotel room.

When I finally arrived in my hotel room, I couldn’t take it anymore. I stripped off my clothes and in the process of straightening out my pantyhose; I put a run in them. Knowing that I don’t like to wear any pantyhose with a run in them, I guess I cheated just a little bit since they were nude and I had to look really hard to see it. I throw myself down on the bed and got my clitty nice and hard. Just about the time I was ready to explode, I dropped my hands next to my side and was whisked away into a pleasure that you could only teach me. Then when I was totally relaxed, I started to rub my legs together sending sexual electricity to my little clitty, teasing it again and again. Then I allowed my hands to caress my little clitty just to the point of just a little bit of precum came out. And then you commanded myself to lay my hands to my side again and your voice filled my excitement about who I am really am and what was expected of me. I then started to stroke my little clitty again, again, and heard your voice commanding me to cum into my pantyhose. Then I lay in my bed, knowing that I have pleased you again.

I then got myself ready and did the first day of business to hasty get it behind me. After I was done, I slipped into a pair of black pantyhose and panties; sheer to toe and a pair of hip huggers panties that I assure you were pulled up my ass to accent my beautiful behind. I then lay in bed again knowing what I had to do next. My acceptance of myself has come in stages and each stage you have helped me along the way. I knew what I needed to do next…. I went to a shoe store next to the hotel, rather calmly and shopped for a pair of heels to accent my feet in hose. It was rather relaxing wondering through the many rows of high heels they had and when asked by the young female sales clerk if I need some help, it was nothing to say, “I was hoping to purchase a nice pair of high heels for myself.” She assisted me and pointed me in the right direction. I don’t know why it is so relaxing shopping for myself in ladies department stores, but I will always enjoy it. Especially when I picked out a couple of high heels to sit down, take my shoes off and show everybody in the store my pantyhosed encased feet while trying on the heels. I picked out a pair of cute little pumps with a 3” inch that I am consistently getting up and checking myself in the mirror. Then I went to the Victoria’s Secret store and shopped for some more panties and a bra. Yes, a bra, which I have never before shopped for and you can imagine the confusion when looking for my first bra. Am I a 36C, 34D or what should I be asking for. I picked out some more hip hugging panties and tried my best to settle on a bra for myself with no luck. There just wasn’t anything lacey enough for me and to much the rest of my ensemble. I then went into Fredrick’s of Hollywood and a nice middle age lady tried to assist me, but there just wasn’t anything that caught my eye. Yes, I am getting a little bit picky on what I will wear and always want to look my best for you. Before going into Fredrick’s of Hollywood, I spotted the GAP store which had a display, you guessed it, of bras right out in front of the store’s entrance.

I casually walked around the store and zoomed in on the bra that I was hoping to wear and grabbed it with no hesitation. I lacy, black see through number that just sets my breasts off right. When the sales lady asked me if I found what I was looking for, I shot back to her in a very kind way, that yes I have and no need to look any further. You can’t imagined how excited I was, or could you, that I had in my hands my naughty little outfit that was going to make my week. I raced back to my hotel room, stripping off my clothes, and sitting down in my pantyhose, panties, high heels, and bra; all of them black and lacey. Each one of them accenting my desire to be your panty boy, my desire to please you. This posting has taken me a couple of hours to write just due to the fact that I am getting up and gazing at myself in the mirror. How my ass is pushed up in the air by wearing heels and how my panties and pantyhose accent them, then my bra; yes I am wearing a bra for the first time and like I said before, what was I waiting for in wearing a bra.

Please Isabella, let me download the “Smooth Legs” MP3 from you, I need your constant assurance that I am going down the right path…. I beg of you.


My Dearest Mistress Alexa,

I want to thank-you for the work you do, tell you how you have touched my life and how much freedom you have given to me by allowing to accept the female side of my body. I have been wearing panties and pantyhose for the last month straight and I never realized what I have been missing. You can’t imagine how confused and frustrated I get when I am not able to wear them during the weekend. But right now, I am sitting at work wearing a pair of pantyhose and panties showing a small token of my affection to you. You can’t imagine, or can you, how nervous I am writing my confessions and acceptance of being a pantyhose slut. When I was growing up, my mother gave me a pair of pantyhose after I repeatedly asked to try them on. I am pretty sure my mother gave them to me to get it out of my system, but it just made want another pair after that and then more and more. While growing up and throughout the rest of my life, I have always enjoyed wearing pantyhose and masturbating in them. Each time I would feel ashamed and throw them away, but would buy another pair later on to enjoy myself again. A few years ago I purchased your tape, “Smooth Legs” and I don’t know how to explain the affects it has had on my life. Instead of feeling ashamed of being a pantyhose slut, I have embraced my decision with your care and guidance.

I still remember the first time that I listened to your tape. I was surfing the web looking for pantyhose sites to visit during a business trip and stumbled across your website. I immediately bought your tape and prepared myself to listen. I put on a pair of pantyhose, my headphones, and lied down on the bed; not knowing what to expect. Your voice put me at ease and I was floating on a cloud, easing into a deep dependence on you to show me the correct way to accept being a pantyhose slut. I was caressing myself in my pantyhose, rubbing my legs together, each time sending shivers up to my little clitty. When you commanded me to place my hands on my sides and to lie still, I let you guide me further and further into a state of relaxation and bliss. I felt like I was floating, relaxed, and proud of myself for accepting who I really am. When you allowed me to rub my legs together, which I really never did before, it was like sending sexual electricity throughout my whole body and then straight to my little clitty, just waiting to fully explode. Then when you allowed me to caress my little clitty, I was on a path of no return, you voice so assuring and the pleasures you were allowing me to enjoy was leaving me weak and excited at the same time. Then your command of making me drop my hands to my side again and then to caress my little clitty to make me precum. I listened and soaked in every one of your commands and yes, I am just a little girl who wants to wear my pantyhose every day. Then your commands of silky smooth made me precum more and more and when you allowed me to cum, I was hopelessly lying on the bed, shaking in a pool of amazement and wondering what happened to me. Then you bought me out of trance, not wanting to leave the state that you put me in and enjoying every minute of it. It was the first time that I ever been hypnotized, I was weak; emotionally and physically spent from your lesson you let me experienced.

I didn’t know what to think until after I was fully awake. My mind was confused on what just happened and I immediately took off the pantyhose and throw them in the trash. I was feeling ashamed and humiliated, but it felt so right for me. I slipped into the bath to try to wash away these feelings but at the same time I caught myself, calling myself a pantyhose slut and how I should be proud of myself in taking the next step. Well, as you can imagine, the next day I was back at the store buying a couple of more pairs of pantyhose and enjoying myself again with your gentle love and caresses, directing me to accept who I really am. I immediately bought a couple of more tapes from you site, Panty Boy, Transformation, and Sissy Training. I have experimented with other aspects of feminization, high heels, and dresses, make up, but never really felt comfortable with them and usually ended up throwing them away after awhile. But during a business trip to Southern California, I took a side trip to a mall, walked into the Victoria’s Secret (while wearing a pair of black pantyhose), had a very pleasant conversation with a young lady on which panties I would like to purchased, and walked out being the proud owner of six pairs of panties. I always thought that I would be crossing the line if I ventured over into the panty realm of cross dressing, but how wrong I was in thinking so for so many years. I went back to my hotel room and slipped them on, knowing that I was going to take pleasure in them, but not knowing how much pleasure they were going to give me. I can’t fully explain the sensation of wearing pantyhose and panties at the same time. What a waste of time it was before when I wasn’t wearing any panties while I was wearing pantyhose. The way the panties ride up my ass, constrain my little clitty in front, keep my pantyhose in place, and how my ass looks so cute and sexy in them. It kind of feels like someone has their hand on my ass, caressing my ass throughout the day, making me feel sexy. What was I thinking of not wanting to wear them?

So now, thank-you for your help and guidance in this journey, my favorite part of the day is preparing myself in the morning with my pantyhose and panties. At first, I usually just threw them on at work hoping that nobody could see through the walls and making sure my clothes were covering everything up. But now I am taking my time to ensure that my pantyhose are put on correctly (no sagging), my panties are pulled up between my ass, my little clitty is restrained in place, and then a couple of minutes of gazing and enjoying the site in the mirror. I have learned to take my time now-a-days because I was getting too many runs in my pantyhose, not like I didn’t have an extra pair on hand, but also didn’t want to waste the pleasure of wearing them also. No matter how small the run is in a pair of pantyhose, I just can’t put them on, if I am a pantyhose slut, I want to make sure I look right and sexy and not too cheap. I also look forward to matching my daily outfit with my pantyhose and panties, just getting a little fashion sense going on here. Living in Hawaii hasn’t been the idea place to purchase pantyhose since it isn’t ideal pantyhose weather. The department stores don’t have much of a variety; they usually just carry the Hanes line, which is not too popular with me. I just don’t like the silkiness of the material. I usually go with the Leggs brand, but they don’t come in a smoother top to toe, but I still like them because they are a little bit silkier then the Hanes brand. I also go for the No-Nonsense brand, which is very sheer from top to toe, but not very durable. The tension strength isn’t that good, but does allow my clitty to flop around to get it a little bit more excited. I also bought a couple of Wolford pantyhose, but just wasn’t that too impressed with them, not for the amount of money they were asking for. There is also a couple of off brands but nothing worth mentioning about them. So, as you can see, I have been enjoying myself in accepting who I really am. I take real pleasure in seeking out the sales ladies and asking them about their products and every now and then, they let go with a little smile of approval of knowing that I am buying pantyhose and panties for myself.

I don’t know where this is all going to take me, but I am looking forward in taking the next step and having the pleasure of putting on my first bra. Like I said before, I was always on the line of not wanting to be part of the cross dressing crowd. I was too good for that, but at the same time wanting to accept my feminization. But I am not part of the crowd, I am separate from the crowd and will take pleasure in any form of female clothing that I feel comfortable in. I am excited, just thinking about what type of bra I will have the pleasure of putting my breasts into. Then just thinking about the pair of black high heels, 3 to 5 inches… I am getting just excited about just having the mental image in my head and can’t imagine the actual rush that I will receive when I slip on my bra and heels for the first time. I am planning on taking the next step and planning on pleasing you as much as I can to ensure I receive your guidance and direction.

So in short, I am sorry for the long e-mail, but there is one more request that I must beg from you. May I please download “Smooth Legs” tape again, you agreed in an earlier e-mail, but I haven’t received the link. Long story short… please let me take pleasure again in my feminization and the guidance and comfort that you bring me.

I hope to hear from you soon…..