The Chore List by RS

Why WOULD she be mad? he had done all the chores Mistress Alexa had left him with-and done a good job, too. the last thing she had done before leaving with her girlfriend Gail was humiliate him thoroughly by having him in his heels and hose along with his frilly apron-nothing else-dusting in the entryway when Gail arrived and came thru.

dusting wasnt so bad, but having to do it with my hands chained to my sides and a featherduster stuffed up my ass was a challenge. balanced on my heels and backing up to objects and shaking my ass at them was difficult, but it certainly amused the stronger women in the room as they laughed in unison. good bitch, my Mistress chortled-shake that ass! practice that! youll soon be doing it on a street corner!

i had to be careful not to break anything, so it took forever to complete a simple task. and before they left Mistress told me to get my sissy dick hard so that Gail could have a peek at it under my apron. and she wasnt unchaining my hands either. so, with my heels on-and a featherduster up my ass, i stood and started shaking my hips in the hopes that my swinging cock would rub against the lacy apron and stand tall for Mistress and friend.


as i felt it respond slightly the two of them could not help laughing at my predicament as i bent my knees and mounted the corner of the couch and attempted to give IT a rollicking fuck, but it was too low to really help. i was like a full balloon trying to run into a pin and Mistress finally came over and reached under my apron. staring me right in the eyes with a devilish smile, she slowly stroked my cock until my knees were quivering and i had filled her fist with solid meat. she stopped and lifted my apron and held it while Gail filled her eyes and i blushed as she used her sense of feel on me also-grabbing ahold as though she were selecting something at the corner deli.

they walked away and grabbed their purses and Mistress came over and unchained my hands and told me to get a move on-finish those chores. and i had-finished them all. so why shouldnt i go surfing with my buddies? we were only gonna be out a couple hours and only if we were happy with the waves. i mean if the waves were great, we may just stay for a few sets-if that. hell yeah, its barely 11 am, lets go. and i did-coming home a little after 12:30, to a Mistress sitting at her computer, quietly. i quickly showered and asked her if she would like some lunch. “i already ate. did you have fun, you little cumbucket?” i told her it was pretty decent and the water was warm. she spun around in her chair and said ” i expected you to be here when we got home.

i wanted you to model some panties for Gail-i forget, did i put ‘go surfing’ on your chore list?”–my heart skipped. “no ma’am”. -“i didnt think so. take off your shorts.” i removed my khaki shorts and stood before Mistress in light yellow thong panties. “lets go outback,” she ordered. i walked behind her, gauging the strident manner in which she moved-she was pissed. we got out to the middle of the lawn where she had hammered four stakes into the ground. they had cuffs chained to them. “lie down-on your stomach. you wanted sun, the smell of the beach and friends? you got ’em”.

she fastened my ankles securely. she fastened both wrists. she took a bottle of hawaiian tropic suntan oil-my favorite-and squirt it up my nose. “smell like the beach?-bitch?” -“yes Mistress”. “good. enjoy the sun, too. and friends will be here in a few hours.” –she started to walk away-“oh. one more thing”; she knelt by my hips and produced a bottle of suntan lotion and i felt her apply it to my back, thoughtfully. and then she placed her hand on my asscheek and outlined it with the lotion, then removed her hand and covered the portion of my ass outside of that with more lotion. she repeated that on the other cheek-informing me that in a few hours i would have nice red handprints on my whore ass.

while still kneeling she reached under me and tugged my balls free from my panties and fastened a long ribbon tightly around them. then tied it to a smaller stake between my spread thighs. whats THIS about, i wondered. i could not move at all. she chuckled and cleaned her hands in my hair and stood. “by the way bitch. the lotion on your back says S-L-U-T!–it should come in nice and clear-its supposed to be about 92 degrees today. real big letters too!” she admired her handywork one last time as she walked off leaving me to bake to her specifications. “and since you enjoy the beach so much, we will go there tomorrow-together. with your new tan.”—-youd think that as she strode into the house the sound of her laughter would peter out. nope. the only peter out was on the staked out slut in the yellow thong…….

Author: alexa

Mistress Alexa has a loinwrenching voice that hypnotizes, transfixes and controls her subjects. How long will it take her to make you feel loved? Call now: 866-57-SISSY and find out. $99 for 30 minutes.