The Sauna

my experience last week in the sauna at the Sports Club has gotten me on to this question. There i was admittedly looking to be naughty in some way…acting out might be a good term for scratching the itch i was feeling. Even if i had had explicit permission to play in this way, or even been commanded to, it just felt edgy, dangerous, electric, over the line. i had no other reason for even being in the sauna and steam room other than looking for some bisexual play, as i had worked out earlier in the day.

Waiting for something to happen, i was impatient and intensely curious. Then, on my second trip into the sauna, with four other men there in various stages of undress, all hell broke lose. The black guy to the right me was notably playing with himself and occasionally exposing his large erection to the group. A heavy set Hispanic guy walked in, closed the door, and starting stroking himself. It was spell-binding to see those blood-engorged members.

The next thing i knew, the black guy was touching my nipples and another older guy to my right starting playing with my other nipple while touching himself to hardnessas i started stroking myself to hardness as well. Finally, a mature Asian man withhuge nipples like mine, came over to me and started ticking my balls. In less than 2minutes, i came amidst five men stroking themselves and left once my breathing had normalized. Not a word had been spoken nor had any one touched someone else’scock. Minutes later, i passed one or two of those guys while dressing and it wasalmost as if nothing had occurred.

Despite the gay aspect of this, there was no hint of the feminine in the room. There was no effort at any personal connection; in fact we were all depersonalized in a way. There was no knowing smile or chuckle acknowledging the outrageousness of our lewd actions. But what there was was raw physical need, functioning like a powerful magnet – indeed uniting to create elemental power.

i experience my sexual feelings this way frequently…it is like some foreign power has invaded my behavioral control room, locked the door and is pressing whichever buttons it wishes at any given moment. Thankfully, my sexual buttons are all related to consensual activities with adults but when that power is at the controls, i could be sexually electrified for many hours, even days.

Author: alexa

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