Teacher’s Pet, Part 3

Professor Markovitz then takes the same two fingers She fed me Her wetness earlier with, dabs husband jamie’s precum and tells me to lap it off Her those elegant fingers of Hers. “Very good donald…and important for you to get used to the taste of cum as you ARE going to be my intern, aren’t you ?”

“Both of you, get dressed now as it appears to me your both enjoying yourselves a bit too much and donald dear needs to review the “internship form” so that he can meet me at the house later and get to work.” With that, She looks at Herself in a mirror, says She has an appointment with the President of the college, and leaves us behind to do just that.

Jamie has me sit down again and takes out the forms for me to look at. Rather than being what one might expect for an internship form with prior GPAs or academic interests, it is a actually a slave contract which allows the Professor to pretty much do whatever She would like with and to my body — shaving, piercing, chastity — as well as typical terms relating to me committing to serve Her exactly as She wishes. There are also specific clauses requiring me to consent to appear in public with Her — dressed in any way She requests — and to complete any/all services She requires of me in this regard. There is a requirement that I get Her consent to ANY sexual relationship/activity I have with another student of either the female or male gender. I note that there is a condition that I maintain an A-minus average academically or She can dismiss me from Her service and there is a six-month term, which automatically renews unless She — only — decides not to renew.

I ask jamie about this in particular — as the rest (from the album and the day’s events) is pretty clear to me. “Professor has NEVER renewed an intern’s term yet as She has rather high standards for performance of Her interns. But She rather likes the optionality of continuing to have perfect control over any intern whom She’d like to remain in Her service for a longer period of time. Perhaps something you are already aspiring to, donald ?”

I then look at the signature page which is already signed by Professor and I sign as well. jamie signs as witness and I am glowing with excitement and sense of complete submissiveness. With that completed, I note there is a box with an envelope also on the table where we have signed the documents. Jamie gestures to me to open the card which is Professor’s personal stationary. “Well done donald, you are already such a good boy…as I knew you would be from the first day you waited longingly for me after class. I have an important first present for you which jamie will put on…and in… you. he is an expert at such things by now. Then I expect you to be kneeling naked in the center hall of my home at 6 pm sharp this evening when your internship will formally begin. Professor M”

Jamie then opens the box which contains a chastity device combined with an anal penetrator, telling me to remove my trousers once again. he grumbles that ultimately I will have to be completely shaven/waxed as it puts me in my first chastity…but then says “there, there boy, doesn’t that feel just right now to be all locked up and penetrated ?” I can see that he is very hard and big again in his trousers but he then says “we had better be off and get some work done in your other classes to maintain the required grade point average, hadn’t we. Professor will require your entire devotion to Her while you are serving Her either here or at home so you won’t have ANY time for other distractions. I will expect you at 545pm sharp at the house.”


Author: alexa

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