Sissy Maid All Day: Night Training

A Sissy Maid’s Evening:

Again, the sissy maid should prepare the table for the evening meal in the most pleasing way for the Mistress. The table should be set as it was for earlier meals, however the evening’s place setting should involve creating a relaxing atmosphere for Mistress. This may be easily accomplished through soft lighting, such as candles and mood music according to the Mistress’ tastes. As with all of the other meals of the day, the sissy maid stands nearby to refill Mistress’ wineglass and/or make cocktails, as she requires. The sissy maid must also keep the dinner table tidy and free from soiled dishes and breadcrumbs. Finally, once dessert is served, the sissy maid may wish to build a fire for Mistress. She can relax by the fire with a cordial while the sissy maid kneels before her, massaging her feet. Once Mistress is settled in for the evening, the sissy maid can finish cleaning the kitchen for the evening and go about preparing Mistress’ bed for her evening slumber. Each Mistress has different needs and desires, so she may wish to have her bed turned down, she may not. It may even be a duty of the sissy maid to lay out the Mistress’s nightclothes, or even, assist her in getting ready for bed. Once the Mistress is ready for bed, the sissy maid takes her worn clothes and puts them away.

Rewarding the Sissy Maid for Good Behavior and Excellent Service

The sissy maid who follows her Mistress’ orders to the letter and thereby completes round one of her sissy maid training, may be entitled to hold what is known as a sissy maid party. Now, that is to say that the sissy will not encounter a break from her duties as a sissy maid, but rather her skills will be showcased as such at a dinner party or a special event. The purpose of the sissy maid party is to create an environment in which the trainee is able to shine and show off her finely-honed skills acquired during her sissy maid training.

This is a wonderful opportunity for her to prove to her Mistress that she can plan and execute a special event with panache, flair and grace. The sissy maid, may, under the direction of her Mistress, plan the menu, the theme, the location, etc., of the sissy maid party. For her, it is a bit of a “coming out” party, or a debutante-type event. However, unlike those parties, where the person of honor relaxes and is served by staff, at the sissy maid party, she is the staff.

NOW a word from me.

A sissy is and must remain insecure and emotional to be able to please his demanding mistress. Sissies who are insecure need daily if not hourly affirmation that they are useful, and usable; that they are worthy of their Mistress, that they have done something good, or something almost good. Sissies need praise, and blame. They need rewards, and the also need punishment.

Spankings are excellent ways to punish sissies because they humiliate, infantilize, and mark the body as a possession of the Mistress.

When a sissy needs to be punished he should already know he needs it, why and expect it. At this point it is required to relive his guilt and permit him to go on. Not punishing a sissy can be cruel and every owner should realize and remember this. You have a responsibility to punish your sissy when needed for his own mental health. An over the knee spanking in a punishment dress with hands locked behind his back and skirt and petticoats up then time in the corner preferably in front of others is the best overall method. If they seem to like it as previously mentioned in this article you need to increase the audience until you have reached the level where the sissy finds it a method of improvement rather than a fetish. Test the waters to be sure but bring in strangers, co workers a boss a friend a lover a relative. Explain that your sissy needs punishment and public penance to make good and you need a witness.

Have the sissy kneel in front of the witnesses in his punishment dress which I recommend be a little girls party dress style very frilly, full of ruffles and lace and mostly pink. I require the sissy to lift his skirt and show his punishment panties which have “bad sissies get spanked” on the bottom. He must then explain why he is wearing the dress and what he has done to require a punishment. He is then required to turn and have his hands locked behind him, placed over a lap mine or some one else’s, spoken too about his punishment as his dress and petticoats are brushed over his back and placed in his hands to hold. This is followed by a severe spanking, never give a few slaps but really beat his ass as the saying goes. He should be crying, kicking and pleading all at the same time. If he is not spanked this way it is NOT a lesson and it does NO good. He must say he is sorry in a very sincere manner which may require multiple tries by him and he must repeat what he did and that he will never do it again. When the spanking is done there should be mascara streaming down his cheeks, his bottom should be redder than his pink panties and he should be sobbing. Next stood on his feet he should attempt to curtsey to each witness even though his hands are still fastened behind his back and to thank each witness for helping him to become a better and more obedient sissy. If possible each witness should require more than one attempt at this apology and thank you. Then he shall be directed to the corner to stand with skirt and petticoat held up for at least a half hour but not more than an hour. Photos and recordings of the event are a wonderful addition as is a transcript of what was said. I have hung photos and a transcript on the wall of Sissies bedroom for a reminder in the past. The transcript being signed by the sissy and witnesses. I assure you that done properly and with the right level of witnesses a sissy will quickly toe the line and strive to be good and obedient. While a half hearted attempt will fail miserably.

Back to rewards, there are more sissies being self trained than under the tutelage of Mistress or Master and self discipline of this nature is impossible. Truly the difference in how I m able to green train a sissy in three days and fully train one in a month compared to many years of self training, however such as it is rewards will work for both those sissies under a trainer or being self trained. Anything feminine, submissive, humiliating, subjugating is a reward! It’s really quite simple. A sissy strives to improve into a useful, pleasant, serving creature. Any of the aforementioned are rewards. This can be panties and bras, makeup or falsies, heels or gags; they are all needed, wanted and coveted by a sissy so they are rewards. For the self trainer make out cards with each item on them. You can put down pink panties on one, ruffled panties on another. And in fact lest get the group involved and some one create a comprehensive list of rewards. The list should include clothing, makeup, toys, and also outings, for example a reward may be to get all dolled up and go to a gas station and fill your gas tank while all dolled up. Then make up a second list of if you do this so if you throw all your male underwear away you get to chose from the box with the rewards in it. If you subscribe to a ladies magazine in your own name you get to choose, if you clean the house with curtains open in your maids uniform you get to choose you get the idea. In the case of being owned your owner can choose the task and you can or they can choose the rewards. BUT you get only one reward per week even though you may have to perform 7 tasks to get to make that one choice.

Sissie will tell you that for him serving at a party is the ultimate reward. Yes he will also tell you how it terrified him in the beginning but as soon as the serving started he calmed down and fit his role perfectly and took and takes great pride in being the perfect sissy maid. He is so intense on proving his value and competence that he actually looks forward to challenges from guests to show his feminization training has allowed him to overcome any obstacle. There is little that give a sissy a greater sense of self being, worth and satisfaction than serving a s a perfect sissy maid in front of a group of people who know his status. To be seen and known as a complete pantied sissy while his wife sits at a dinner often with her lover and table full of guests and serve them to their amazement and great satisfaction is the ultimate for a sissy maid. They will glow for days afterward and strive to be even better the next time, I love to hear them talk about how they could do a better job the next time and see their enthusiasm for their work. They clean better and faster and with a smile and joy in their heart after such an event. And as a Mistress it gives me great joy to see them so happy and proud as well as enthusiastic. You can’t fake that. You can’t ignore that this training has been extremely beneficial to them and for me as well. I too take great pride in knowing I have removed the ugly macho from a perfect human and helped them become a sissy proud to curtsey and serve in all their feminine subjugation. It is the right thing to do, it is a great thing to do and the world is a better place for it.