How to treat a cow

WSJ reports that “a happy cow is a cash cow” and that treating a cow like a princess yields more milk…

Farmers play music in milking rooms, use fans and sprinklers to mimic cool breezes and treat their cows to massage sessions on water beds….

Milking for Sissy Control

Milking is good for Sissy Control…

The sissy writes: “This is because it is not enough that i am no longer allowed to cum…except in very special circumstances. Milking is good for sissy control, so that the sissy remains aroused. Milking does not generate any of those dangerous hormones that make her feel like a man, and reduce her feminine urges. Urges are important.

They are the only thing that really gives a woman control of a man; so, no releasing of them.

Mistress says i should think about submission, that it should be the only thing that arouses me, and that it should arouse me all the time, and the frustration i feel at not being allowed, not being able to, orgasm like a woman (hah!) and certainly not like a man, should be something i yearn for as i play with my titties (remember, only women and girls have breasts) and nipples and my cunt (because only women and girls have pussies), and yet have to learn to love the incompleteness of it all.

She says that humiliation and degradation and cocksuking are going to be my “keys” to exultation without fruition and that i am going to be made to rejoice in that feeling and help her to implant it in my brain, become hypnotized by her exotic use of those feelings. And my emasculation.


Corset Fiction or Victorian Bondage…

Have I mentioned how excited I am by stories about  tight laced corsetry and their Victorian subjects? Probably not because I forgot all about the Staylace site and its hand plucked fiction, both erotic and not.

Call and let’s play out the tortured bedtime preparations of a daughter during her first corset-lacing from a firm and determined mother.

Or, we can play out new bedtime habits of the girls at the Garrett Finishing School for Girls who are being educated to present themselves as tightly corseted brides.

Or call and beg me to ‘lace your corset tighter, please’ and we shall have a Victorian feminization session like Felicity in The Engagement.


Don’t forget: 888-411-1230 or 866-57-SISSY


Mistress Runs Maid Service:: You interested?

A client told me the other day that it was time to make his fantasy real: he doesn’t want to talk about dressing up in panties and an apron and a cleaning woman’s babushka… he wants to dress up in panties and a silly apron and a babushka and work as a maid in a real house for a real maid service….  Why would I want to hire you, the Mistress asked him, when he told her about his fantasy.

The client said: “I will pay you if you let me clean these houses. I will give you as much as you get to clean the house, and if you are not satisfied with my performance… you can charge me extra, Mistress.”

The Mistress said she would think about it.

May is Sissy Month!

Treat yourself to a session with Mistress Alexa and she will treat you to a new pair of panties! 866-57-SISSY or 888-411-1230



And speaking of panties, look what we’ve found:


PADDED BUTT LIFTER Panties!  Just what a sissy needs to wear in May!

Nail Salon Fantasy (Humiliation Session)

Humiliation Session:

I dress you up as a maid complete with slutty scarf for your night shift at a salon where you are ordered about, told to clean all the sinks and foot tubs, reprimanded for your clumsiness on heels, and laughed at by giggly Asian women. Perhaps at some point they do your make up as a whore with over the top red lipstick and cheap blue eyeshadow.

Humiliating On Line Shopping Spree

You will wear panties and panty hose while shopping for me. You will sit at your computer at work, or in the Public Library, searching for pretty panties or sissy panties or slutty panties on line, leaving the shopping site and photo open on the computer screen while you go to freshen your sissy lip gloss in the Ladies Room.

Then when you come back to the computer you will look around at the other serious people and accept their rebuke or derision or contempt… then take a nice selfie and email it to

Email Fantasy #1: Dirty Little Slut

Love the T shirt?  There are so many really fun T shirts like this- and you can design one just for your own sissiness at places like:

Imagine meeting your mistress wearing a shirt like this and a tiny slut scarf around your neck. Or waiting for me at the airport wearing a dirty little slut T shirt and holding a sign that says “Mistress Alexa’s little Tart”. I would walk up to you and you would curtsy….