Wax on- Whacks off (Part 1)

mistress came home early and my chores had not been completed because i had gone surfing. she told her date she was sorry that he had to see this but that i needed to be punished and she lay my surfboard on the carpet and made me mount it in my maid’s skirt-which she lifted to reveal my ruffled panties. she said if i loved surfing enough to risk a whipping then perhaps i loved it enough to fuck it and as she took a cane to my pantied ass, i fucked my surfboard in front of her and her man as she beat me raw. swat,swat,swat…i was crying and she asked if i no longer loved surfing because i wasnt FUCKING it anymore and down came my panties as i incurred 20 more strokes-bringing a torrent of tears. mercifully she stopped and forced me to sit on my whipped ass–she knelt before her date and unzipped his fly, smiled at me and withdrew his cock-shaking it at me before deftly popping it into her mouth-slapping her ruby red lips with it. she was excited, i could tell and she was going to force me to watch her blow this stranger…..