Your Mother's Pantyhose

You have been sitting and waiting in the family room for quite some time, wearing your mother’s pantyhose. Because this is where she comes after a day of work. This is where she sits down and puts her feet up on your lap. And waits for her foot massage. How many years has it been now? Waiting for her, rubbing her feet, knowing that she feels your hard on, through pants and pantyhose? Knowing that she will say nothing to you, nothing about you, just smile, and watch TV, and sip on her drink.

But lately she has been falling asleep. In the middle of your foot massages. She lies there against the pillows, with her skirt pulled up a bit and her pantyhose a bit loose, and her feet deep in your lap and her eyes are closed. She must be asleep, because you have been opening up your fly, and letting your cock out, and coming on her nyloned feet…. And she says nothing.